Best Automatic Reset Target for .22 Caliber Guns

by CountrySunshine

While it's fun shoot at paper targets, it is a long walk out to check your shooting accuracy. Try an automatic reset target, and you'll know that you've hit your mark!

The best way to improve your shooting accuracy is by practicing. Where I live out in the country, it's common to hold shooting matches out in the yard. Most everyone carries a rifle or pistol in their trucks, with plenty of ammunition to spare.

A target of some kind is a must when it comes to a shooting match. While drink cans, paper plates, mail boxes and highway signs are normally available, you still have to walk out to the target to see where you hit. If there are a number of people participating in the match, it's hard to tell who hit the target, and where.

My favorite type of target for practice or shooting matches is an automatic reset target, and following are the reasons why:

  1. The auto reset targets are made of steel, so they are durable and last a lot longer than paper targets or cans.
  2. They have spinning target arms. When you hit one of the targets, the arm flies up and stays put. The resulting action lets you know you hit it
  3. There is a reset arm at the top of the target that when hit, resets the other arms. This saves a walk across the yard to reset it the target.

The Do-All Outdoors .22 Auto Reset Target

I have owned a couple of .22 caliber targets over the years, and the best one I have found is the Do-All Outdoors .22 Auto Reset Target. I received it as a Christmas present from my dad in 2009, and it's still going strong!

It comes with stabilizing spikes to anchor it to the ground. Make certain it’s set on level ground, so the target arms will move smoothly. Anchor it in with the included spikes, and it’s ready to go!


When you first purchase the Do-All Outdoors .22 Auto Reset Target, the target arms will be red. Target stickers are included to attach to the circle on each arm, and are easy to apply. Just peel and stick.

Over time, the stickers and paint will come off the target. While it's still functional without the paint and stickers, I normally touch it up with neon colored spray paint for better visibility.

Do-All Outdoors 22 Auto Reset Target with worn paint
Do-All Outdoors 22 Auto Reset Target ...
Country Sunshine

Touch-up paint job on .22 caliber target

Reset target with touched-up paint
Reset target with touched-up paint
Country Sunshine

Other Target Shooting Ideas

If a steel auto reset target is not your style, there are other things you can use for target practice or shooting matches. These include:

  • Soda or beer cans filled with water. When you hit them, they blow up!
  • Paper plates, with a bulls-eye drawn on. A bit difficult to see from long distances, but easy if you use a scope
  • Splatter target sheets. When the bullet hits these target sheets, the color changes instantly. Easy to see from a distance, but if there are multiple shooters, it is difficult after awhile to tell which hit belongs to whom.

It's fun to shoot firearms, and it helps your accuracy if you practice often. There are any number of things that can be used for target practice. What do you prefer?


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Originally published July 21, 2012 on Squidoo


Updated: 12/18/2015, CountrySunshine
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iggy on 12/26/2015

Thanks for the information, I usually make my own targets, I got a few ideas. Thank you

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