My Top 10 Vintage Halloween Pin-back Buttons

by sandyspider

Vintage Halloween buttons date back before 1923 are fun to wear during this holiday. Enjoy the devil on the Jack o' lantern, witch girl, ghost and skeleton.

Vintage Halloween button pins go perfect with the any Halloween party. Since I am in charge of the party,I have been asked if I would help out with some party favors. The guest would love to wear one of these vintage buttons. These are my top ten that I have chosen for this special Halloween party.

All these vintage buttons can be customized. You can change the image to one of your own and change the text or take it off completely. Change the background color too.

#1 Vintage Black Devil on Jack o' Lantern & Red Clouds Pin-back Button

Stay away from the black devil Eerie button for Halloween
Vintage Black Devil on Jack o' Lantern Red Clouds Button

This black devil looks wicked. You should stay far away from him. This pin-back button has a combination of vintage and modern design. The modern background of a reddish cloudy sky gives more of an eerie look to the devil sitting on top of a Jack o' lantern.

Do you think he lives inside this cut out pumpkin?


#2 Vintage Halloween Girl on Jack o'Lantern Pinback Button

Halloween Greetings from a cute little witch

Is she a real witch?

Hard to resist this little girl

Do you think this little girl is a real witch? Or is she just dressed up for Halloween?

She is adorable with her curly blond hair. She is sitting on top of a giant smiling pumpkin. Apples are tied up and ready for a game to be played. Do you think these apples are safe to eat?


#3 Vintage Jack o'Lantern with Witches Pins

These witches will spoil the party

Modern golden brown background with frightening style "Happy Halloween" is part of this fun pin to wear for the party. This Jack o' Lantern is alive with spirits. Small but wicked witches are flying around. While the children are looking on wondering what they should do! Because the room is not safe to have that party.

Vintage Halloween Witching Hour

So much detail is going on in this holiday theme scene. Jack o' Lantern faces are outlining the vintage artwork dating back before 1923 of women and ghost.

Here we see a lady sitting by the fire of the fireplace. An old fashion grandfather clock in the middle of the room and notice the time is 12 o' clock. The witching hour!

A lady is tending to the apples in the water that are ready for the apple bobbing game.

The bottom photo of this Halloween button has the artwork of ghosts on this spooky night.

#4 - Vintage Women, Ghost and Jack o' Lanterns Button

Such a scary night

#5 - Vintage Auto Halloween Button

Funny Vintage Design Pinback Button

Have you seen Pumpkin Head driving lately?

There is a bad Halloween movie called "Pumpkin Head".  This vintage cartoon of a pumpkin head driver in his old time car is far from being bad. He looks quite friendly. 

Personally, I love funny designs like this guy driving his car.

#6 - Halloween Vintage Lady with Mirror Button

This pin would look good on you

What is this lovey lady thinking?

Is there magic in the mirror?

She is admiring her good looks. Or is she looking in her mirror and seeing her prince charming that is in the photo behind her?

Perhaps Charming has been away for awhile. Tonight she will see her loved one once again.



#7 - Skeleton Party Button

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead

All Souls Day

The Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico. This Mexican holiday has carried on in the United States as well.

This holiday is also referred to as All Souls Day. It is when people join together to pray and remember their loved ones who have died.

#8 - Vintage Halloween Children and Cats Button

Amazing vintage style button

The black cats in this vintage postcard set on a pin-back button seem to be worshiping or mesmerized by the great smiling pumpkin. It is so huge that five chubby face children can hide behind it.

#9 Vintage Halloween Nightmare Button

Little Bit of Everything Scare

This pin-back button has everything in a nightmare. A scared woman, a clown, a black cat, pumpkins and an eerie night.

#10 - Vintage Young Halloween Witch Eerie Background Button

Fly high little witch

This adorable little witch is ready for Halloween. She has her broom ready to ride. Along with her black cat, it will be a good night for sure.

Buttons For the Party - Several of These Buttons Will Be Handed Out at the Party

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At this party everyone will wear a Vintage Halloween button

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sandyspider on 08/08/2018

DerdriuMarriner Thanks for commenting. It is interesting to see what people choose.

DerdriuMarriner on 07/30/2018

sandyspider, Your poll is interesting since thus far two each of five voters chose #2 and #5 and one preferred #9. (I selected the "You auto have a happy halloween!")

sandyspider on 03/09/2016

DerdriuMarriner As cute as she is I am sure that you are right about the apples.

DerdriuMarriner on 03/02/2016

sandyspider, Nicely done! And yes, I think the devil lives inside the pumpkin because of the growly, sad mouth and the weird eyes. But I'm not sure about the little girl even though I think that it's possible that one of the apples is not at all edible since the one of the left looks just a bit questionable in appearance and therefore in hidden agenda.

Yonni on 10/17/2014

Keep up the great work - I love all of these Halloween buttons! :)

MBC on 10/15/2014

You too - some great pins here.

RuthCox on 10/14/2014

That Black Devil pin is the one for me!

Mira on 10/14/2014

My favorite is the Happy Halloween one. I think it's a shame they don't make more round buttons for Halloween.

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