Halloween Cupcake Toppers

by katiem2

Get the best deals on the best and brightest fall holiday and Halloween cupcake toppers. A big way to top off any class or friend party. Cupcake toppers are to easy to pass on.

It is true kids do love cupcakes. Kids also love Halloween. The holiday Halloween or fall school parties will be here before you know it. You can be your child's favorite room parent by bringing in a fast favorite with the even more favorite toppers. Kid's always go crazy over bright and bold cupcake toppers. They treasure them as a fond toy reminder of the celebration. I don't have to tell you. Let's get to the best deals on the best toppers for a thrilling holiday party.

BOO Cupcake Toppers

The simplicity of the Boo

Kids love to sneak up behind you and scare you saying, "Boo" making this simple boo topper all the more fun. Kids will love this topper.  I can just imagine them going around the party proudly proclaiming their boo to friends and teachers. 

The combination of the boo and the ghost is a perfect combination for a fun fall party at school or a party at home with friends. Get your boo toppers above and your ghost picks to the right.

Don't disappoint get the best deals on Halloween candy and treats. Surprise your kids and trick or treats with the a surprising new fun candy. Get novelty Halloween candy here.

Graveyard Cupcake Picks

The graveyard cupcakes are a big hit with the teen crowd.

These awesome graveyard cupcake picks are a big hit at teen parties. They love the entire vampire vibe as it's fun and popular. Teens will probably always be into the whole scare me craze. So why not add to the holiday fun with these scary grave yard cupcake toppers.

The black color of these picks will coordinate well with any color or a variety of colors. Imagine how creative you could get placing all the cupcakes around as head stones on the party table.

The eighties are a hot trend now. Get your Iconic 80's fashions on rocking in this totally rad Halloween fashions. Be trendy and a flash back this Halloween Iconic fave. 1980's

Glow in the Dark - Cupcake Toppers

Happy Halloween & Trick or Treat Cupcake Picks

Trick or treat is one big part of Halloween fall fun. These fun cupcake toppers include this much anticipated ritual. Trick or treat cupcakes are a great way to add the anticipation of a big candy haul.  Kids and adults alike will love any and all of the seasonal cupcake toppers and picks we've gathered here today. The prices are right and the simplicity of making fast fun cupcakes with fancy toppers is a no brainer. 

Enjoy your holiday and don't forget the sprinkles.

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Pumpkins and Cats Halloween Cupcake Pick

You just can't have Halloween without pumpkins and black cats.

The black cat is a famous Halloween figure. No festive Halloween party would be the same without pumpkins and black cats. In fact I enjoy adding a mix of every cupcake topper included on this page to my cupcake collection. This offers something for everyone and leaves smiles on the faces of all your party goers. Have fun this fall holiday season and enjoy adding delicous cupcakes to your celebrations and gatherings. 

Updated: 09/20/2012, katiem2
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Halloween Cupcake Toppers Chat

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katiem2 on 06/22/2017


blackspanielgallery on 06/20/2017

Cupcake toppers add so much, even stores are now adding them.

katiem2 on 10/04/2012

Miaden, Halloween is the most popular holiday in the states with more money being spent on Halloween than any other holiday next to Christmas. :)

Mladen on 10/04/2012

Excellent choice of Halloween cupcake toppers, K. I love that ghost. It is simple, funny, and yet so appropriate for sneaking behind and saying boo, as you stated.
Of the topic: I love cupcakes. :)

katiem2 on 10/02/2012

Thanks cherylone Halloween cupcakes are the perfect addition to any fall celebration. :)

cherylone on 10/01/2012

I love these toppers. I will be sharing this one on my New England Fall wiz.

katiem2 on 09/22/2012

Dustytoes, I did not know that, good to know, I tell you Zazzle just keeps getting better and better. :)

dustytoes on 09/21/2012

These cupcake toppers are an easy way to dress up a yummy piece of cake! Did you know that Zazzle offers these now?

katiem2 on 09/13/2012

samsara, I agree and everyone loves a cupcake topper. Cupcakes are taking over in our household. My daughters love the fun option of cupcakes as you can create individual little designs for each cake.

katiem2 on 09/10/2012

Okay girls lets all get together bake and throw a fun Halloween party :)

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