How to Get Book Reviews: A Guide to Verified Reviews

by katiem2

Tired of writing books that get no reviews? Learn how to get verified reviews.

In the highly competitive world of online book sales, the importance of genuine, verified reviews on Amazon cannot be overstated. These reviews influence potential readers and impact a book's visibility and credibility.

"How to Get Book Reviews: A Guide to Getting Verified Reviews" is an invaluable resource for authors and publishers looking to harness the power of authentic reviews to boost their book's success.

Comprehensive Guide to Book Reviews

Welcome to the page geared for self-publishing, which often involves KDP.

This comprehensive guide outlines a step-by-step approach to obtaining verified book reviews on Amazon, ensuring your written work reaches its full potential. This page includes what you can do to elevate the success of your book.

Understanding Amazon's Review Guidelines:  Learn the ins and outs of Amazon's review policies to ensure your review-gathering efforts remain compliant with their rules and regulations.

Write and Format Book

The guidelines highlighted on this page translate to other publishing platforms. Amazon has specific guidelines and policies for book reviews, and it's essential to follow them to maintain the integrity of the review system. While you cannot directly purchase or solicit reviews in exchange for compensation, there are legitimate ways to encourage reviews for your book. Here are some strategies to help you get verified book reviews on Amazon:

  1. Write a compelling book: The first step to getting good reviews is to create a high-quality book that readers will genuinely enjoy and find valuable. 
  2. Formatting:  Formatting can be a challenge for many writers. The easiest, most accurate way I've found to achieve stress-free book formatting is by using Atticus, known as "An Author's Best Friend."  it is a one-time purchase of $147.00 for lifetime use. At this cost, I don't believe they offer an affiliate program. I find it invaluable. 

Book Launch Promo Graphic

Offer your book for free or at a discount: Consider running promotional campaigns where you temporarily offer your eBook at a discounted price or for free. This can encourage readers to download and read your book, increasing their chances of leaving a review.  Below, I highlight how I am actively launching my book. This image (below) is what I use in my post to promote my latest book.

Book Launch Promotion
Book Launch Promotion

Book Launch Promotion Creation

Offer advance review copies (ARCs): Before your book's official release, provide a limited number of free copies to interested readers in exchange for an honest review. You can use platforms like NetGalley or Goodreads for this purpose.

I Created My Book Launch Promo (see above) Using Canva Following These Steps:

Step 1: I designed the book cover using Canva

Step 2: I made the three image display by loading my book cover image to It is free.

Step 3: I selected a custom design, set the size to 1,000X1,000

I chose the image you see above using the elements/photo option, which included everything except the chalkboard, lights, and text, all of which were added later as element graphics/text.

I then downloaded it onto my computer as a PNG ( I prefer the image quality), which I could later upload to social media pages, adding a call to action. See the actual promotion above. Follow through to see how it works and or to request your free copy of my latest book. 

Write Request for Reviews

Hey everyone!

My new book, “Optimal Gut Health For Women of All Ages: Achieve Weight Loss, Digestive Excellence, Radiant Beauty, Vibrant Health and Longevity With Food,” is going live on on October 11. I would love to give a select group of people a FREE and EARLY book copy. All I’d like in return is helpful feedback and an honest review on Amazon once it is published. 

If interested, please DM me and comment the word BOOK below. Then I’ll send you a copy of the book!

Thank You!

 DM me here:

Attention Wizzley Readers, If you are interested, follow the link, leave a message book, and I will get back to you with your free copy.

The free campaign has ended as of 10/27/23. Read below to get your copy either free with Kindle Unlimited or for a 2.99 one-time purchase eBook. 

Why Comment Book

There are a few good reasons to ask readers to include the word "BOOK" in the comment section of your post.

  1. It provides a checklist of those who requested the book to prevent overlooking anyone.
  2. You can refer to the list later to follow up when publishing your book.
  3. It keeps the social media post viable. 
  4. Many who read your pre-launch book will offer helpful feedback, point out typos, or share other ways they feel you could improve your book. You can improve your book further by utilizing this free advice. 
  5. For those who offer feedback, regardless of how good or bad, thank them. Let them know you appreciate their help and will review the book, make changes, and consider their suggestions. Once you have edited the book, message those offering suggestions, letting them know you have edited it and want to share another copy with them now that you have made changes. This will make the readers feel valued and a part of the process, increasing the likelihood they will give you a better review.

After sending out requests for your free PDF/book, follow up just before publishing to let reviewers know you will be offering your book free for three days and that now is the time for them to grab their free copy of the published final. With ownership of the book, they can then leave a review that will be verified and do so promptly. It is beneficial to get reviews soon after publishing.

KDP allows publishers to offer their ebooks free for 3 to 5 days. I prefer the 3-day option.

Follow Up For Sales and Reviews

My book is finally published! I hope you enjoy it. Get your free Kindle Unlimited Copy or one-time eBook purchase for 2.99 below.

To share links to your books, use this format: your book ASIN number to create your custom link. remove brackets) It should appear as shown below; this is for my book Optimal Gut Health For Women of All Ages: Achieve Weight Loss, Digestive Excellence, Radiant Beauty, Vibrant Health and Longevity With Food. - My custom book address

Using Wizzley with links seems tricky, so cut and paste into your browser to get your copy and see how it will work for your books. This sends you directly to the purchase page, and the one below takes readers to the review page; easy peasy!

Once you’ve done that, you can leave a review on Amazon using this format to create the link to review your own book as well. books ASIN)  It should look like mine below; check it out to see the review page this link takes you to. The two links help readers find and review your book quickly and hassle-free. - My customer book review address

When sharing your book and request for reviews, include a note reading similar to mine below.

Please take 60 seconds to submit your review - it’s as quick as that! Let me know once it’s done. Thank you so much!

As an added touch, I would love to see a picture of you with your book in your review. I am grateful for all the reviews and appreciate YOU!

Additional Strategies For Book Launch/Sales Leverage Social Media

  • Use social media platforms to connect with your readers and promote your book. Engage with your audience and encourage them to review your book if they enjoyed it.

  • When doing so on Facebook, posting from a page or live instead of your personal account is best to avoid violations. 

Join Groups Related to Book Topic

Participate in online groups, book clubs, forums, and communities related to your book's genre or niche. Engage with members and subtly mention your book, asking for reviews from those interested.

Note: Always contribute to any of the above you join, adding value to the group.

Utilize Author Network:

 If you know other authors, especially in your genre, you can ask for reviews or cross-promote each other's books. Be sure to adhere to Amazon's policies and not use review-swapping schemes.

Final Thoughts

Remember that Amazon's policies can change, so it's crucial to stay informed about their review guidelines and always strive for authentic and honest feedback from your readers. Avoid any practices that violate Amazon's terms of service, such as purchasing fake reviews, as these can lead to severe consequences for your book's listing.

Finally, If you have tips on how to get verified book reviews, please leave a comment below to start an exchange of helpful advice.

Updated: 10/27/2023, katiem2
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katiem2 on 10/27/2023

Look for Follow Up For Sales and Reviews Latest Section to learn how to wrap up your book campaign.

katiem2 on 10/27/2023

I just added the link to the newly published book to the article. Let me know if you read it and what you think. I always welcome feedback.

katiem2 on 10/27/2023

DerdriuMarriner, I first think of a concept for a book after inspired thought. I follow my gut or inner knowing ALWAYS. I trust my intuition. It's been my experience that the more you follow these, the more inspired thoughts flow more frequently. While writing, thoughts of images for a book come to me in bits and pieces. I change and add to my book cover graphics all while writing. The artwork is a work in progress that most often changes until the book is ready for publishing. I take my final ideas to groups of writers and graphic designers for feedback. Thanks for asking. This has made me realize my process better,

DerdriuMarriner on 10/11/2023

You make such a compelling, convincing match between your art and your written work.

Might you sometimes create the colors, the designs and the patterns and then imagine the written context? Or must it always be the written context preceding the art context?

I ponder this because my sister, who was Stessily here, is artistic and literary and pursues both approaches .

Also, I think that your cover art for your gut-health book would work for any well-being book, such as exercise and health foods and meditation what with the dynamism of your colors (they make me feel like going out and running around the yard after my feline sentients ;-D).

katiem2 on 10/10/2023

DerdriuMarriner, That is a splendid idea. KDP has a strict TOS, making creating groups to support authors and book reviews difficult. If not keeping up with the changing rules, one could unwittingly violate them. KDP can and has suspended author accounts. The one really safe thing we can do is offer free ebooks for reviews as long as no one gets paid and there is no evidence of swapping reviews tit for tat. The bottom line, reviews are essential to get a book noticed by buyers.

DerdriuMarriner on 10/10/2023

My approach to wizzley article-related comments centers upon writing something that affirms for the article writers and their visitors that I read the entire articles. My style therefore focuses upon at least one observation and at least one question. The question may be for clarification -- rarely -- even as it might -- oftener -- be to show that the article was interesting enough to warrant its application or relevance beyond its wizzley form.

Might there be some format that particularly works for writing reviews that get book-buying attention (and therefore increase your reputation and your revenue ;-D)?

I will look forward to reading your book and to writing a review -- just as I always have looked forward to Katie wizzleys ;-D -- that perhaps may be posted somewhere helpful to you and your article-reading, book-buying public.

katiem2 on 10/09/2023

DerdriuMarriner, Yes, they are indeed. Thank you I liked the color choices feeling it all plays to the theme of natural whole foods.

DerdriuMarriner on 10/09/2023

Color choices always get my attention.

It looks like your illustrated cover respects the natural colors of the foods being consumed.

But what might have been the reason behind the cover figure being a brunette like me once (albeit scattered, sparse blonde- and red-highlighted ;-D) instead of a natural redhead like you (and like the heroine in one of your children's books)?

(Would your daughters all be so lucky as to be redheads?)

katiem2 on 10/08/2023

dustytoes, Thank you, I appreciate your support. I have a lot of fun with Canva. You could create some really cool designs using it. I'm a big believer in thinking carefully about what we put in our bodies, it is good medicine, prevention, and optimal nutrition for the body and all its functions.

dustytoes on 10/07/2023

Beautiful book cover and mockup for advertising! And what a great and timely subject. I can't commit to reviewing the book right now, but I would definitely buy it - and leave a review. I totally believe that natural, organic food is the secret to good health and keeping disease at bay. I would be happy to advertise this book on my blogs to help drive traffic.

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