Best Board Games for Families

by Natasha

Board Games are the best way to spend quality time with your family. This page lists some of the best board games for families to play together.

Family time is a time to look forward to each week. How does your family celebrate family time?  Board games can provide hours of fun and interaction in the lives of families.  If you are searching for a creative, fun way to spend more time with your family, the information listed below will be helpful for you.  Below is a list of the best board games for families. Will you allow board games to bring you closer together?

This is a board game that was created with family in mind. With up to 10 players, every member of your family can join in on the fun. This trivia game lets you bet on who knows the answer if you don’t know it. Let the personality and smarts of each member of your family help you win the game.  Mom knows best, right?

Say Anything

This fun game will let you know exactly what your family members think about you.  It is an opinion guessing game that last 30 minutes and can help build social skills. It’s great for large families with up to 8 members eligible to play. You will quickly find that your family members will “say anything” to win. 

Loaded Question

If you are looking to add a classic game to your family’s collection, Loaded Questions is a must have. Available now with new questions, this game will leave your family trying to figure out “who said it.”  This game is sure to be a hit among your family. It claims to make every family happier.  Will you give it a try? How many loaded questions will you be able to answer? 


This is another family favorite that is sure to be a crowd pleaser among your family.  Laugh out loud at the many answers your kids will be yelling out!


See what members of your family can bluff the best with this board game centered on bluffing. Will you be able to tell which of your children are telling the truth and which ones are not? Lying isn’t a good characteristic but it can help you win this game! 


Sometimes, the best family games are the one that you grew up playing.  Yahtzee will help create memories for your family just as it did for you. Older family member will look forward to game night when Yahtzee is involved. 

Use the list of best board games for families to help find the perfect game to entertain the members of your family. Whether you want to go with a classic game like Yahtzee or opt for a more modern game such as Balderdash, board games are great for drawing closer to each other and spending much needed time together.  Ask your kids what they would like to play.  Consider taking turns each week in an effort to try new and different games.  Let board games bring you closer as a family. 

Updated: 02/02/2012, Natasha
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