Wizzley Confessions Tips and Secrets

by katiem2

Read a tell all report from a writer who's written over 300 articles at Wizzley. Get the dirt, the truth and the facts on what to expect from the hard work of writing at WIzzley.

This tell all article is number 312 for this author. Why, because I love Wizzley and want to share with you all there is to love about it and then some.

Today I spill all the dirt I have on fellow writers, confess my sins and deliver the secret to my success, and yes I do enjoy success.

I came here writing about love first and foremost as it is a topic near and dear to my heart. I've decided to write # 312 on the same subject. Today I write about what I love and don't love about Wizzley.

The Biggest Complaint about Wizzley

The most common complaint writers have about Wizzley is the screening process.

Anyone attempting to become a writer here at Wizzley must submit five quality articles that sample their writing style and abilities.

The biggest complaint is the stringent requirements of those first five articles. It's been said it's far too hard to get past the first ten allowing a writer to continue writing here at Wizzley.

This is one aspect we Wizzley writers highly prize as it makes for a better site with a higher quality of material. The acceptance process is one intended to clearly set the standard for Wizzley writers. 

Note: You need only 5 (not 10) approved articles to become a trusted user.
And, you are an *accepted* author from article #1 on (if that one gets through our quality control), but your outbound links stay *nofollow* until you have 5 approved articles.

Getting Started at Wizzley

I personally had no difficulty with this process and found the administrative team to be both helpful and respectful of my efforts and intent.

How Much Money I Make

Few revenue sharing site content providers share what they make.

Money - Everyone wants to know about the money. I must say Google love is King! Google AdSense has proven to be the big wage earner for me here at Wizzley as it's been the first to line my pockets here at Wizzley. But if you don't have a AdSense account you can utilize Chitica instead.

While AdSense has been the first real money I've made here at Wizzley I have also earned money from Amazon, All Posters and VigLink. There is more earnings potential here at Wizzley than most other revenue sharing sites. The future earnings is promising for this new fledgling site.

I've been at this internet content provider thing for a long time now and have learned its far better to keep your success quiet. Why, because those who copy or steal the work of writers tend to seek out the most successful of the lot.

If you brag about your successes you will be on the quick list of those from which to copy content. The practice of doing such is illegal and yet as with most illegal things there will always be those who try to get away with it.  I won't tell you what I earn now or ever it’s a rookie mistake plus I'm a private person but you can let your imagination run wild that is if I earn much of anything at all.

The Working Conditions at Wizzley

The spirit of pay it forward is alive and well at Wizzley

Knowledge - I've learned a great deal here. I've received more free information here than anywhere on the Internet. In fact I've paid a lot of money for less effective guides. Check out the helpful tutorials to get what you need to move to the next level.

Co-Workers - The Wizzley co-workers are the best. The community in it's entirety is fantastic! There are so many amazing people working here along side me, far to many to mention. You all know who you are.

Private Tutors -  We've all got special props to give to at least one person in particular. Why. because they took the time to show you how to do it right! If they had not taken the time to do this, you may have left thinking you were not cut out for it. But they did and here you are! Thanks to mine, you were always there to give me the kick in the pants just when I needed it most. Give thanks to whomever it is that helps you succeed and pay it forward to others who may need help as well. It makes the site better and more successful providing greater success for everyone.

The Heroes - There are many hero's here to protect you by lifting you up and reminding you to ignore the trivial nonsense that may get you down. As for back biting and fighting there is none to be found around here. We are a positive group those who love drama will find us boring. 

The Wizzley Perks

There are countless perks at the Wizzley site for writers.

Global Travel - Many a fellow author will extend an open door policy welcoming you into their home. I've been invited to writer’s homes all over this country and many abroad.

Private Cooking Lessons - Oh the mad skills I've acquired reading awesome tips, secrets and recipes. I will never need another recipe source again, thanks to the great chef especially chefkeem. The special recipe modules here make for the best recipes on the web.


A Good Laugh - I love a good laugh and have I ever gotten a ton of laughs here! Thanks for all the laughs, funny stories and side splitting fun.

Inspiration - I've looked on as many have struggled with health, personal or family issues. Many have lost loved ones. I've found so much inspiration here and will continue to follow and read the work of these wonderful people as we are extended family.

Wisdom - there are some elders here that have really lived. These jewels are so wonderful and impart many a great life lesson. They are creative, beautiful people who are amazingly talented. It's a real honor to experience their work. 

NOTE: none of these greats are self-absorbed.

The Wizzley Etiquette

The proper revenue sharing site etiquette of writers is basically the same all over the web.

Advice - okay if I were to offer up advice it would be this; Read all of my articles first, do not pass go, do not collect two hundred dollars, do not talk to strangers, and do not forget my birthday. lol all jokes aside...

Do Your Homework - the biggest pet peeve of fellow writers undoubtedly is newbies who don't take the time to search our body of work for tutorials.


If you need to learn how to do something, type the subject into the search bar to find a useful article, read it after which you may ask questions of the author if any remain.

Review - Don't go around asking authors how to do this and how to do that. Do your homework first and then fill in the gaps with questions that are mindful of others time.

How to be a Great Wizzley Writer

The best way to experience the most success here is to find your own voice and be respectful of others.

Never Lip Sync - Find your own voice, meaning write about what you know or find interesting and are willing to research. Anytime you try to do what you "think" will work because someone else is doing it will prove to be a waste of your time.

Passion - Where your passion lies is where you should focus. For example, I'm a helpaholic, I love helping people and enriching their lives so I deliver helpful and useful information I myself feel is important to know. I write about what I feel are the burning issues that can help improve someone’s day! I follow my own voice and am true to myself. Do that!

Embrace Good - there are so many wonderful people here so take the time to learn from them. I'm such a better person for having read the work of so many truly talented and gifted people.

Ignore Trouble - While trouble is few and far between we are only humans and anyone can have a bad day once in a while, when this happens let it slide.

So if you receive a harsh remark about something realize you have run into someone having a bad day cut them some slack and forget about it.

This is a professional site and there is really no call for that, so ignore it, move on taking note it’s not personal.

Give Back to the Community - anytime you leave a comment on a fellow writer’s article do not be authoritative yet supportive adding positive content.

Really look into their work, their message and leave a comment supporting this message. If you have something that will help enrich the other readers experience and it is supporting the writers work, include that!

Always remember we are a community here and your goal is to make everyone's work a better collective body of work.

This in turn makes us a stronger Internet presence and one from which we all benefit.

I love and adore all of my wonderful fans, friends and all we share, experience and accomplish.

Everyone remember this; all of us are smarter, more talented, and more successful than any one of us could ever be.

You're all amazing equally and yet magical in your own diverse way.

Much Love and Success, Katie

I am Unwritten

Updated: 01/16/2013, katiem2
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katiem2 on 05/16/2017

I LOVE the tools, clean and upstanding content and the professional folks who run it. I do write at many other content sharing sites and magazines but I like Wizzley the best

DerdriuMarriner on 04/21/2017

katiem2, How did you settle upon Wizzley of all the possible writing platforms?

katiem2 on 08/11/2013

CeresSchwarz, My Pleasure

CeresSchwarz on 08/08/2013

Thank you very much. I appreciate the help.

katiem2 on 08/07/2013

It does getting overwhelming, you will make mistakes we all do I will let you know when you do and make you aware of the better way of doing things as you can have the benefit of my experience and avoid the mistakes I've made.

CeresSchwarz on 08/07/2013

Thanks. I'm still working on my first Wizzley article. There are really a lot of tools here at Wizzley that it can get a bit confusing. I'm still learning about all of them as well as Wizzley in general.

katiem2 on 08/06/2013

Yes, write good informative articles free of errors, check for mistakes before you publish. The best way to do this is save the articles as drafts after you feel you are finished, come back later, after you've slept or a day or so has passed and you have a clear head, read over the article again with a fresh eye and you no doubt will see things you perhaps missed before. Take your time making sure you allow yourself time to get to know the tools available to you here at Wizzley to produce the best articles possible and put your best foot forward. Remember don't be afraid to ask questions, like this one. I'm happy to help.

CeresSchwarz on 08/04/2013

Thanks for all the Wizzley tips. These are all very helpful and useful. I just recently joined Wizzley and I haven't published an article yet but I'm working on it. Do you have any tips on getting your articles approved by Wizzley?

Bill on 02/16/2013

Sounds great!

katiem2 on 02/14/2013

SimplySara, That's fantastic imagine how well you could do if you add more content. I'd expand on the thing that got the sales making sure to have at least 10 articles on the subject. :)K

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