How to Make Money Working Online From Home

by katiem2

Reviewing tutorial how to use Amazon, Google AdSense and Revenue Sharing Site to work from home starting a legitimate business.

In order to make an honest living working from home, you will need some basic tools. The list includes but is not limited to; a computer, internet access, writing skills, an Amazon affiliate account, a revenue sharing website, and a Google AdSense account. Along with the experience gained practicing what you are about to learn, the good advice of a seasoned internet marketer and time are all essential aspects of success. Note: a person does not have to do all of the above to be a successful online money maker; there is a multitude of ways to make money.

Work From Home as a Content Provider and Online Marketer

What is a content provider and an online marketer?

I will be using these terms when referring to those of us who work from home using the internet. 

Content provider - a person who provides solutions to the burning questions people search for online. Content providers do this by using articles, blogs, and products generated in advance all while anticipating the needs of others. You know, the many time's everyone on the planet thinks, "Google It"  You want to be the person providing the answer, the content provider.

It is no secret that Google is king and for good reason. I have been doing this for 21 years now and have experienced a lot of ups and downs. It is through trial and error that I have learned what works and what does not. Google is the go-to search engine most online users depend on and therefore the one to understand and use to target your audience. 

Online Marketers - answers the burning questions people search for online by writing articles detailing the question and solution(s). It is our job to anticipate these questions in advance, provide readers with facts, products, and solutions available and ready when the search engines receive inquiries. This is where the revenue sharing sites come into play, these sites are the resource by which you create, present, and deliver your content to the world. More on revenue sharing sites later.

Providers and Marketers do the same thing, the reference words are mere terms used to describe this sort of profession. 

NOTE: Third-party reviews are highly sought after, this is you, the writer, creating a written review about products and services for others interested in the truth about products from real people who have purchased and put it to the test.  Youtube videos can be created and used for this purpose and then linked back to your written material.

What I look like now

Taken in hotel while on business retreat

How to Chose User Name and Profile Image

When Joining Amazon, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Use the Same User NAME!

My username for everything online is katiem2, this is how I am found. It is my trademark and exactly what you yourself want to build. Always use the same username and image (of yourself) as these two things will become your trademark, do not change your trademark.  

If you constantly change your image and user name people won't remember you because the person they first met online and seek out later has disappeared.

The true definition of quality is consistency. Consistency creates consumer confidence.

After proving yourself as such a provider people will depend on you for the truth and thus look to you to direct them to quality services and goods. Reputation is EVERYTHING! Consistency builds reputation!

Your trademark should include a name and an image, two crucial tools used online to promote you and your business model and area of interest.

Image or Picture of you!  I have used the same image or picture of myself on every account I have ever built around the web. Why, it is my trademark, the very image ingrained in my follower's brains and those who will become my followers. People see my image on an article, blog, or post anywhere around the net and quickly identify me as a trusted resource, someone they have come to know. Remember this, it is important, you cannot be known if you keep changing. 

Many change their image in an attempt or need to remain current, this is not what happens rather it causes you to be lost in the crowd.

How to be an Online Marketer?

Online Marketers Sell Products and Service to the Seeking Public

Online - because the job is performed online.  

Marketer – because you sell products and services to the public when they look to the internet for answers, products, and solutions.  Imagine all the people buying from Amazon every day then imagine combining product reviews with product links to your Amazon affiliate account.  

My Tutorial on Becoming a Successful Online Content Provider

I'm going to share with you how you can become a go to and highly sought after online writer. Learn to earn a respected and loyal readership.

Work from Home Using a Computer

Why I Need a Computer to Work from Home

A computer with internet access is a must in order to earn money working from home. While some gurus claim you can work without a computer but instead use free access to computers and the internet at your local library, this is not realistic. This job requires the time needed to pay attention to detail, build and maintain a money-making online presence, and the ability to be on the ready to address your audience's needs in a timely manner.  Customer needs cannot be met as effectively spending limited time at the library.  

Laptop only $189.00

Example of Selling with Amazon

With a personal computer or laptop and internet access, you can put in as many hours as possible working, pausing, and working again as time permits. This is how you enjoy the flexible schedule so many online marketers brag about. It is optimal and recommended that you purchase a reliable computer or laptop with access to the internet in order to practice good professional follow through and enjoy the flexible schedule.

You will receive comments, questions, and feedback on your written content and webpages, a good writer and online marketer answers and or responds to these issues as quickly as possible. Successful online marketers monitor their sites every day all day or at least during business hours.  Consider this, the world is online round the clock and it is the content providers and marketers making themselves available that gain a loyal following. 

How to Make Money From Home Using Amazon

Amazon is a Respected and Leading Source

Amazon has grown extensively since I first began working from my home, online, with my computer and internet access over 16 years ago.  I signed up with Amazon as an affiliate from the beginning of my work from the home journey and have not once encountered a bad, difficult, or disappointing experience with Amazon.  Much like Google, Amazon is my best most trusted work associate.  I will explain the nuts and bolts of how you actually get paid from these and other programs later in this tutorial. 

I prefer working standing up most of the time.

Only $28.53
Only $279.99

How to Sign up as an Amazon Affiliate?

Visit the site, scroll to the bottom of the page, look under the "make money with us" category scroll down to become an affiliate, click this link, read everything there is to read, and sign up.

You will create a user id (different from user name) which is the means by which you connect Amazon to your revenue sharing account allowing you to earn commissions on all your amazon sales made through your webpages.  You enter your id number (here at Wizzley) in the setting tab of this user site.

Now, are you beginning to get the picture?  You answer those burning questions internet surfers ask by writing online content while including related products. 

The basic goal once again is to anticipate what people want to know, the solution, and provide it by way of article sites. I will share my favorite later in this tutorial. 


There are several money-making opportunities Amazon offers for those working from home. My advice, take it slow and or go at your own comfortable pace.  Once you gain experience you will gain confidence allowing you to branch out and do more. 

It is always better to learn to do one thing well before attempting other new ventures. 

Multiple new challenges will overwhelm you. This is the reason so many fail or quit before ever getting started. Stay the course and focus on what you learn. Any day you learn a new skill regardless of how big or small it is a good day and should be celebrated. 

Follow this basic guide until you become good at it, build a respectable internet presence then consider branching out if you feel it's right for you. I personally have never done anything more, at Amazon, than being an Amazon affiliate, it has proven to be very rewarding and more than enough for me. 

How to Sign up for Google AdSense

Making Money with Google AdSense or Ads

First things first, Google AdSense is Ads by Google and the means by which you may earn a percentage of revenue earned by the ads placed on your revenue sharing site articles.

The content you are reading now was created by yours truly and designed at Wizzley using an internet revenue sharing platform.

So look around this page, take in all the details, looks like an impressive website or blog does it not? Of course, it does, it is one of the hundreds I have written and built on this site.  More on building sales pages like this later in this tutorial.

All the content provided on this page is either written and created by me for the sole purpose of helping you build your online business or content I have approved created by fellow marketers and online providers.

NOTE:  Bookmark this page to ensure you don't lose it while checking out other articles and tutorials provided here. 

Learn what a DMCA take down notice is, how it protects your internet content and images. Protect what you write and keep others from stealing your work.
How to make the most money selling Amazon products create impressive Wizzley pages using professional images that turn a profit with Amazon products learn the simple steps here.
Learn why you might not succeed at Wizzley sadly many won't make the cut in terms of landing on the list of top successful writers enjoying a good flow of traffic and money.
Katie's a writer with an intense intellectual curiosity who loves bringing the condensed version of her findings to busy people like you who want to know how, what , when and where

When to Apply for Google AdSense

Before attempting to work with Google you must first understand their terms of service, criteria, and the basic function of AdSense. There is a link in the settings portion of my favorite revenue sharing site that provides you with the means to apply for Google AdSense, yes there is an application process.

What I Use to Work all Over the House, Yard and Travel

$42.99  $32.97

First, you must join a revenue sharing site, set up your user profile, learn the site's terms of service, basically the rules you are to follow in order to write and build content for the site. 

Second, continue to do so, write ten (10) quality articles on one topic you are interested in, get them approved, and learn as much as you can by reviewing content like this created on said site by your mentor. Whew and don't include long run-on sentences like the one you just read, so I cut to the chase...

You will want a good mentor, a person who has been with the revenue sharing site for a few good years, created successful content, and projects a professional quality.  

What You Need to Get AdSense

In order to apply for AdSense you must Submit your Website for Review

I know what your thinking, "but I don't have a website."

This is another reason you need to join a revenue sharing website like the one I built this page on, more on that in a minute.  

Once you have established 10 good articles, following the steps I have outlined you may use the revenue sharing site, that hosts your work, as your website submission. 

Find Your Mentor Here

If you are serious about working from home join me at my favorite revenue sharing site here and welcome to the family.

Simply tap the green banner "join us" below.  Friend me by clicking the heart on my profile page and message me with any questions or just to introduce yourself. 


Once you get the honored Google AdSense account the last thing you want to do is lose it. Learn how to prevent from having your AdSense account deactivated due to inactivity.
Read a tell all report from a writer who's written over 300 articles at Wizzley. Get the dirt, the truth and the facts on what to expect from the hard work of writing at WIzzley.
Learn how to write the best article with the greatest money making potential and advertising power. Write marketing articles sending traffic to your products.

How to Succeed with Google AdSense

I will provide a comments section at the bottom of this page.

I am willing to mentor those who are serious about becoming an online professional.

You may leave a comment below and or join me at the banner below…. Please understand I will help you as much as you help yourself. I cannot do it for you.

I can provide you with the answers to questions and guide you to the best tools etc.

This is a wonderful opportunity but you will have to work, it is not a do little and get all type of thing. Anyone telling you differently is not being honest.  


After establishing the above-mentioned criteria you may then apply for Google AdSense.  I am providing a very good article below to help you best understand the process before you begin the application process. This article is written by a trusted writer friend of mine. 

If you are considering using Google Adsense to make money online, here are some basic instructions, and information on how to set it up so that you can track your progress.

Where I keep important user information and passwords

How Will I Get Paid Working Online

PayPal is the means by which you receive your pay checks.

You will need a PayPal account. This account should be linked to a bank/checking account separate from your personal account, for tax purposes and security. You can easily do this at the bank you currently use, there is no problem using the same bank, in fact, it is most convenient.  You may link the two accounts later, via your bank in a secure manner allowing only the transfer of funds from one to the other. This transfer feature is nice as it allows you to do your banking at home, online instead of driving to the bank.

Before you visit PayPal to set up an account you will need to have a separate bank account opened. Let your bank know you need to set up a separate account for the sole purpose of receiving online payments via PayPal.  It does not need to be a business account.

Once you have the new PayPal only bank account ready, have the account and routing numbers in front of you, sit down at your laptop or computer, log onto PayPal and follow the instructions to set up your new PayPal account. The email address you use for PayPal will be the very thing you provide to receive payments earned.  In other words, give the email to sites, etc. for them to use to pay you, that is all they need. 

Review How to Make Money Working Online at Home

Review Steps to Work From Home
  1. You will need a laptop, computer, and access to the internet.
  2. Maintain both a word file and hard copy in a notebook, or the like, with notes pertaining to your online business. This is where you will keep all passwords and usernames for quick reference until you memorize them.  Use the same user name for all accounts but passwords should be different, unique, and hard to hack.
  3. Become an Amazon Affiliate
  4. Set up a PayPal Account
  5. Join a Revenue Sharing Site
  6. Learn by reading content provided by the mentor
  7. Write 10 good related articles, to be approved by the site, in order to establish your content. Note: the more you write, the more you grow, learn, and earn.

How to Grow and Earn Money Online

Wizzley Tools for Marketing

Once you have built a good foundation there are various routines you must develop until habitual. These habits will produce article links to your goods and services rather than a road out there on the inter-web. The more you work these tools the bigger your road grows until one day a highway and then a superhighway.  Ask yourself which gets more traffic, yes a superhighway. 

Sharing the links or URLs to your work puts them out there where more people can view, share, and keep them as a go-to resource for helpful or useful information.

You cannot write a page and forget about it.  You must share it on Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and other Blogs such as Blogger.  This is a how-to blog with a blogger tutorial.


How to Link all My Online Content

Building a Internet City

Everything you create online can be linked together making a smoother more unified network or superhighway with no detours.  For example, link all your social media to your profile page here at Wizzley to create an internet road to YOUR town. 

Every link to everything you write can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, google+, Linkedin, Instagram, and other blogs or revenue sites that offer your products.

If you make merchandise and sell it on Zazzle, Etsy, DaWanda, Bonanza, Zibbet, iCraft or other, etc. you can write about that here with a how to make your product(s) tutorial.  Link your article to said products, circle backlinking products to articles, this way each advertises for the other expanding your overall exposure. This gives you more traffic to the products you sell. 

WARNING - Any and all articles you write here specific to your products must be useful, detailed information.  You simply cannot write spammy sales articles for the sole purpose of sales, that are in violation of the TOS or terms of service on EVERY site.  Plus, readers see through that and they don't like it at all. Scams are a dime a dozen, you do not want to come across as such.

Example of Zazzle

Meet Pam aka Dustytoes Successful Zazzle Store Owner Operator

I have known Pam aka Dustytoes for a very long time and during all this time she has always been helpful, kind, humble, and supportive. I trust her, Dustytoes is a trusted online content provider in my book. 

dustytoes is also a success on Zazzle. She is the perfect example of how you should share your products on this revenue sharing site and succeed at the sales site.  Without further ado, I provide you with some examples of her work and helpful tutorials on how to get started and succeed at Zazzle. 

Zazzle has been a wonderful business opportunity for me, and I want to share some ideas for running a successful store at their site.
Updated: 11/17/2020, katiem2
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katiem2 on 09/28/2017

frankbeswick, You are one bright man with great attention to interesting details, oh if I could only keep up.

frankbeswick on 06/27/2017

It will be easy to do eight today as the heavy rain prohibits gardening.

katiem2 on 06/26/2017

frankbeswick, 8 a day sounds like a good balance.

frankbeswick on 06/26/2017

Thanks Katie. I must say that I am a quiet person who enjoys working peacefully and alone. Examining gives me this focus that I so enjoy. However, I must admit that I feel mentally tired at times when marking papers, but I have never missed a final deadline for submitting marks. I make myself meet deadlines, and to do this I allocate certain number of papers a day and force myself to mark them. Currently I have an easy load so I am marking eight a day, but I have had to mark fifty a day at certain times. That was murderously hard, even though it was for but few days. The worst time was when during one June I was working ninety hours a week. I met my deadlines,but doing so made me ill. I dropped some work after that.

katiem2 on 06/26/2017

frankbeswick, I have always thought (no offense) the worst aspect of teaching would be grading and grading over and over on a routine basis, all those papers, I am fearful I would lose my edge and perhaps make errors. I respect and commend you on a vital job.

katiem2 on 06/26/2017

frankbeswick, I feel opportunities to work from home are growing and may continue to do so. Less overhead for corporations and or companies.

frankbeswick on 06/26/2017

Even though I work from home I must attend meetings several times a year. There is a meeting for every paper that mark. This means that I must travel to Cambridge where the exam board is based. I am paid for the meeting according to how many hours it is and I receive reimbursement for travel, hotel and my meals.

frankbeswick on 06/26/2017

I started examining in 1982, so I have examined for thirty five years. To qualify I had to be an experienced teacher with a degree in the subject that I was applying to mark. There are strict checks on examiners. Each examiner is supervised by a team leader, who is supervised by a principal, who sometimes is supervised by chief examiner to ensure that they are marking to the agreed standard set by the mark scheme. I had to be based in the UK to apply, but in recent years the examination boards have allowed examiners to move to Europe and still mark on-line.

The security is very tight. The marking programme is specially designed to be secure and I have a complex password to allow me to enter it. While I can tell you that I am an examiner, I cannot reveal or discuss anything about my work.

katiem2 on 06/25/2017

frankbeswick, very interesting. How does one go about such work? It is hard to know what is honest work or a scam. Nice to have a reputable first hand account of work from home that is simple, straightforward and legit. Congratulations.

frankbeswick on 06/22/2017

Not all work from home involves the world wide web, even if it involves the computer. For example, I mark public exam papers, which are sent to me on-line.

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