Why iMac Is A Better Choice Than A Traditional PC

by sandyspider

Is an iMac something you have been considering to buy? Read about the pros and cons before you decide if an iMac is the better choice.

The Apple iMac is an excellent desktop computer which combines the power of an Intel Core 2 Quad processor or Intel Core 2 Duo processor with your choice of 27 inch or 21.5 inch display with the well deserved reputation for elegant style of Apple systems. It results into a gorgeous AIO (All In One) desktop Mac that has been a major and excellent option for every computer user since its release in 1998.

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What Makes an iMac Stand Out Over a PC?

Better performance over a PC

Ever since Apple iMac hit the market there has been a question among most of the PC users who have either fed up of PC and their problems or just want to try something new, is it better over the PC with Windows or Linux on it. Well, if you want a system that is completely free of problems, hardware failure, or error and works perfectly, then you won’t find any. But yes iMac turns out to be one of the least problematic system and it has lots of advantages over the standard PC  and that makes it a better system than traditional PCs.

  • The biggest advantage of using an iMac is that you will not have to worry about the security issues. Mac is immune of most of the viruses and malicious applications, still there are a few security issues with Mac but those are not a big deal and they doesn’t cause so much problem as in the traditional PCs.
  • Since it is a Mac computer system it comes with all the advantages Mac has over the other PC. It tends to be more plug and play, you can plug any device into your system and work on that with minimal setting. For a new computer user connecting or configuring any external hardware is a bit easier.
  • These computers are faster and power saver than any other PC and they also last longer. You will be paying a higher price for it than a traditional computer system but it is because you are buying high quality hardware that will work better and last longer.

For all those who need simplicity, beauty and performance, the iMac is certainly a better choice.

Pros and Cons Of An iMac

This should help you decide

Before any purchase, we need to evaluate every aspect of the system (pros and cons) and make sure that this Aluminium iMac system is the best for you.


  • It is sleek, attractive, and solid industrial design.
  • It is quite fast and a better performer. It comes with fast processors and dedicated graphics for the better performance.
  • You can upgrade the RAM easily and some models also allow you to upgrade the processor.
  • All 27-inch and 21.5-inch models come with beautiful LED backlit display for optimum result and better viewing.
  • It supports dual layer DVD writing, 802.11n, and Firewire 800 standard in every configuration.
  • It comes at very reasonable price.


  • Its AIO (All In One) design limits the internal expansion, it doesn’t supper the end user upgrades beyond the RAM, except some system that also supports processor upgrade.
  • The design of the keyboard is polarizing, you may like it or may not like it.

Is The iMac Right For you?

It is now pretty clear that the iMac is an excellent computer and if you desired the desktop system, then it could be the best choice for you. Its form factor is undoubtedly one of the best and sleekest for a desktop computer.

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sandyspider on 03/25/2017

DerdriuMarriner Glad you like the products. Thank me with a purchase. LOL

DerdriuMarriner on 03/25/2017

sandyspider, I meant to thank you for the product line. The key chain Computer processing unclear is great!

sandyspider on 03/24/2017

katiem2 there is security software for the iMac. If you need that peace of mind.

katiem2 on 03/18/2017

My youngest daughter won't use anything but apple products, when I first started working it was all I used, I have been thinking of going back. The security of Apple imac is leaps and bounds better than pcs the security cannot be beat, and hacking I have researched this too, there is little hacking on imac.

sandyspider on 03/09/2016

frankbeswick You are welcome.

frankbeswick on 03/01/2016

Thanks. I have been considering an update.

sandyspider on 03/01/2016

frankbeswick There is an advantage with the iMac if you are a designer. Windows based computers are fine for simple based needs. Though Apple does have less security issues, you need to make sure that you have all the updates and security on your Windows PC.

frankbeswick on 02/16/2016

I have simple needs where computers are concerned: email, Wizzley etc, some favourite websites,and maybe some research. Do you think that I would be better off with an Apple mac than with a windows pc?

sandyspider on 02/16/2016

DerdriuMarriner There is a price difference, but iMacs are build so much better too.

DerdriuMarriner on 02/04/2016

sandyspider, thank you for sharing! iMacs have their advantages and disadvantages, but it's always appealing when a computer combines aesthetics -- so yes, I like the keyboard design -- with efficiency and performance.

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