Gift Ideas for People Who Love To Fish

by CountrySunshine

Do you need some ideas on presents for fishermen? Here are the best rods, lures, traps, stringers and tools available, many at an inexpensive price.

Do you have a fisherman or angler on your gift list? If you aren't a fisherman yourself, you may be lost as to what to purchase. You might believe that people who fish have everything they need. But that is far from true!

There are a few items that every angler needs, and I'm here to tell you what they are:

Compact Fishing Rod

One of the best gifts I ever received was an Emmrod Coil Casting Combo Rod. Why is it the best? For one, it's small enough to carry in my pickup truck. It stays on the floorboard in the back seat, so it's always ready to go when I come across a stream or lake that is begging for my attention!

It is great for simple casting, as it has an 8 coil rod, and a closed face reel.  While it is made for light fishing,  it will easily catch up to a 5 pound fish.  It’s the perfect rod & reel combo for casual fishing.

It is made by Emmrod, which is a family owned & operated business based in northern Idaho. These people know all about fishing, as they have fished the waters all over North America and Mexico. They design and manufacture all types of compact fishing gear and accessories. In fact, you can order the handle and rod separately, to make your own custom fishing pole.

Leatherman MultiTool

Every fisherman - or sportsman, for that matter - needs a multi-tool. These are great gadgets, as they contain everything you'll need in one compact tool. From knife blades to screw drivers, to bottle openers and more, a MultiTool is the perfect gift for every angler on your shopping list.

The Leatherman Skeletool is one of the lighter-weight models, and is easy to carry in your pocket. It has a knife blade on the outside, so you don't have to open it completely when all you need is a quick cut.

It also has pliers, a bottle opener and a bit driver, which is pretty much all you'll need on a fishing trip. Pair it with nail clippers, and you'll be ready to fish!

Leatherman survival products have been around for decades. Beginning with the Pocket Survival Tool in 1983, Leatherman now manufactures over 30 models of knives and multitools. Every product I have purchased from them has been high quality, and lasts forever. I am more apt to lose one of their tools than have it break!

Minnow or Perch Trap

I have owned several minnow traps over the years. These are great for people who catch their own bait. I use mine to catch perch in a nearby creek. Just bait it with a piece of bread or some cat food, throw it in the water, and stake it down so it doesn't float away. When you return, you should have enough bait for your next fishing trip!

This minnow trap is affordable, durable and will last a long time. I had mine for several years, until it was stolen out of the creek. Since I had such great luck with the first one, I purchased another just like it!

Stocking Stuffers

If you don't have a lot of money to spend on a gift, or want some simple stocking suffers, here are some suggestions. They are all under $10.00, and are excellent presents!

Steel Hook Remover

Many people use needle-nosed pliers to remove hooks from a fish. Sometimes the pliers don't work well, and you end up with a damaged fish!


Instead of using pliers, there is a tool called a "hook remover". It is very easy to use, even when the hook is buried deep inside the fish. It will save your hook, and your fingers too!

Metal Chain Stringer

Unlike the lightweight rope-type stringers that are cheaply made and last less than a season, a metal chain stringer will not only hold all of your catch, but last a long time.

They are lightweight, yet sturdy, and the clips are strong enough to keep the fish from swimming away with it!

Minnow Bucket Dip Net

Those who catch their own bait will appreciate getting a dip net as a gift! It's tough to scoop up a minnow and put it on a hook. My minnows usually end up flopping around on the ground!

I've had several of these dip nets over the years. They are great for dipping minnows out of a bucket, as the holes are small enough to keep them from falling through. They are sturdy enough to last for a season, and at this price, it's easy on the pocketbook to replace each year.

These are my favorite fishing gifts - both to give, and receive. But I'm open to suggestions. What is the best gift you've given a fisherman... or... what is the best one you have received?


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Originally published October 11, 2012 on Squidoo


Updated: 10/26/2015, CountrySunshine
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