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by sandyspider

Flower magnets, Zazzle, sandyspider gifts, summer flowers, photos of flowers, roses, violets, Columbine flower, zucchini flower and great gift ideas for the kitchen.

Summer Flower Gifts for Your Kitchen

Smile with That Nature Magnet

Fritillaria Imperialis Orange Flowers Magnet

I love flowery summertime magnets posted on the refrigerator in my kitchen. They brighten up the room and remind me of how short our summers are. So enjoy it now before snow season comes.

Living in the upper Midwest, we have long winters and short summers. When summer does finally come around, nothing is more magnificent then seeing flowers in bloom and enjoying a nice sunny (not too hot and humid) day.

Sometimes our spring and summer start late. For the last couple of years, we have had heavy snowfalls for the month of April. Many people from other areas of the country and world are bragging this time about their flower gardens, while we have a fresh blanket of snow. Spring was a cool one this year and summer came late. When the flowers finally arrived, it was a welcomed sight.

Below are a few my favorite flower photos on refrigerator magnets. Some of these I took from our yard, inside house and when visiting Green Bay Botanical Garden. Almost all of these design images also found on cards, stickers, mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, postage stamps, mousepads and many other product types. Find all of these on Sandyspider Gifts on Zazzle.

Yellow with Red Striped Flower Refrigerator Magnet

Name This Flower If You Know It

Featured in the Botanical Gardens Line on Zazzle

Great Gift Idea

When my husband and I went to the Green Bay Botanical Garden, I failed to write down the names of the flowers as I snapped away with my camera. I am terrible with flower names, but found these bright yellow flowers with red stripes very beautiful. Looking over one of my Squidoo lenses titled "Name That Flower"; this flower is one I should have added to that article. If you know the name, let me know in the comment section. Would this magnet look nice on your refrigerator door?

Fritillaria Imperialis Magnet

Intriguing Flower Gift

Orange Upside down Flowers

Photo Shot at the Green Bay Botanical Garden

Never before had I seen flowers that bent upside down rather than rising up to the sun. These vibrant orange flowers remind me of tulips hanging down. Not knowing the name of these, I had help with some online friends. The correct name is Fritillaria Imperialis.

Colorful Tulips Magnet

Give This to the One You Love

Happy Birthday Tulips

Flowers Anytime

These flowers were sitting in a vase on her computer desk. I just happen to come across the photo she took and gave it a black background. 


On our daughter's birthday, her boyfriend bought her a bouquet of colorful tulips. A beautiful tulip mix of white, yellow, pink, red and purple, these flowers are a wonderful gift anytime. The magnet is an everlasting memory.

Wisconsin State Flower

See All the Flower Designs with Sandyspider on Zazzle

Love these little purple flowers. After all, purple is my favorite color. Taking a photo of the wood violet flowers and turning it into a piece of art by giving the photo a Mosaic texture. 


The wood violet became Wisconsin's official state flower on June 4, 1949. On Arbor Day 1909, the wood violet won out with 67,178 votes out of 147, 918 to become Wisconsin's State flower. Though it took 40 more years for it to become offical.


Being creative with photo software has become a passion of mine. 

Wood Violets in Mosaic Pattern Magnet

Wonderful Magnet Gift

Incredible Flower

Two Flowers in One

I just love the look of the Columbine flower. This is another one that I had not known the name of until a little help on my "Name That Flower" article. My former classmate, whom I reconnected with on Facebook, took this photo from her flower garden. When I asked her, she did not even know the name. Out of her garden, this one is my favorite. Yet she asked me to create a mousepad from one of her other photos.

Columbine Purple and White Flower Magnet

Great Gift Idea

Red Rose Magnet

Give This to Your Loved One

Red Rose Says I Love You

Another Great Gift Idea

For one of our anniversaries, my husband surprised me with a dozen red roses. Often we hear that a single red rose is represents the greatest love of all. A photo of all the roses would of looked beautiful. But I singled out one of the roses to photograph.

Flower Articles on Squidoo

Name That Flower
This is where you can tell me the names of the flowers below. I love flowers even though I am hypersensitive to their perfume. I have taken pictures and collected many different types of flowers. Some I actually do know their names, like the tulips in my yard, our hibiscus, roses, and the neighbor's lilacs. In general I am bad with flower names.

Botanical Gardens on Zazzle
The Green Bay Botanical Garden is a wonderful place to see flowers in full bloom. Photos we took made great Zazzle products. It was early Spring when we walked through the garden. Tulips were in full bloom. Roses had just been planted. We planned on going back when all the flowers were at their peak. Maybe this year.

Flower Gifts and Zazzle
Flowers and Zazzle means more than giving out a greeting card, a mug, t-shirt, necktie, or keychain with flowers to someone you care about. It symbolizes our feelings of love, friendship, remembrance, apology, or a thoughtful expression. A bouquet of flowers is given out on birthdays, anniversary, weddings or part of a get well wish.

Wisconsin State Flower - Wood Violet
Setting the trend for a state flower symbol originated in Chicago in 1893, at the World's Columbian Exposition. This was often referred to as the Chicago World's Fair. The Women's Congress came up with the idea of a "National Garland of Flowers." The idea was to have each state of the union to have a state flower.

Passion of Tulips
The tulip originated in Persia and Turkey over ten decades ago. They were named turban from the headdress that the Persians wore. When the flower became fully opened it was thought to resemble a turban. Europeans brought back these flowers to the Netherlands in the 16th century. They mistakenly gave their name as tulips. Tulips are the foremost national symbol of Holland and are now widespread throughout the world.

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Flower magnets, Zazzle, sandyspider gifts, summer flowers, photos of flowers, roses, violets, Columbine flower, zucchini flower and great gift ideas for the kitchen.

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Christin on 12/10/2014

The yellow with red striped flower refrigerator magnet so pretty!


BrendaReeves on 12/27/2012

Beautiful and great idea!

SPB on 10/02/2011

The magnets would brighten up any kitchen!

ForestBear on 08/02/2011

Lovely cards and flower magnets, Great collection Sandy!

sheilamarie on 07/26/2011

Beautiful flowers, Sandy! I love how you've arranged them on your products, too.

kajohu on 07/19/2011

Your flower magnets and flower cards are beautiful! I wish I knew the name of your mystery flower!

Guest on 07/19/2011

Everyone enjoys a mystery, even if it's a flower mystery. These photos are beautiful. I feel like I could just reach out and touch them.

lou16 on 07/19/2011

Some beautiful flower magnets and flower cards Sandy. I love the 'mystery' flower too, can't wait to find out what it is.

CorreenK on 07/18/2011

These flower magnets are really beautiful Sandy.

Jewelsofawe on 07/18/2011

Cool page and magnets! Love the cards too!

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