Halloween Treasure Hunt Riddles

by Janet21

Hosting a Halloween Party? This page features some spooky riddles for your treasure hunt.

Last year for my kid's Halloween party decided to host a treasure hunt. I searched online to find riddles to use for my Halloween treasure hunt clues, however, I was unable to find any good riddles.

Therefore, I decided to compose my own riddles and actually had a great time doing it. It has been a very long time since I wrote any type of poetry, but all my rhyming skills came rushing back.

A treasure hunt consistes of numerous clues which lead you to the treasure. Each clue leads you to another place where you will find another clue waiting. After the last clue is found, you will have found the treasure!

I was originally planning on holding the treasure hunt outside until we had a rare blizzard in October! So, I had to hold the treasure hunt indoors. The riddles are basic items you can find around your house.

If the kids are doing the treasure hunt in teams, be sure that each person in the team gets a chance to read one of the clues. This is one of the rules I told the kids before they began playing the game.

I hope you enjoy my Halloween treasure hunt riddles. They are free to use for personal use only. Please do not copy, resell or use commercially.

Our Halloween Treasure Hunt Riddles

I typed the riddles using a creepy font and matted them onto Halloween theme cardstock paper.
Halloween Treasure Hunt Riddles
Halloween Treasure Hunt Riddles

Riddles for Your Halloween Treasure Hunt

Spooky riddles for your Halloween Party Games

Creepy Crawly
Little Black Spider.
My sound can be low
Or you can play me much higher.

Spooky Ghost
All dressed in white.
I have a shade
And I light up the night.

Zombies and ghosts all about,
What terror will this night bring?
I have lots of numbers all over me
And you come running when I ring.

I am dark and dusty,
One thing you must learn.
If there is a flame inside me,
Stay away or burn!

Witches potion,
Filled with smoke.
I say BOO!
And that’s no joke.
ghost decoration

Zombies, vampires,
Witches brew.
Made of glass,
I am something you see through.

Carved with a scowl.
Once you are done using me,
You may dry your hands with a towel.

A frightening walk in the graveyard,
Spookiness fills the air.
You can put your head on me
And I am sometimes square.

Skeletons dancing,
And grinning with glee.
I am made of wood,
And people sit around me.
kitchen table

Black cauldron.
Witches brew.
I am shiny,
And I look right back at you!

More Halloween Riddles

Creepy clues for your Treasure Hunt

Blood splattered,
Dripping down the door.
Enter the home,
And you will see me covering the floor.

Pumpkins, pumpkins,
Around the house.
I have lots of keys
And a mouse.

Goblins and ghouls,
What a strange and scary sight!
I am very cold,
open me to see a light.

Spiders on the ceiling,
Insects crawling on the ground.
If you didn’t have me,
You could not go up or down.

  Figures hiding in the shadows,
The eerie ticking of a clock.
My job uses lots of paper,
So be sure to always have some in stock.

There is a nightmare on Elmstreet,
Be careful not to go to sleep.
I cook food faster than anyone else,
And I also go beep, beep!

Werewolves howl,
Mummies slumber.
I hang on the wall,
And my days are numbered.

An organ is playing,
In a creepy haunted house,
I drink lots of water,
And I don’t even have a mouth.

Zombies creepily,
Moan and groan.
I am like a mini supermarket,
In your home.
food pantry

Halloween Night,
Trick or Treat.
Use me to cook food,
That you can’t really eat.
play kitchen

Halloween Treasure Hunt Clues for the Little Ones

Fun picture clues for my son and his friends who can not yet read.
Halloween Treasure Hunt Clues
Halloween Treasure Hunt Clues

Halloween Party Supplies

Partyware and decorations for your Halloween celebration.
Halloween Party
Halloween Party

Halloween Party Supplies

Halloween Party Supplies

  • Black Cat
  • Fright Night
  • Frightful
  • Ghostly Halloween
  • Orange and Black Dots
  • Spooktacular
  • Zombie Party


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Kaela on 10/24/2015

Love this. Using this for the kids I babysit.
If anyone needs a type of font, I used Chiller on Open Office.

heather on 11/01/2014

I can't find a hlloween font. Is there a copy version you have on here I can print?

Edina on 11/01/2014

Thank you for posting this. I used many of the clues for our Halloween party - a treasure hunt for the goodie bags. We had kids 4-12, and all of them had a blast, they really enjoyed figuring out the riddles. I had them work together as a group, and take turns reading the clues. We did 7 clues and had the kids running all around the house. Fantastic!

Rachael on 10/31/2012

Thanks so much! This is perfect, good work :)

katiem2 on 09/20/2012

What a great collection of Halloween party fun. I'm tweeting and liking this just in time for the season. :)K

Janet21 on 07/12/2012

Thanks Brenda! :)

BrendaReeves on 07/11/2012

You have some great ideas. I used to enjoy throwing Halloween parties for my children.

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