Rough Sea Justice Book Review

by sandyspider

Suspense book on crime, adventure, murder, justice, sea, sailing, yachting, guernsey, channel islands,crime and punishment, adventure thrillers, sea adventure, sailing and the law.

Though Rough Sea Justice is a work of fiction, the elements of injustice and murder are so true to life in stories we read about in real life. The rough sea is dangerous in this book review.

Travel along as we sail along the water as one man goes on the run in his yacht after killing his two assailants.

Cruise the Rough Sea Justice

A Book of Intrigue

Rough Sea Justice Cruise the Rough Sea Justice was first published in 2005 as a book, written by James Cassaday, this book has all the elements of a great suspense novel. Written with a touch of humor and interesting from start to finish. 

We all know that justice is not perfect. The laws tend to protect criminals. The victims feel frustration when trying to protect themselves and property.

The laws of the court can charge victims of using excessive force. Where is the justice? 

Rough Sea Justice is a book of fiction that has all the elements of truth, because we all know that this could happen to us. 

This is one of three James Cassaday Books

Who is James Cassaday

Author, Seaman and Royal Air Force

James CassadayJames Cassaday, born in 1934 lives in the United Kingdom and is the author of three books, including Rough Sea Justice. James served for a short time as a boy seaman in the Merchant Navy.

Afterwards, he enlisted in the Royal Air Force and became a coxswain in the Marine Craft Section, the peacetime equivalent of Air Sea Rescue. This followed by his main career in the Fire Service, over 35 years and now retired holding the rank of Chief Fire Officer. 

Presently James lives in retirement on the south coast of Guernsey. His years out to sea have influenced his writing style.


Rough Sea Justice

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After the death of his ,wife Janet and his friend George, James decided to take his friend's advice. He put his house up for sale and waited for all his land ties to clear. From here on, Zephyr, his small yacht would be his home. 

Awoken from his bunk, James heard noise along the deck outside. As James opened the cabin door into the saloon, he heard the main hatch slide open. In the dark, James gripped on to a metal winch handle. As one man lunged forward, James struck out with a mixture of fear and anger. 

There was a bone-crunching thud as the handle made contact, and then more noise as the man hit the deck. The second man tripped and fell on top of his accomplice…I am sure we can guess what soon followed. 

Should he contact the police? 

Could he convince them that it was all in self-defense? 

James goes on the run with his yacht. Traveling through the waters surrounding the Hebridean Islands and plunging himself in deeper water. A great read from start to finish. It kept me on the edge of my seat. 

I had the privilege of reading this book during the formatting stage that I had done for James Cassaday on Smashwords and afterwards for Kindle on Amazon. 

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Converting Rough Sea Justice into an eBook

Format Editor

I know James Cassaday through his stepdaughter Cindy Lawson, (mistyhorizon2003 on HubPages and Wizzley). Cindy is the go between. We had been corresponding for some time on the best way to convert Cassaday's books into downloadable ebooks. I had written everything I knew about the process in our email. If I put all the information together, it would be an eBook in itself. In some of those emails, I think I was a little too informative. 

A short time had past since the last email. I was not sure which direction it was going, until Cindy wrote back that James wanted me to convert his books into formatted versions to upload to Smashwords and Amazon Kindle. (Update, he is no longer on Smashwords)

This is the second book I had worked on. The first book was Bailiwick Gold. At this point, I have work on two of his books with the third one to follow. 

Smashwords has a converting process that they call the 'Meat Grinder'. If the written material is not formatted properly according to their guidelines before uploading, it can turn the material to ground beef and not readable in every format.

Books formats available on Smashwords

Available in these formats:

• Online Reading (HTML)

• Online Reading (JavaScript)

• Kindle (.mobi)

• Epub (open industry format, good for Stanza reader, others)

• PDF (good for highly formatted books, or for home printing)

• RTF (readable on most word processors)

• LRF (for Sony Reader)

• Palm Doc (PDB) (for Palm reading devices)

• Plain Text (download)

I am retired from Smashwords, but may work on an eBook upon request. Please allow some time for me to catch up with the process.

 Amazon Kindle eBook

Amazon Kindle has a different process to go through then Smashwords. I can convert your ebook into the proper format so it will look right for Kindle and a satisfied customer. (Provided the content is good. That is your part as writer.)

Contact me at [email protected] for help getting your material into shape for processing at Amazon Kindle. Converting process for Smashwords is put on hold. However, there are many great eBooks to purchase. You can find this under my affiliate link here!


The copyright to this article is owned by Sandy Mertens (sandyspider). Permission to republish this article in print or online must be granted by the author in writing. 

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sandyspider on 03/24/2017

DerdriuMarriner You are so right about the good friends.

DerdriuMarriner on 03/18/2017

sandyspider, It's too bad I only can vote once on your articles! But I was going to say that the situation in the novel makes me think of the actor who said he knew he had good friends since if something like that happened they'd show up and say "Where's the body?" and take care of it with nobody the wiser.

sandyspider on 03/07/2017

DerdriuMarriner, It is a well written story.

DerdriuMarriner on 03/07/2017

sandyspider, Thank you for the nice review and information on eBook possibilities. That's quite a plot, with the central character's horror of knowing how things went but worrying about how things will look to police, judges and jury!

sandyspider on 01/07/2016

Thanks for visiting PhuketSailing and candy47. Pus the congrats. Need to work on this. James is no longer on Smashwords. But you can still get his book in Amazon either on Kindle or the paperback.

candy47 on 01/04/2016

I'll put this on my reading list. Your role in converting books is impressive. Congrats!

PhuketSailing on 09/23/2011

James Cassaday is like me. Adventurer. I like this guy and definitive will buy his book. I have too a sailing yacht.

sandyspider on 07/17/2011

Thanks for the comments. It does help that I had access to the book and read the whole thing. James Cassaday is a good storyteller.

Mssnow4 on 07/13/2011

Great book

Guest on 07/12/2011

Sounds like my kind of book. Thanks for the review.

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