Fun Halloween Games For Kids Party Ideas

by HollieT

You don't have to spend a fortune when finding fun Halloween games for kids parties. Seven fun activities to keep the kids entertained on Halloween; including video footage.

When my children were younger they thought that Halloween was one of the most exciting events of the year, second only in fact, to Christmas. They loved dressing up and parading the streets for the ultimate reward, Candy!

Although I duly obliged each and every year and took my kids Trick or Treating, they were also keen to have their friends over for some fun Halloween party games. Entertaining ten to fifteen kids, or more if you are truly that brave, at a kids Halloween party doesn't have to be a mammoth task, at least it doesn't if you have already the planned the numerous games and activities to engage the children in.

Keep It Simple And Adapt Each Game So That It's Age Appropriate.

There are no doubt lots of board games and other products which you can purchase to keep the kids occupied at a Halloween party, but as many parents have already discovered, they can prove expensive .Fun Halloween games for kids parties do not have to cost the earth, with just a little pre-planning, some creativity, a bit of candy and few household items which you probably have in your cupboards, your Halloween party for kids can be inexpensive and great fun.

You needn't spend a lot of money entertaining kids on Halloween
You needn't spend a lot of money ente...

Naturally, there will be children of different age groups attending the party, in which case you might like to read through the games and activities below and consider whether each game is age-appropriate for the particular group of kids you are planning to entertain. If you feel some of the activities, such as the Halloween tales activity, may be a little too frightening for a particular age group, ask them to tell magical stories rather than scary ones. Use your discretion and adapt each game so that it becomes age appropriate, but above all, enjoy yourselves.

The Noodle Or Spaghetti Game.

A Halloween Game Suitable for Children of All Ages.

This game can become a little messy so make sure the kids are wearing old play clothes or an apron.

Make a large bowl of spaghetti or noodles, fill it with slimy feeling candy and small plastic toys such as plastic spiders or bugs.

Use any items which feel a bit strange or odd. Get each child to close their eyes and feel around the bowl. Ask each child to guess what each item is.

When they have finished and they've cleaned themselves up, give each child a pen and paper (if they have reached an age where they are old enough to read and write) and ask each child to try to remember which items they felt and to write them down.

If the children are not yet old enough to read or write, simply ask them to recall the items or draw pictures of them.

The child that remembers the most items, correctly, wins a prize.

Halloween Party Musical Chairs.

This is a twist on the classical musical chairs game and involves playing Halloween themed music such as Thriller or Monster mash. Be creative, ask the kids to 'do the monster mash' as they run around the chairs.

You could also ask them to impersonate mummies or witches, each child will come up with their own interpretation of the 'monster mash' or how a mummy walks, adding to the fun of it all.

The Mummy Game.

You'll need lots of toilet paper for the mummy game! All kids love dressing up and the mummy game gives them the opportunity to dress their friends. Divide the kids into two teams, when you shout 'Go' each team must start wrapping one of their elected team members in toilet paper (resembling the bandages on a mummy) the team who wraps their member up first, wins. Start the game again by using different team members to be wrapped.

Halloween Bowling.

This game is best played outdoors due to the ball throwing. Use a number of cheap plastic Halloween buckets and stack them up on the floor. Stack them at least three high, but the higher and wider the better. Using some light weight plastic balls, get the kids to 'bowl' the balls towards the buckets. Score the game by counting how many buckets get knocked over. The winner receives a prize.

The Jelly Brain Game.

Make some jelly and fill it with slimy candy or small plastic toys, as in the spaghetti game. Use food coloring, black or dark green, and tell the kids it's a brain. Let each child put their hand in the jelly and try to identify the items. The kids will love this game because it's so messy.

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What's in the Box?

Take an old cardboard box and paint it black. Cut out a hole in the top which is big enough for the kids to get their hands in. Fill the box with a number of different items which relate to Halloween. Make it more fun by covering the items with 'play slime' that can be bought in many toy shops. Get each child to feel inside the box and identify the items. The child who identifies the most items correctly, wins the box.

Halloween Tales.

Depending on the age of the children, Halloween tales is a great way to round the party off. Get each child to write a short scary story related to Halloween. When they have written the stories ask them to give them to you. Elect another child to read another's story and all the other kids have to guess who wrote the story. The writer of the story should play along, as if they do not know who wrote the Halloween tale. The winner is the one who wrote a story that nobody guessed was theirs.

These fun Halloween games for kids should keep them entertained for hours and you will not need any expensive items or have to spend a lot of money. With the exception of a bit of candy and a few cheap plastic toys, the other items, such as spaghetti, jelly and toilet paper, can be found in your cupboards.

Halloween Party games for Kids.

Halloween Games for Kids Aged 3-7 years.

Halloween Games for Kids Aged 7-12 Years.

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HollieT on 03/11/2013

Me too. But the things is, who would clean up after us? :)

JoHarrington on 03/11/2013

I think we should just declare ourselves the kids and have the parties anyway!

HollieT on 03/11/2013

Thanks Brenda. I do to. I know it's hard work but I do wish they were little kids again. :)

BrendaReeves on 03/11/2013

Great tutorial! I miss those days of Halloween parties with my children.

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