How to Become The Go to Online Writer

by katiem2

I'm going to share with you how you can become a go to and highly sought after online writer. Learn to earn a respected and loyal readership.

Imagine your inbox filled with comments regarding your written content. Think of your traffic flow growing to large portions and bringing with it groupies professing their adoration for your work and credibility as a trusted author.

Becoming a go to author is said to begin once you overcome three common myths. These myths are sold as vital steps by many self-proclaimed gurus. These money grabbing techniques are not only unnecessary, they require you to spend your hard earned cash, the very thing you want to earn not burn. There is no need for you to pay someone to guide you down some long and winding path in order to become a successful online writer/content provider. These myths do not apply when becoming the go to writer reader’s flock to for reliable content.

Follow along as we debunk the myths and learn the five steps actually required to become a go to online writer and content provider. I am not charging you any fees for this information. I learned the hard way and enjoy paying it forward.


The Number One Online Writers Myth

Are Online Academies the Answer?

When first searching, "How to Become an Online Writer" a lot of scams and ill advice pops up.

Anyone who claims you must go to some academy to obtain the education you lack is most likely leading you down a long and winding path.

This path leads to a lot of hair pulling and unfortunately little to no success.

Do I Need a College Education or Academy Training?

The number one online writers myth is that you must be college educated or attend an Academy

The most successful people are not college educated but instead born with gifts and talents required to succeed. Writers certainly fall into this category.  If you have a long standing desire to become a writer you no doubt possess such gifts and talents.  

There is a lot to be said for good old fashion common sense acquired by curious observation. The results you get are the measure of your effectiveness as a writer, not your degrees. The only thing a good writer lacks, when it comes to maneuvering the online terrain, is good sound advice on implementing an action plan proven by the examples of someone doing the very thing you want.  

Modest Writers Succeed

Arrogance and Salesmanship are a Red Flag

Know it all self-absorbed gurus, who require payment to access their knowledge, have become a thing of the past.  Average readers seek real down to earth people with simple straight forward answers to their questions.  

Be careful not to tout your degrees and accolades, savvy readers see this as a smoke screen and one they tend to avoid. Readers crave quick and reliable facts that make sense or create that “Ah Ha” moment. 

Most writers crave popularity thinking it is the ticket to success and earnings, it is not. Popular people don't ask others to like them, they are desirable because of their worth and honesty.  When you provide good and helpful content your worth naturally grows.  Your value is created by what you provide and how straight forward and honest you deliver your content. Popularity does come with credibility and yet it should not be your primary focus, honest and useful information is the goal. 

The level to which you're considered an expert increases as the results of your content affords readers real results. Proving yourself convinces others of your value. You are the creator of your own genius, keep it real, and keep it honest delivering real answers to real questions.  


Never EVER be confrontational if and when you feel your content or character is attacked by reviews, it is an EPIC Fail...

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and those convinced against their will are of the same opinion still.

The Number Two Online Writers Myth

The second biggest online writers myth is that you must be in the public eye.

You do not need to be famous or attain public notoriety when becoming a go to writer.  Fame is a rare byproduct of success and something few want.

The definition of success varies from person to person.  Seek what is important to you in terms of personal goals. When you are happy with your individual level of achievement you are successful.

We are in the search business not the glam and glitz personality business. 


Everyone you know “Googles It” aka types a question into an internet search bar when looking for products or knowledge. The number of folks seeking the web for products, services, how to videos, blogs or articles has grown vastly.  Providing the results is what we do and almost always without being dressed for success.  

Note: In the here and now a strong social media following will catapult your popularity across the time zones. Learn to take advantage of social media as this is your go to resource for advertising.

Katie's a writer with an intense intellectual curiosity who loves bringing the condensed version of her findings to busy people like you who want to know how, what , when and where

The Number Three Online Writers Myth

The number three online writers myth to success is that you must be a published author in print.

Being an expert novelist or published author does not make you a go to writer. In every sense of the word, a go to writer is the one providing online content that delivers answers to those burning questions asked by the internet public.

You are published the minute you complete a successful article on a site like this.  Online articles are the jumping off point to writing, well the skies the limit.  You are an expert when you provide real solutions that leave the reader walking away fulfilled having their needs met.

Once you become the person who solves people's issues, questions and concerns, in a favorable way, you become their go to source.

People don't forget those who make life simpler.

Reviewing Online Writing Myths

Once you remove fantasy from the equation you're well on your way to becoming a go to online content provider.

These three myths derail a lot of people from unveiling their expert potential. The truth is that becoming a go to writer has never been easier or faster once you know what to do. So now without further ado I shall review the five steps to becoming a highly sought after on line writer.

How to Add Amazon

There are several options when it comes to adding images to your wizzes. Did you know you can wrap text around an image? Learn how to add pictures to articles.

First Rule of Online Writing

Study The Masters

Follow this step by step guide to become a quality writer capable of evolving into a go to writer.

Step 1 for the Go to Writer - Study the Masters

The number one rule to becoming a go to online writer is study the masters. The reasons for doing this are to ensure you;

  • find out what works by observing successful writers techniques not their content
  • learn from others mistakes, many online contributors share their mistakes
  • don't become a Mockingbird

Do This Instead

Learn what’s already been said and done to avoid doing more of the same by an already go to writer.  Learn from those already succeeding online and provide useful content.  BUT do not copy them by writing about the same topics.  Think about it, they have achieved success and a vast number of followers so don't compete with another in their area of expertise.  

Do not attempt to mimic the successful online writers but instead divide and conquer. Formulate your own opinion and strategy original and unique to you alone. Online readers are smart and savvy when it comes to content; they are quick to spot a copycat.  Find your own voice be true and consistent to that voice. Make your own way!

Second Rule of Online Writing

Solve Problems

Find the burning issues readers want solved and do just that, provide solutions.

Step 2 for the Go to Writer - Solve Problems

Find a common problem or opportunity where you have a helpful point of view that is different from others and adds value. You have got to develop an open and well informed passionate yet positive opinion. This is what separates you from everyone else. Contrary to popular belief this angle tends to turn heads and gets you noticed. So stand out from the rest and stand up for your opinions earning yourself a credible reputation. Furthermore, be careful to do so in a flexible way projecting an open mind with a willingness to grow and evolve yourself.


  • gardening
  • cooking
  • fishing
  • biking
  • hiking
  • family
  • childcare
  • makeup
  • fashion
  • health and wellness
  • education and on and on

This makes you all the more likable to your readers as you share a common bond.  Allow others a platform to disagree, contribute and progress as a community of like minded folks. Such as in the comments section below. People enjoy being heard and having their opinions validated. The best way to impress others is to be impressed by them. When people disagree with your opinion they talk about it, look out Google you're about to get indexed.  

Remember there is more than one way to do something and readers are a wealth of information.  Praise there helpful comments and ideas even if different from you own. Gratitude goes a long way and when you embrace others ideas they become a helpful fan.

Third Rule of Online Writing

Develop Your Mission

Online content is a constant source for debate and brainstorming.

Step 3 for the Go to Writer - Develop Your Mission

Your written content is your voice or mission. Your mission is the area of content you chose to explore and share as a participant.  Remember the goal is not to be a guru but to be a mediator of evidence and shared findings.  Shared meaning, we all learn better and do better when hearing others experiences and tips. Also, have an open mind to your readers point of view. 

Online readers are a data base of collective information. People do not come to your blogs, articles or content void of knowledge. They seek a collective consensus on what they already think.  They want help deciding on their next course of action, they do not want to be told, they want to be convinced by actual research findings. Research is the biggest portion of you job, the results of which you share. Be aware that your content is merely a fraction of the ongoing debate in the readers mind.

It is not your job to sway the reader toward your opinion. It's all about influencing others not controlling them. Test the waters by testing your research. Keep a watchful eye on the results you create all the while refining your research evolving and growing with the tide. Rinse and repeat over and over again. Once you've noted the results in action, and in several different situations, it is then you can be confident and passionate about your mission. You may also learn that you need a new mission.

Fourth Rule of Online Writing

Get the Word Out, Advertise

Shout your message from the roof tops, don't be shy, withdrawn or secretive about your online content.

Step 4 for the Go to Writer - Advertise 

Get a loudspeaker and high-speed Internet. You can’t help people until they know you're out there. You need tools to serve as your megaphone!  Shout it from the rooftops!

The two places to start getting your message out are; social media and local media. Take advantage of social media such as facebook, twitter, Instagram and Google+. It is important to let your local media, community, neighbors and friends know you are writing as well.

Tell everyone everywhere you write online content. Share article links, blogs and other online content you provide via email. Building an e-mail list expands your reach.

Casually tell people about your latest work offering to share information with them via e-mail. Let them know they will be receiving links from you covering your latest written content.

Let your email list and followers know you do not expect a response from them each time or any time they receive a link unless of course they want.  If so feedback and questions are  appreciated.

Share the best method for readers to communicate with you insuring you respond in an expedient manner. 

Being upfront while practicing full disclosure makes you a professional and honest source. Anything less is seen as Spam. Do not ever allow such a word be uttered about your content.

Tools of the Trade

Any online writer worth their salt must have the tools needed to perform the job.

Fifth Rule of Online Writing

Be Confident

Step 5 for the Go to Writer - Be Confident

Do not mention, I've got this internet thing going on.  You are a writer, call yourself such. Go as far as to call yourself a go to writer. Once you've picked a subject area you're passionate about, having researched it well, you my friend are an expert.

Remember to first study the field and test your opinion making the necessary adjustments.

Plus, follow this outline to become a trusted author and expert on the subject you are reporting on. You must have enough confidence and passion in your mission to instill confidence in the reader. Every go to writer must have a mission, something you stand for and believe in without a doubt. So go on get out there write something. 

My Mission - The Truth -  I am curious by nature and just can't help but explore this great big world of wonders. I dig deep until I find the truth about any one topic.  I am a very analytical person and take things apart carefully getting to the heart of the matter. 

What is your mission?

Calling All Content Providers

Wanna Be a Go To Writer

If you are interested in getting your feet wet feel free to join our site Wizzley. 

am happy to be your go to person.  Simply join by following the banner to your right. 

Happy Writing!

Much Success, 


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