The Biggest Mistake Wizzley Writers Make

by katiem2

Learn why you might not succeed at Wizzley sadly many won't make the cut in terms of landing on the list of top successful writers enjoying a good flow of traffic and money.

I've been writing here for three years now and what I notice is the otherwise amazing writers, with the best of intentions, not getting it right. There is one basic reason so many writers won't enjoy their desired success. It’s a very easy problem to both identify and correct. Learn what major over sights many content writers make and how to turn it around moving toward an impressive reputation as an online writer who enjoys greater traffic, builds a loyal following and earns a steady stream of income.

Good Online Content Methods

An Error isn't a Mistake Until You Refuse to Correct it Once it's Identified.

Once you cover the material shared here please participate in the duel module at the end of the page, Share what you feel others could benefit from, 

This will help us as a community. It is my goal to reach out helping each of us create quality content pages getting the attention we want as a reliable source of quality information. 

Feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments section below for myself or other writers to answer,

How to make the most money selling Amazon products create impressive Wizzley pages using professional images that turn a profit with Amazon products learn the simple steps here.

Know Your Target Audience

The target audience is anyone seeking answers to their burning questions.

You no doubt have the answers to many of these questions. It’s common practice for those searching for answers and solutions to “Google It” regardless of age, ethnicity or gender we all turn to the web for answers.

You, the writer, create useful articles addressing these burning questions, in other words stuff people really want to know.

Articles should contain direct answers to questions plus tips and products offering solutions. The one common factor among any target audience is the desire to find quick easy to read information often painting a picture with bullet points.

Vital Fact

Many surfing the net scan for a quick conclusion with visual ques and bullet points, someone who knows what their talking about and gives it to you straight without a lot of text jargon. 

Extending Visitors Stay

How to Hook Visitors

Include a summary of the answer in your introduction. Let readers know you mean business and know the information they seek. Once you grab the reader with useful facts and good intentions they will want more.

Those searching the web have acquired a taste for quality content using the top 4 search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.

The Internet has turned most all of us into visual junkies attracted to what looks appealing. The advanced tools available to internet writers and content providers set a new standard. The majority of people do not want to read lengthy text, they seek top the point clear cut facts.

Format Verse Content

Can good content stand alone?

It's been said over and over again good content stands on its own. While content is the first building block of any great page a pleasing format with related images and products offer more. The best content may go over looked if additional attention isn't given to detail. While quality content, or a well written article, is paramount it is not enough to be on top, do really well and reach your goal.  Anytime you create a visually pleasing site you draw readers in, get their attention.

A Poor Bounce Rate

Once solid SEO rich content brings attention to your work the search engines send visitors your way.

Think of it as preparing for a much wanted house guest.

There are those of us who prepare for our guest, going all out insuring our guest have a positive experience leaving them impressed by us as a whole, while others don't bother.

Who gets the better review and more return visits? A large body of text floating on the page is the number one reason visitors leave, they quickly evaluate it as unprofessional moving on in their quest. 

To spite what you think we are all constantly being judged and evaluated by our target audience, unfortunately taking little time making a fast and firm judgement and mental notes.

Note: Visitors don't know what you know about revenue sharing sites and typically think of your individual pages as blogs or websites judging them accordingly and comparing them to other websites.Take advantage of this sites ability to turn any article into a very impressive site like page representing you!

How to Build a Great Wizzley Page

Turning great information into an impressive web page is easy at Wizzley

The How to Properly Shave article below is a good example of an article using various tools;

  1. Always upload a related thumbnail image, I added an allposters image to the bottom of the page and can therefore use it as a thumbnail. Allposters is a great source of fantastic images.
  2. Give useful information in text modules supporting it with related Amazon products mentioning the featured products and their value in the text. 
  3. Highlight the text module with the grey background option in the upper right hand corner of text modules. Readers have told me it makes for a more comfortable read reduces glare, creates more prominent text and less eye strain.
  4. Use short and to the point text titles creating a visually balanced content section, one of the first things visitors see and therefore evaluates. Short punchy titles are powerful attractions.I see Wizzley pages with messy content modules containing long wrapping titles. These types of long titles do not create an orderly bullet point style of reference quickly processed by the reader. I strongly advise you avoid long awkward titles as this makes for a messy unorganized intro to your work. Give it some thought and get to the point! Cut out what you can.
  5. Text Module Titles should always be relevant to the page title or topic.
  6. Add Polls and Duels in a visually pleasing area, each can be easily inserted without taking away from the page balance and appeal. Duels are often best added near the bottom of the page as they continue to grow with visitor participate which can put a distance between the beginning and end of written content making it awkward to read. Use the duels and polls as they are valuable tools creating interaction and traffic.
  7. Always use the color schemes a wall paper options to spice up your page giving it a independent website look and feel. I like to coordinate it with product colors.
  8. Always add content to the sidebar you feel best serves the visitors. This particular page about shaving has been designed to include a variety of my work adding different categories yet all relevant or useful to the targeted reader seeking shaving tips for both men and women. This makes for a diverse page with a common thirst for knowledge about personal grooming.

While this page does not use all of the tools available it takes advantage of the basics every successful Wizzley author may take advantage. 

Aligning Text and Amazon Modules

How to position Amazon modules beside text modules.

To do this start with the text module above the Amazon module containing a relative product then select the side to side arrow, third from the left, moving the text module to the left. Next choose the same side to side arrow in the Amazon module aligning it to the right of the text module.  

Note: The side by side text and amazon modules will drift out of position once in page view mode if there is no barrier above and below the two  This is what the space tool is for adding a space module above and below any two side by side modules creates a barrier with a nice faint line only adding to the visually attractive appearance of your page.

How to Chose the Best Page Theme

I carefully match the color of my page with the products added to link everything in a unifying package that screams website.

Choose a page color and theme that matches the thumbnail image and the products added to the page. Change the colors as you work on the page evaluating what looks best. I often ask for help from anyone around me asking them to tell me what they think looks best, keeping in mind it is not my personal preference that matters but my target audience.

How to Use Sidebar

The sidebar pulls a page together including additional relevant information.

Plus, it looks amazing! This may well be one of my favorite tools here at Wizzley it's the icing on the cake if you will. What other site allows you to showcase your work in the sidebar of the page?  I will tell you none other than your own personal website that's who. This is huge!  All you need to do is open the sidebar tab and paste the urls of 4 articles you want to include. Hit the save button before you close the sidebar. It's a fun tool I enjoy playing with. A great marketing tool. Think about it, you can include up to four of your personal related articles creating a show case of your credentials for further evaluation impressing your reader.

Thanks Wizzley for allowing us to really OWN our work and get the most of it EVER!

Article Example

See how I used all the tools I just mentioned.

Learn the proper way for men to shave their face and women to shave their legs. First time shavers get it right the first time with this accurate guide to optimal shaving.

Popular Topics

The topics becoming the most popular are often surprising to the author.

Just when you think yon you've identified a hot topic sure to be popular you no doubt will proven wrong, Time and time again the articles I don't think will be earth shattering, but useful are those that become the most popular among readers. 

My most popular articles here at Wizzley to date are;

My Most Popular Articles

Surprisingly Popular Articles
The pain and emotional agony of fibromyalgia has stricken many American women. If you think you may have fibromyalgia learn the signs, symptoms and causes of fibromyalgia now
The latest trend in red wedding dresses has the price soaring and yet you can get your hands on affordable red wedding gowns. Save your money for the honeymoon, learn how now.
Zumba is an intense and fun dance routine workout that has the world taking notice. While you may think Zumba is too hard for you it isn't with the step by step guide.

What it Takes to Write

It takes a curious type of person who enjoys continually learning to succeed as a content writer.

I feel the most important quality or trait of a good writer is a curious mind.

If you're a curious person the content market is a good place for you to dig deep into a topic and share your findings.

It is also best to cover topics you are personally interested in, this makes for a better article as you convey a more interesting article when fully vested in the content. 

A personal thirst for knowledge and continued self improvement helps as well. 

Helpful Tips and Tricks

Below is a collection of helpful tips and tricks from other readers. Did you find this helpful if so what, if not what can you add to help those seeking helpful advice?
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No, I knew the information offered here today but am happy to add this helpful tip;
Jason on 05/27/2013

No I'm aware of it and yet I witness so many writers trying to make it out here in the world wide web destine to fail as they do not present well designed pages to the world. The best looking landing pages, web sites, blogs, and articles get traffic plain and simple. Bottom line is many writers are lazy and don't put in the time. The competition is to steep to hope for any gains without stepping it up.

Tolovaj on 05/17/2013

I knew most of this and I can add one powerful tool - use statistics. I will not go into details, but if were limited to only one tip, this would be mine: check stats!

teddletonmr on 04/06/2013

No, I knew the information offered here today but am happy to add this helpful tip; Many times using long tailed keyword rich titles, over promise, and under deliver, which I believe we all agree is never a good idea. Keep titles piffy, to the point, and accurate satisfying the readers burning desire for both timely and useful information, Ok a bit of entertainment keeps a reader from clicking away. :) M

Ragtimelil on 04/05/2013

Agree with a lot of what you said. Excellent reminder. I do tend to rush and want to get articles published. I too will click off articles with long blocks of text.

BrendaReeves on 04/05/2013

I'm really bad about writing long titles. I know when I'm doing it, and a little birdie tells me not to, but I go ahead and do it anyway. This is a reminder to me to stop doing that. I'm going to check over them today to see if I can tighten them up. I'm a color junky and love bright colors. That attracts me to a page right away. I will leave a page that is too visually stimulating (too much going on). Long passages also scare me off. However, Jo has a lot of long passages in her work, and she is doing very well. Of course, she writes very interesting articles.

Yes I found this helpful I learned to do things and think the following will work best for me;
DerdriuMarriner on 08/22/2018

Thank you for the walk-through. I like the way you begin with the niche, target audience since it's easy to forget, when caught up in something that interests the writer, to ask who will be most affected and interested.

davestone13 on 08/22/2014

This is all stuff I wish I'd known when I first started and presented in a way I would have been able to do something with then. It should be available to anyone who begins writing here. The whole site would benefit.

aswriting on 07/28/2014

This has been one of the best articles I have read that has all these points in one place - good to look over each time I post a new article till I get it all straight. So far actually used it to help me with one, though it might need more work still.

aswriting on 07/28/2014

This has been one of the best articles I have read that has all these points in one place - good to look over each time I post a new article till I get it all straight. So far actually used it to help me with one, though it might need more work still.

aswriting on 07/28/2014

This has been one of the best articles I have read that has all these points in one place - good to look over each time I post a new article till I get it all straight. So far actually used it to help me with one, though it might need more work still.

Celeste on 03/27/2014

Katie McMurray I have followed you now for years and still to date you are by far one of the most earnest, talented writers with something valuable to read. I always feel moved and or empowed by knowledge after having read your work. Furthermore your ability to remain humble and down to earth is inspiring. I'll never forget the day I saw you standing in the ... airport you were so nice, remembered me, didn't blow me off and introduced me to your director friend. BTW you are stunning in real life.

jptanabe on 09/10/2013

Didn't know about the space module - definitely going to check that one out. Also, I really should do more on the themes.

NausetViews on 08/10/2013

Space module? Am I missing something? I don't see that as one of our choices. Would love to find it because the text and Amazon modules don't always align properly and it drives me crazy.

kimbesa on 05/28/2013

I still have a lot to learn!

T.G. on 05/23/2013

I don't write here but this is helpful for me at hubpages. BTW glad I found you here. I still enjoy reading your existing pen name at HP ur alias TV is interesting.

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katiem2 on 03/26/2017

cmoneyspinner, Thank YOU!

cmoneyspinner on 03/25/2017

Love that Oscar Wilde quote.

katiem2 on 03/09/2017

DerdriuMarriner, I appreciate your feedback and the Items you find successful.

DerdriuMarriner on 03/08/2017

katiem2, Thank you for the tour through Wizzley writer mistake-land! The sample article puts into helpful practice what you cover. In particular, I like the importance of being considerate to readers with attractive colors, friendly organization and welcoming phrases: as in life, it's difficult to get past bad props and shoddy packaging.
Also, thank you for the list of the four most popular articles. I'm looking forward to the other three since I've already been impressed by "How to Find the Love I Want and Get Love in Return."

AngelaJohnson on 09/05/2014

Thanks for the article. I learned some new features I can include on my Wizzley pages.

katiem2 on 09/04/2014

davestone13, LOVE IT! I'm going to keep this in mind, I love writing like that!

davestone13 on 08/22/2014

The biggest shortcoming - and I see it all the time - is not making an article more of a casual conversation. You hint at it with the note about big, blocky text turning people off.

Searchers want information they can digest easily and from someone they like, not lectures.

That's my take on it.

katiem2 on 06/23/2014

frankbeswick, hoover over the allposters image, copy and save as it into your browser, upload it into your thumbnail. It is within the writers professional privileged to do so, if the said writer is promoting said allposters within the article.

katiem2 on 06/23/2014

NateB11, When writing an engaging and informative article on a topic the keywords come naturally. This is a area so many struggle with. Many go in search of keywords when in fact they should be in search of the factual content answering the burning question the reader seeks. The writer who answers the question(s) the reader seeks, without adding fluff from keyword insertion, naturally creates an article containing relative terms and keyword rich reading materials packed with helpful content and truthful answers.

frankbeswick on 05/01/2014

How do you use allposters as a thumbnail?

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