What is Fibromyalgia and What Causes Fibromyalgia

by katiem2

The pain and emotional agony of fibromyalgia has stricken many American women. If you think you may have fibromyalgia learn the signs, symptoms and causes of fibromyalgia now

Fibromyalgia has become a common pain ailment in affecting as many as 5 million Americans this number largely comprised of women. It’s explained as a chronic and widespread pain and sensitivity coming on at any given time lasting for as long as 3 months per episode. Those suffering with fibromyalgia feel as if they've been ran through the mill exhausted and drained both physically and emotionally. For many it's a vicious cycle of pain followed by recovery only soon to be followed by the pain and discomfort once again.

Once this condition sets in patients feel they rarely (if ever) make their way back to normal, the person they were before fibromyalgia.

What Causes Fibromyalgia

Science and case studies are revealing many contributing factors to the onset of fibromyalgia

The cause of fibromyalgia remains unknown with a hint as to the contributing factors bringing on this chronic and reoccurring pain.

Genes play a role in this as genes do most any condition. Those who suffer with fibro have a particular gene that makes them more sensitive to things others would not perceive as pain or discomfort.

If you're a person who finds the tags, seams and other clothing details irritating to the point of pain, you may be a person one day to experience this disorder. The genetics factor is not souly responsible.

Injury Related Fibromyalgia

The factors contributing to fibromyalgia are genes and traumatic injuries or shock.

Injuries from a car accident or other physical and emotional bodily injuries and shock can spark fibromyalgia. 

During a fibro attack you may feel radical and unpredictable pain changing in intensity and location with each attack making it hard to explain to your doctor.

It can make you feel like a bit of a hypochondriac having constant yet changing issues. For this reason many suffering with this condition exhibit signs of depression another serious yet different condition needing professional evaluation and often treatment. 

Struggling With Fibromyalgia

The confusion of this disease can create doubt as to the actual condition or diagnosis.

You struggle to put what you feel into words and wonder yourself if it’s more than one particular condition. Once your doctor runs test you may hear your test results look fine returning no specific findings. It doesn't mean the pain you experience is not real, it is.

Getting Diagnosed with Fibromyalia

Getting diagnosed can be as frustrating as the symptoms.

In order to help your doctor better understand what you are experiencing journal your daily health. While it is important to know what is going on it is also vital to know the repetition and description of the pain.

Jotting down when and what happens is a tremendous tool in the diagnosis of fibromyalgia and eases your mind.

Fibromyalgia can pop up from out of nowhere leaving you with no one incident or reason to pin it on. 

Scientific Findings on Fibromyalgia

Since the onset of fibromyalgia science has been working to find both the causes and treatment for this condition.

Many scientist and experts believe fibromyalgia is related to a misfire in the regulation of brain hormones and or neurotransmitters. 

This creating pain to fire throughout the body.

These findings also note a hypersensitivity to pain with the cause being the lower than normal levels or flow of the brain chemicals like serotonin.

The shortage of these chemicals creates the perfect storm for random pain to fire throughout the body. 

Learning to eat foods specific to optimal production of serotonin is highly beneficial to those struggling with this painful disorder. I've added an article just below outlining the foods capable of helping.

Eliminate prescription drugs with mood boosting foods that increase Gaba, Typtophan and Serotonin the stress fighting feel good hormones and chemicals the brain needs to be happy.
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Chat About Fibromyalgia

Louise cook 3 days ago

I have suffered from fibromyalgia for ten years , it took 5 of those to get diagnosed and not be told 'its in your head' or ' just live with it' when they have no clue what it was, its still not as widely recognised in the u.k as it is in the u.s so there is still a lack of understanding and compassion for people like me. I had to leave a job I loved because I was no longer able to fulfill the duties needed , I was devastated that I could no longer contribute to the household financially and this put a lot of added pressure on my ever understanding partner who attended every doctors and hospital appointment with me and has never once complained that the housework wasn't done or I hadnt cooked dinner, my wonderful children, all four of them have never complained about the added pressure they had of helping mum or being 'child carers' as the label would say. The older three helped with everything, looking after the youngest, helping with cooking and tidying up ( I was so thankful for the time I had taught them all cookery skills) , the older three are grown up now and the youngest has taken on the role now. Some of my care now comes from professionals , its so degrading to need help washing and dressing in your early 40's. I do get asked what it is I have that means I can't work and to get disability financial help, most are understanding but I do get looks of disbelief and comments of ' some people can fake illness, she is just lazy and doesn't want to work'. ' she fools the benefits people though someone should report her as its not fair on real disabled people' It does usually make me cry and feel so low because there is no way to show that I am disabled, to show how much constant pain I'm in, how exhausted I am after walking my dogs for 20mins, how awful my medication makes me feel but I couldn't move without it. How their words rip my soul out because its how a lot of people see us. I feel worthless, useless and lonely every day, I didn't ask for this but in a heartbeat would do anything for it to be taken away

Hayley 20 days ago

Sick from day 1 of my life.... intolerant to everything.... then got FM when i was 15 yrs old. I am now 31. My FM symptoms were more severe than others. Absolutely no life, completely dependant on my 70 yr old mother who has heart problems but healthier and stronger than me. No physician could diagnose me. With the help of google i "figured it out on my own". Was taking 22 schedule 5 pain killers per day with no relief. Close to suicide i started taking cannabis oil - thick black tar like oil, high in THC and i feel PERFECT!!!!!! I can actually hold my phone! And even text!! Today im completely pain killer free!! After 5 weeks of THC!!!! Illegal at this stage but find it and take 3x a day!!!

katiem2 on 03/18/2017

DerdriuMarriner, It seems more and more people are learning their struggles are due to fibromyalia, the extent to the long term effects still unravels.

DerdriuMarriner on 03/10/2017

katiem2, Thank you for explaining how and why fibromyalgia shows up. Both books sound good, particularly Dr. Liptan's. It's sobering to think that being born without a demanding condition, such as diabetes or a tendency toward fibromyalgia, is not a home-safe card because of the conditions that trauma provokes.

katiem2 on 03/01/2017

tammy, Makes sense to me, I developed migraines, and hyper somnia after a car wreck my neurologist says can occur after head trauma.

tammy on 03/01/2017

my doctor will not even admit that a car accident maybe the cause of my fibro. i can tell you exactly when it started. i had a car accident which i had neck, upper back and lower back injuries. exactly 30 days later i started feeling the pain of fibro. not knowing what it was i lived with it for almost 9 months before going to the doctor. i have told them over and over again about this but all i hear is "that doesn't cause fibro".......

katiem2 on 08/16/2016

Turkey, Good point, and I understand your frustration, waking to this everyday somehow makes us feel flawed, useless and yet I have found cold therapy works for my fibro pain, it helps me loosen up somehow and eases the pain. I have a hot tub that also helps, I go back and forth everyday from hot tub therapy to Ice pack therapy, the combo helps BUT do not apply jets to your body whilst in the hot tub, it causes pain, just soak in the hot water and relax...

katiem2 on 08/16/2016

TahoeJuls, Indeed it seems the pain rears its head regardless. I sometimes wake in the morning feeling 110 years old, painful feet, stiff with painful neck and on and on, a rather difficult way to start the day. But as you say we must press on...

katiem2 on 08/16/2016

Debra, interesting connection. I ran daily and sometimes two or more times daily, it was the way I cleared my head, energized myself and thought kept care of my body. BUT I am young, I have stopped running and now speed walk, I feel the impact of daily runs on my body was not a positive one for my joints and nervous system. I have read much research since indicating running on a routine basis and with much intent is harmful to the female body. I often wonder what I may or may not have done to my body.

katiem2 on 08/16/2016

frankbeswick, Indeed for every cause there is an effect

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