Fun Gifts for Chess Players

by Mira

T-shirts, mugs, and other custom-made and customizable products that chess players of all ages will enjoy. You can also make your own mug or T-shirt.

I recently learned that the son of a friend has won 6th place in a chess championship. I thought I'd make a shirt for him on Zazzle and give it to him as a gift but then realized I didn't have many ideas. Fortunately, there are some nice designs on Zazzle to choose from.

As I thought about T-shirt designs walking home one day, I also thought about how life is and isn't like chess. As someone put it on a forum, "To me, chess is logical, life on the other hand . . .?" I feel the same way. Someone responded on that forum saying that life is about losses and sacrifices but also about keeping moving/playing the game and learning to make better decisions.

I have to say that to me chess, like literature, is about multiple narrative threads and multiple outcomes. About shoulda, woulda, coulda and what if I did that? It also teaches me that there can be a strategy to life if we think many moves in advance (not something I'm prone to do in all areas of my life), and, also, that we can keep in mind alternate plans in case the first moves don't pan out as expected.

Enjoy Your Game Outdoors

Chess Game in the Garden
Chess Game in the Garden

And Now the T-Shirts. Got Game?

My favorite one is probably the "got game?" one, modeled after the fabulously successful ads of the nineties, "Got Milk?" The kid may not be familiar with that campaign, but the "got game" design stands on its own nevertheless. In fact, in time, the "Got Milk?" message morphed successfully in "Got Jesus?" / "Got Beer?" / "Gut Deer?" and so on (I see no "Gut Beer?" online – I should probably make some on Zazzle).

"Got game," however, is better than all the above (and it could have also sprung from gaming rather than from the afore-mentioned ads), I think, so I will gift one such tee to the boy and hope he will enjoy it.

Trust Me, I'm a Chess Player

This one may also appeal to people of different ages. As I said in the beginning, I believe the future can be planned in some areas by envisioning a series of chess-like moves. And some people succeed at designing their future and their life just as they envision it (or very close, at any rate).

Also, as Emanuel Lasker, a German chess player (1868-1941) put it, "When you see a good move, look for a better one." According to Wikipedia, "His contemporaries used to say that Lasker used a 'psychological' approach to the game, and even that he sometimes deliberately played inferior moves to confuse opponents."

For all the above reasons, the "Trust me, I'm a chess player" is a powerful statement.

Checkmate is My Motto + King of the Board

Then there are the simple "Checkmate is my motto" and "King of the board" for the winners who like to advertise this aspect of their game.

Instant Chess Player. Just Add Coffee

For the older chess players out there (the boy mentioned is only eight and a half), there's a mug modeled on the "Instant Human. Just Add Coffee" meme, which inspired many similar statements. "Instant Mom. Just Add Coffee" is one of them; this one is another. In fact, this designer made lots of other "Instant... Just Add Coffee" designs: Instant economist/social worker/neuroscientist/accountant/cardiologist/harmonica player, etc.

The "Instant Chess Player" design is available on several types of mugs and also on a good number of other products: cards, tote bags, etc.

Have Fun Picking a Great Gift for Your Favorite Chess Player

There are many other gifts for chess players on Zazzle. Click on any of the images on this page and take your time to explore them. You can also make your own mug or T-shirt or personalize the ones shown in this article.

Make Your Own T-Shirt

Ad Zazzle

Make Your Own Mug

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Mira on 12/04/2015

Thank you for stopping by, Miha. Many people do come to Zazzle to make their own products. But sometimes it's fun to shop around on the site as well :)

mihgasper on 12/03/2015

Zazzle has so many unique and fun designs, we often forget its main characteristics is - to make our own ones. Great selection of chess themed gifts!

Mira on 12/07/2014

It may be a good resolution.

Mira on 12/04/2014

Thank you, Nelda, for visiting! Yes, I agree that there are wonderful designs on Zazzle, but that shouldn't discourage the rest of us :). I believe that everybody can get creative enough to sell of Zazzle. You just have to make the best of your limitations.

Nelda_Hoxie on 12/04/2014

Zazzle designers have many unique gift ideas. They always arebetter than what I can come up with!

Mira on 11/20/2014

Thank you for your response, Emma!

Mira on 11/19/2014

That one is one of my least favorite, actually. Part of it has to do with the way I view competition. I never compete against other people: only with myself. But I guess you can also declare checkmate to a problem when you've found a solution :).
Where's the appeal in that motto for you?

Mira on 10/17/2014


Tehreem on 10/17/2014

Great gifts for chess enthusiasts :) tweeting . .

Mira on 10/14/2014

Glad you like them, ologsinquito.

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