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by Tehreem

Android Photo Editor apps provides you, a fantastic opportunity to make the best of both yourself and your artistic talent

As the technology continues to improve and grow with time, there are increasing number of gadgets. These gadgets help us interact with our friends and enhance the quality of our social lives and for this very reason we need to look the best at all times. But while there’s a limit to how social media, or networking sites can allow us to look, technology has still given us one last little gift: The power of the photo editor app. And with the right one, you won’t just look like the best- you’ll feel like the best!

PicsArt Studio Application

The first photo editor app that tops the list is The PicsArt Photo Studio. This is an app that is both free and more reliable and full of various features as opposed to the ones are both expensive and do not contain many features! And considering our reliance on a multitude of apps to allows us to look our best and circulate our photos on social media sites, this app makes things a whole lot easier! With it’s Picture Editor, Draw and other effects, the PicsArt Studio app combines all the best features of renown photo sites such as Instagram and Photoshop!

The first feature we’ll be discussing, would be the Camera feature. Camera feature doesn’t simply function like a regular camera which simply allows you to take good pictures but it allows you to do so, using the best light and sound effects and to later enhance or edit the picture in any way you please!

Second comes the actual Picture Editor itself- this feature allows you to tweak the image taken in any way, using a medley of accessories such as collages, frames , borders, text effects and masks!

Then comes the Draw option- if you’re looking for something that will add a fresh twist to all your photos, look no more because this option provides you with drawing styles, text styles, stickers and even allows you to draw over and on your friend’s facebook pictures- life has never been this funnier!

A classic feature that however many photo editor apps lack, but this one doesn’t, would be the Music Effects option- it lets you customize the pictures in exactly the way you’d like-want a vintage feel? The old paper and sketcher options will make your wishes come true, while the stenciler or cartoonizer effect can put a spin on otherwise dull and somber photo! So what are you waiting for?

Unleash all your creativity now with one of the best photo editor apps!

With such a fantastic opportunity to make the best of both yourself and your artistic talent, what are you waiting for?

Flipagram - Photo Editor App

A photo editor app that really lets you take not only the best photos but upload them in a creative manner, in the nicest short videos, would be Flipagram. This android application allows you to use your own directorial experiences to create unique photo videos that are not only entitled or watermarked if you desire, but set to music that you can download or even use from your own sound gallery.The Auto timing setting also allows you to time your photo video, letting you perfectly capture your best moments!

Photo Editor+ Application

Watch out for Photo Editor+ as this is the perfect all time camera and photo editor app, because it not only allows you to take the best shots of yourself and your friends, but it also enables you to edit photos across other cameras! What’s even better is that you no longer have to spend hours over your makeup or obsess over each and each zit before taking a picture or even during it. And this is because the Photo Editor+ app doesn’t allow that! With superb features that let you remove zits, scars and other unwanted blemishes, you will never have to worry again about taking the right profile pic! Under eye circles or red eyes? Well they won't last any longer!

Want your smile to stand out in a group photo with a bunch of other cheery friends? Use the smile whitening feature! Photo Editor+ is truly a girl’s new best friend!

Moldiv - Collage Photo Editor

An interesting photo editor that is perfect for not just selfies but group photos, is Moldiv- Collage Photo Editor. It allows you to take amazing snaps of yourself your friends, and then combine all those photos to make one huge and wonderful collage! With features such as stamps, text captions , 99 colors to change back and forth, over a 100 fonts and styles, you should lose no time getting lost in all these options and selecting the very best for you and your friends! As an added bonus, you can upload these photos on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

Streamzoo - Photo Editor App

Streamzoo is another versatile photo editor app, that not only lets you take photos of you and your friends and upload them, but also allows you to make your own groups.

Designed to allow you to create your own personal sharing and uploading groups, by clicking the group option on the left hand side of the menu, this app lets you post wonderfully edited collage photos, single photos, selfies, cropped, cut or even combined photos and share them with anyone, anywhere anytime!

HDR Fix Photo Editor Pro


A highly professional photo editor app- one that gives you the best results as any expensive and well known camera or photo editor app would be HDR Fix Photo Editor Pro. With a variety of features designed to let you take and edit photos any way you wish- be it in an antique black and white, a ‘70s sepia feel or simply some pretty little frames or borders round your photo, the HDR Fix Photo Editor Pro is there for you!

You may have envied the kind of photos famous celebrities are constantly posting on social media sites or the kind of photos photographers seem to take so willingly of models on famous photography sites, however let the green monster rear his head no more! With the amazing features provided on HDR Fix, you can now snap pics or edit and share them with the rest of the world- looking just as great as Kim Kardashian or Celine Dion!

This is especially true if you use the photo editing tool provided by HDR fix, known as Levels- which lets you take black and white adjustments or lets you even apply a gamma adjustment with a single click of your finger! And with the Pro version, which gives you full resolution results as well as a channel adjustment in any of the shades from the color spectrum; red, blue or green, taking and uploading photos was never this much fun!

Beauty Plus - Magical Beauty Camera Application

The last little nugget we’ve been saving up for you, and one we’re sure the girls will sure to love, would be BeautyPlus-The Magical Beauty Camera. This is one photo editor app that not only lets you take photos, but it lets you snap them in the best possible way! With subtle features that allow you to look and feel radiant even in the dark or low light, or that removes blemishes, scars, pimples and any other facial problems, BeautyPlus lets you take pictures that will leave you looking your the very best!

Apart from the problem removing feature, there are also beauty filters and a few added bonuses, you wont find in many beauty photo editor apps. This includes face lifting and even making your face look slimmer and younger! You can even simply tap your photo on the app and make yourself look white, fresher and with smoother, glowing looking skin! You know those problem areas you’ve also been worrying about down there? Hips? Thighs?

Well you can even remove those with the BeautyPlus photo editor app!

And with an auto three second timing delay you can take vibrant looking photos of yourself, both easily and quickly!

Updated: 10/22/2014, Tehreem
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