Best Board Games for College Students

by Natasha

Here's a list of best board games for college students. Play them with your friends and classmates at college.

Living on campus while in college can leave you with a lot of time on your hands doing absolutely nothing.  Once you have finished all the homework and studying for the day, what should you do to help pass time.  Why not invite the people in your dorm over for a night of board games.  Board games are a great way to help beat the boredom that comes with living on campus.  Below are a few of the best board games for college students. 

If you are searching for game that combines the skills of everyone in your dorm, then Cranium is the best choice.  This game allows you to put all your creative skills into action with one game such as drawing, word games, and trivia.  With this game you can cater to everyone’s interests.  You will also discover the strengths and weakness of everyone in the room. 

$61.0  $33.1


What’s more fun than an old fashioned game of Jenga? Jenga is best played with a small group so you might not want to invite the entire dorm over for a Jenga party.  How steady is your hand when it comes to removing the blocks?  Challenge your roommate to a game of Jenga to help pass those long, sleepless nights and give yourself a break from the school work.

$16.99  $7.95


Everyone knows how to play the game of monopoly.  This game can also be great for a small dorm room get together. Spend the evening preparing for how you will buy and sell property in the future with a game of Monopoly. If you have too many people to play, then consider having two games going at once. 

Saturday Night Live

Yes! Your favorite television show is a board game.  Act out hilarious moments from the past and test your knowledge of SNL trivia with this game.  This game is sure to bring even more laughter than actually watching the show.  Have a few recording of the show playing in the background for an interesting twist during game night. 


Test the smarts of the people in the room with this fun board game. Baffler may just reveal who is the smartest after all. You will quickly find that you may not be as smart as you thought you were.

The board games for college students listed above are just a few of the many games available that can help create fun college memories.  Whether you choose to play a game of cranium with everyone in the dorm or a game of Jenga with your roommate, you have several options to choose from.  An interesting idea would be to host a game night at least once a week and encourage your friends to bring their favorite board games.  This is a better alternative than a night out on the town spending money that you don’t have.  When will your next board game night be? Begin planning today with the list above. 

Updated: 02/02/2012, Natasha
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BrendaReeves on 02/03/2012

I love board games. Great selection.

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