Best Bath Tubs for Babies & Toddlers

by Tehreem

Make your child's Bathing time a fun activity with amazingly personalized Bathtubs

Whether your child hates it or loves it, the right bath tub will make it all better.
But what exactly constitutes as the right bathtub? If your primary concern is Baby’s comfort, then you should focus on size. A big tub will be a great idea- plenty of space for your baby to get cleaned up and have fun. However, although Baby may look forward to the idea of a hot bath- the sheer hugeness of the bathtub may frighten him/her. After all- he/she is a small child who still has not yet discovered the world. In such a situation you may need to consider a small bath tub, so as not to scare away his enjoyment

Your baby’s safety may be another factor to pay attention to. It is well known that newborns find it hard to sit or lay by themselves. Whereas two to three years old may be able to do so, a newborn just can't sit by them self. A moment without your help, could mean your baby could slip. Considering how vulnerable he is, it isn't surprising that you’d fear the worst. And considering your human instincts, your first thoughts should rest on non slip tiles. There are two kinds; the textured ones that are still safe, and the non slip kind which would help your baby stay up without slipping.

Another facet of safety would be Baby’s support. It may be easy to cradle her in your arms,but it’s not an easy feat when you’re also balancing hot water and soap. And even a single mistake can endanger the life of your helpless little newborn. To avoid that, you may consider purchasing a baby bathtub with a handy sling. This would enable you to rest easy in both mind and body- no more aching arms! The experience of bathing your baby the very first time is enjoyable, but bending over him each time is not something you’d like. It would be desirable to have a smaller bath tub to place within a sink so that you could simply enjoy the sensation of bathing your baby.

It would also be wonderful if it contained spare pockets to place your baby’s shampoo or soap in advance, so you would not be interrupted in the pleasure of bathing your child. An important factor is the bath tub’s durability. It makes more sense to purchase a bath tub that would last throughout your child’s babyhood. So, be it any of the three - your baby’s safety, support or comfort, your baby’s bath tub is always a matter to be treated with the utmost seriousness.

First Year's Infant To Toddler Tub

The first bath tub to look at, would perhaps be Tomy’s, The First Year’s Infant to Toddler Tub With Sling. Whilst a first glimpse may reveal the tub as merely portable and cute, it is more than that. Firstly, it comes with foam pads and mesh slings. The whole rite of bathing and entertaining your baby may usually consume a lot of time. However, this daunting task may be easier. The slings with this bath tub are made of soft mesh material- one that will both protect your child while making him comfortable at the same time. The soft foam pads are also perfect for keeping supporting your child’s back and his unsteady little legs.

However, this ingenious bath tub offers even more. A built in wash basin at the end of the bathtub allows you to place all the bathing necessities in advance. The sink and sling take up only ample space, leaving your baby with enough to lay back, kick his legs in the air and enjoy himself. 

Other than that, if you’re always worrying about whether the water’s temperature is right for your baby- then rest assured. This bath tub has been designed with drain plug alerts- perfect for letting you know if the water you’ve been filling in is too hot. This prevents the misery of watching your baby bawl in scalding water. Best of all, the size of this bath tub is just right. It reduces both the possibilities of a frightened Baby and your back later aching like hell. Last, but not least, The First Year’s Infant to Toddler Tub can fit over both single and double sinks!

Munchkin Inflatable Safety Tub

Yet another option to explore would be The Munchkin Inflatable Safety Tub, which is ideal for babies for up to a year old. This bath tub also goes beyond simply adorable. It may come in the shape of  a friendly yellow duck, but it’s more than just a toy in itself. Firstly, this bath tub is inflatable and can be deflated; stored after multiple uses and easily be transported from one place to another. This may be wonderful for children who wriggle away from bathing anywhere other than their own bath tub.

What’s even better is this bath tub’s level of sophistication. It contains a White Hot Safety Disk at it’s bottom, which ensures that your baby can avoid shrieking in boiling hot water; the disk turns a clear white if the water is too hot for Baby’s delicate skin.

Apart from this, the bath tub comes with a textured surface- key in ensuring your child doesn’t slip. The chances of your baby’s discomfort are also highly reduced with the thoroughly padded sides of this bath tub- which allow your baby to sit in ease.

Leachco Bather Infant BathTub

The Leachco Bather Infant Bath Tub Bath Pad, Blue Fish, could be another option. A creative venture by Leachco, this decorated bath pad has been designed to allow you to bathe your baby differently. Designed with a convenient hook to hang after bathing, this bath tub comes in a bright blue color with a multitude of fish; something Baby will just love.

But though it may seem fun to let your baby peacefully float away, the perils of being at sea are many.

For anxious parents, this may be the chance of your baby’s head either hitting the sink or surface on which the bath pad has been placed- to excess water in Baby’s ears.

For these reasons, the bath pad has been designed to keep your Baby’s head above water at all times. Your baby’s body will also snugly fit in within the pad’s deeply contoured shape.

Calming Waters Vibration Bathtub

The Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub is, however, a unique product. While we often try to entertain our baby at bath time, we forget that there are other ways to do so, then just soft toys! The conveniently placed brown tab at the back of the bathtub pops in here. Designed in order for you to press it and release a series of calming vibrations, this feature will ensure that your baby is both soothed and entertained throughout his bath. 

 A second feature offered by this bath tub is it’s easy and adjustable sling, made of a soft brown material and durable for up to a period of twenty four months.

The size of this bath tub is just perfect in fact, for fitting within or over a sink. A hook at the back of the tub also allows it to be quickly hung and dried after a bath. It also has a drain plug at the very bottom of the bathtub- now your baby won't have to sit damp as you dry him, because the water will drain away as soon as bath time is over!

Disney Inflatable Bathtub

While blue bath tubs may work well for boys, we all know that pink is a girls’ favorite color. Thus, most young girls wish to emulate the glamour and girliness of a Disney princess. This has been made easier with a custom made pale pink colored bathtub. Well, it’s inflatable and thus easy bath tub with Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and all your kids’ favorite princesses decorated all over it!

However, though it looks great- is it really that great?

Yes! Since it’s an inflatable tub and we all know that many kids can only enjoy bathing in their own personal bathtub, it can be escorted everywhere with your girl's favorite Disney princess! There are also little inflatable pockets attached to the bath tub- available in the same pretty shade of pink, and perfect for storing your princess’s favorite shampoo or shower gel- now bath time will be even more enjoyable for her than it already is!

Furthermore this bath tub only requires a light wash of soap and water- no more constantly filling in hot water! And lastly- a coveted hook to hang from the back of her closet- your daughter will willingly anticipate her next bath!


Updated: 11/18/2014, Tehreem
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VioletteRose on 01/11/2014

They all look good, I have the Leachco Infant bath pad. Its a nice product!

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