Best Board Games for Young Kids

by Natasha

Here's a list of best board games for your young kids to play with. These games are fun, educational and entertaining.

Learning how to play board games can do wonders for your children.  How? Board games offer a solution from boredom and can also help promote learning.  Turning off the television and teaching your child to play board games can have many benefits.  Listed below are the best board games for young kids.  Will you help stimulate the minds of the young children in your life by teaching them to play games? 

If you are looking for a game that will require very little effort on your part but still have great benefits and will be fun for your kids, Candyland should be your game of choice.  This popular game is likely one that you had as a child.  Candyland often serves as a child’s first game. 


Another easy, yet fun game for the young kids in your life is Trouble.  The game of trouble promotes counting skills and can serve as a basis for learning good sportsmanship. 

Chutes and Ladder

Race your kids to the top of the ladder with this popular board game.  Once your kids get the hang of this game, be ready for hours and hours of gaming fun. 

Hi Ho Cherry- O

Sort apples into buckets with your kids as they enjoy this game.  This, too, is often listed as one of the best board game for young kids as it teaches counting skills.  Beware of small pieces that come with this game. 

Don’t Break the Ice

Designed for ages 3-6, this game will intrigue young kids who like to hammer on things.  They will love the challenge of trying not to “break the ice.”

Ants in the Pants

If you are looking to work on your young child’s motor skills, this game is a fun way to make an improvement. The object of this game is to hold down the tail of the ant and let go so it can land in the pants. The ants are also colored which can be helpful in distinguishing what ant belongs to your child. This is a classic game that proves fun for all ages.  It is great for family game time. 

Cat In the Hat

There is a variety of Cat in the Hat games that will help promote the imaginations of the kids in your life.  One example is Cat In the Hat, I can do that.  This game challenges kids to complete tasks such as walking around the chick-a-ma-stick while balancing a book on your head.  This is a great game for preschool students.

If you are looking to stimulate the mind of young kids or give them something else to do other than watching television, consider playing board games with them.  Above are a few of the best board games for kids that promise to provide you and your family with hours of entertainment.  Candyland, Trouble, Don’t Break the Ice and the other games listed will have your kids begging for a daily game time.  Which games will you get for your young kids to play? 

Updated: 02/02/2012, Natasha
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