Will You Go To Heaven When You Die? | Review of the Book by Don Piper

by CountrySunshine

Don Piper dies, goes to Heaven, and has an experience that is beyond words. His life-changing journey will comfort both your heart and soul.

From the moment you are conceived, your journey to death begins. It is a scary subject for many, because it is a fear of the unknown. Will I simply cease to exist? Is there really a heaven or hell? Will I leave a legacy behind?

There are many books written about near-death and life-changing experiences. Until now, I had not read any of them. When my mom passed away recently, an excerpt from “90 Minutes in Heaven” was read during her memorial service, and the passage was comforting. I decided to read it for myself, and here is my review:

The Accident

In 1989, Don Piper, author of “90 Minutes in Heaven“, perished from injuries he suffered in a horrific automobile accident.   The medical personnel who examined him at the scene found no pulse, and declared he had died instantly.  Because they did not have the equipment to cut him out of his vehicle, they left him inside his truck until the medical examiner arrived 90 minutes later.  This is the point where Don Piper’s journey to heaven began.

A Glimpse of Heaven

Don Piper died. He went to heaven.

It was like the biggest family reunion ever, and he was overwhelmed by the graciousness and goodness of God.   It was wonderful and he was filled with awe.  It was a place he had looked forward to going for quite some time, and he finally made it!  His description of what he experienced is beyond words, and it may bring comfort to you if you have lost a loved one.

Do you believe in Heaven, or an afterlife?

Back To Life

Ninety minutes after Don Piper died, he was brought back to life.  CPR had not been administered.  He had extremely life-threatening injuries.  Instead of medical procedures, it was the power of prayer that brought him back to earth.

Healing And Touching Lives

Don Piper was angry for a long time, as he didn’t understand why he had been brought back from heaven.  The remainder of this book explains his journey of healing from his injuries, and healing of his soul.  After a long period of rehabilitation and soul searching, he finally realized that his job was to help others suffering from traumatic injuries, and to spread the word of God.   

An Interview With Don Piper

The Story Of The Accident That Changed His Life

My Thoughts

Don Piper writes well, and the book is easy to read.  It is a thought-provoking story, and one that provides hope.  Not only hope for an amazing afterlife, but for those who are suffering from traumatic injuries.  It is a story that shows with a little faith, a person can get through just about anything.

My religious beliefs are a bit different than those of Mr. Piper, as I believe there are more ways to get to heaven than the ones he outlines in his book.  

Regardless of my beliefs,  his experience in Heaven can provide comfort to those who have recently lost a loved one, especially if the death was sudden.  

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Where will YOU go after you die? Have you read this book, or others like it? Do you believe in Heaven?

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WriterArtist on 11/08/2014

I believe in Buddhist philosophy which tells about the cycle of birth and death until one gets enlightenment. Heaven and Hell can be interpreted as places where an entity enjoys the fruits of the good deeds and bad, they can be anywhere in the universe including our earth.

dustytoes on 10/25/2014

Books like this one, and stories told by those who have "died" are very interesting, and I can see how they would be comforting. I absolutely believe that we go on after death. As a Christian I am even more comforted by the Biblical stories of death and how easily Jesus raised the dead, who he referred to as being "asleep".

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