Best Android Apps for the Brain

by Tehreem

These Android applications will definitely keep your mind hooked up with some intriguing and fun brain teaser exercises

Technology is something that is rapidly changing in a blink of an eye. And while there may be many disadvantages to consistently using the latest gadget, there are also undoubtedly many benefits. One of those would be android apps that help improve brain power. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s may be on the rise, and many may complain of how staring at your laptop actually makes one dumber, however there are ways to fight all this. The right android app can actually help make you smarter and even prevent memory loss or the quick aging of one’s brain at latter times.Hence, if you want to find out ways to make your brain work smarter, or simply function better, then you should just read on!

Mind Games Pro


Mind Games Pro is an android app that enables your brain to function better, and to test it in different areas of mental skill and knowledge. It provides you with 19 various games that helps train your brain in even the most ordinary things; Abstraction for instance, is a mind exercise in this app, where your ability to comprehend and differentiate between words with solid meanings and those with more abstract ones, is tested.

Similarly, the activity labeled Anticipation, tests your ability to foresee the answer to a question, the question itself at times, and the quickness of your mind in rapidly responding. Another even more exciting activities would be Face Memory- an activity that judges your ability to recognize a group of faces after having viewed them once. And in order for you to be able to chart your brain scores, there is a history score and graph, as well as a standardized scale.The former allowing you to see how well you’ve done, and the latter still showing you an in depth analysis of places where you need to improve. This an well-rounded brain app that you will not forget anytime!

Brain Gems Free App

This is one of those brain teaser application that crossword or even Scrabble fans will definitely love to play.This is a game that conglomerates the concept of jumbles, crossword puzzles, anagrams and a whole lot more into one fun game! The game consists of a series of puzzles which must be solved in order to form one huge diamond. This smart concept ensures that you do not tirelessly hunt round for words that are linked to each other- every solved word puzzle or answer directly leads to another! 

The clues to every answer isn’t simply one boring jumble of medical or grammatical facts- it consists of movie trivia, facts, vocabulary and pop culture- perfect for you to test all your general knowledge skills!

And with three difficulty levels to reach- as well as the natural and easy speed of the game; solving the puzzles and forming your word diamond, you should be happily and energetically exercising all your brain power in no time!

Einstein Brain Teaser App

A highly mentally energizing game that Math or Science lovers in particular, will be sure to enjoy, would be The Einstein Brain Teaser HD. This is an app where firstly- and most excitingly, Mr. Albert Einstein himself, will guide you through a series of exercises calculated to awaken your sleepy brain cells- with the ‘Daily Test’ for instance, you will be subjected to many scientific and general knowledge tests, which if you pass and consistently perform, will eventually lead you to high scores on all the tests and your new position as ‘Royal Brain’.

With the multiple player mode known as ‘Hot Seat Mode’, this is a refreshing game that can be enjoyed by you, your family and friends all together! This is a game that has been advised and promoted by the renown Dr Thomas Knoll- a German neurologist, who claims that it has significantly helped improve his patients’ memory and mental skills, with it’s challenging tests and quizzes. With a localization into all kinds of languages, such as Turkish, English, French and even Spanish, this is definitely one brain power app that you should think of investing in!

Flip - Micro Memory Brain App

Another brain challenging app that puzzle lovers are sure to love, would be the sophisticated Flip Micro-Memory Brain Exercise. This is an elegant puzzle that tests several things at the same time in it’s seven stimulating stages; your reflexes, observational skills and memory.

You must flip tiles in the puzzle and quickly tap the remaining ones; if you continue to do so, you will be able to unlock even more modes and tools that will lead you to victory. The Flip is one game that will surely keep you hooked!

Math Wars - Brain Age Test

A highly motivational educational game would be Math Wars- Brain Age Test. This app starts off with a one-minute test that is suited to your mathematical expertise. It is an excellent game that is perfect for both younger children who are just beginning to learn their multiplication tables and more advanced mathematical problem solvers at the same time.

At the end of the game, your results allow you to see how ‘old’ your brain is- the higher you’ve scored, the older you are- and the smarter!

I would personally advise this game, because being terrible at math myself, I would find this game challenging and want to go on to even bigger numbers after the initial questions and so improve my math! Try it for yourself!

Memory Power Training App

Last but not least, a little brain teaser that we’ve got for you, would be Memory Power Training Games. With cool graphics, sounds and visuals, this is an app that teaches you the power and strength of recognition and concentration. With colorful icons and graphics, you must simply recall what the app puts before you and then later reveal it.This is a game that will greatly enhance your mental problem solving and memory skills, while at the same time, fulfilling your urge for something that is bright, colorful and creative!

Updated: 10/19/2014, Tehreem
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