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Stunning gifts and masterpiece collections from Bradford Exchange are lovely collectibles that can remain cherished in your memories and for a long time to come.

Welcome to Thomas Kinkade Sale – The Christmas Bradford Stores!!

Step into the mesmerizing world of the Christmas Bradford stores, you will find the best ever gifts from the Bradford Exchange and the best artistic products from Thomas Kinkade sale.

Nothing can beat the beautiful craftsmanship of the Bradford editions which generates a touch of Christmas spirit that grabs the heart and grips the eyes. With a sheer touch of the fine arts and intrinsic details, Thomas Kinkade creations continue to be the cynosure of the people who want to buy something unique and extra-ordinary, whether it is an antique replica, state of the art figurine, collectible or a memorable souvenir that will cherish in the heart of their loved ones.

Here are some of the valued pieces and rare items of artistry and aesthetics that I found to be suitable for anyone who has a penchant for art and adores it. Welcome to the wonderful world of Thomas Kinkade, Bradford Exchange Online Stores right here for a selected listings on Christmas.

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THmoas Kinkade Christmas Collectible

Handcrafted Thomas Kinkade The Heart of Christmas Illuminated Table...
The Bradford Exchange

Thomas Kinkade And To All A Good Night Christmas Sculpture by The Bradford Exchange

Thomas Kinkade And To All A Good Night Christmas Sculpture by The B...
The Bradford Exchange

Bradford Ornaments for Christmas


The Bradford Exchange Online is very popular with the Christmas products whether it is a beautiful Christmas ornament, a stunning tabletop centerpiece or a classy Christmas tree. The Bradford editions brings exotic decorative items for your home featuring the unique vision of the acclaimed artist Thomas Kinkade whose work manifests in the most artistic forms f tapestry, wall hangings, centerpieces, musical globes, gift boxes and designer jewelry.

Throughout and over time the fine art and style of Thomas Kinkade has grown to create a sense of aesthetics and beauty in the hearts of collector, all around the globe. The extra-ordinary whimsical and innovative artistry is displayed in the classic paintings. Thomas Kinkade is an expert in catching the mesmerizing scenes on the canvas hailing back from vintage themes and Christmas traditions. You will be able to see through his adorable creations with awe.

Tabletop Tree: Thomas Kinkade O Holy Night Tabletop Tree by The Bradford Exchange

Tabletop Tree: Thomas Kinkade O Holy Night Tabletop Tree by The Bra...

What do you like best from Thomas Kinkade's Collections?

Thomas Kinkade Collectibles


And what better way to capture the spirit of Christmas than with a crystal snowman who displays a glowing, intricately detailed Thomas Kinkade Christmas village in his tummy. There's even a miniature Thomas Kinkade train that circles the base of this festive frosty fellow, sure to delight everyone.

Thomas Kinkade is a master art painter who seizes the perfect moments in time on the musical snow globes, Santa’s creations and Christmas tree. The Christmas collections are so classy and magnificent that it can become a timeless collection of masterpiece collectibles. While shopping, you can easily perceive the traditions it has restores inspired by the nostalgic vintage themes that feature some of his graceful artwork and craftsmanship. Each and every piece is capable of touching the heart and a piece of treasure. Every piece you buy will bring memories of welcoming scenes of healing, scenery and nature. 

Bradford Jewelry and Music Boxes


Stunning piece of jewelry that looks extremely lovely in a medley of gold and silver colors are definitely going to be adored by the person who receives these gifts. Sparkling bracelets and pendants, colorful music boxes will brighten your daughter or wide. The glittering jewelry is an ideal present for Christmas. Music boxes that open up with beautiful melodies are great for your kid and spouse. Bring home the music in a dazzling box; it is definitely going to bring a twinkle in the eye.

Paintings from Thomas Kinkade


Thomas Kinkade is one of the most widely known artists for his paintings. He was also known as the “Painter of light” in the artist world, perhaps because he has the special effect of light on his artwork. The magic of light and colors on his paintings leave his admirers admiring his passion for painting and selection of color palette. He was a true Christian and accomplished modern-day painter who could bring his work in most of the homes in America. No wonder, Kinkade won numerous awards for his art in his life time. You too will not be disappointed by his fine art skills at work

A Merry Little Christmas Tabletop Tree With Sculpted Crimson Cardinals, Ornaments, Lights And Music - By The Bradford Exchange

A Merry Little Christmas Tabletop Tree With Sculpted Crimson Cardin...
The Bradford Exchange

Tabletop Christmas Tree: A Meow-y Christmas To All Tabletop Christmas Tree by The Bradford Exchange

Tabletop Christmas Tree: A Meow-y Christmas To All Tabletop Christm...

Thomas Kinkade Angels and Figurines


The glowing angels that are the messengers of peace are beautifully handcrafted by the artist. You cannot but help watching them again and again. Not only the angel figurines look elegant on a table as centerpiece, they speak for the Xmas traditions and serve as a great inspiration. They are the examples of hope and courage, and they bring smile to your face when you are sad. Lovely little angels stand for universal love and peace, and obviously awesome as Christmas gifts.

Thomas Kinkade Talking Nativity Angel Sculpture With Music And Animation by The Bradford Exchange

Thomas Kinkade Talking Nativity Angel Sculpture With Music And Anim...

Message from the Masterpiece Creations

Stunning panorama of light and ambience, the painter of light is a magician who can recreate a plethora of shades in vivid harmony. The fans get captivated by the artist's imagination and creativity. He captures the spirit of Christmas in blue and white. The candles, the wreath, the Nativity set and the tabletop centerpieces all narrate a story. The colours are so bright that you cannot miss the beauty and magic of Christmas season. The snow clad mountains and snow flakes all remind us of the spirit which is pristine and pure. Reminding us to come out of the obscurity and embrace the humanity without any borders and obstacles.

Thomas Kinkade The Night Before Christmas Illuminated Canvas Print Wall Decor With Narration by The Bradford Exchange

Thomas Kinkade The Night Before Christmas Illuminated Canvas Print Wall Decor With Narration by T...

Through Mr. Kinkade's art, the glow of fiber-optic lighting and the narrative of his voice, this Thomas Kinkade The Night Before Christmas Wall decor illuminated canvas print ce...

The Bradford Exchange

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DerdriuMarriner on 02/15/2023

In particular, my feline sentients appreciate the tabletop Christmas tree that bids us all a "Meow-y Christmas"!

Is it possible that the inventive Kinkade has a feline sentient series, such as perhaps feline sentients around a Thanksgiving turkey or a New Year baby or a Valentine heart or an Easter egg?

WriterArtist on 10/28/2014

@ologsinquito and jptanabe - I love Thomas Kinkade gifts, they are so beautiful.

jptanabe on 12/01/2013

Yes, I love Thomas Kinkade paintings - that light is special. I think I want that music box!

ologsinquito on 11/30/2013

I do like the tabletop tree.

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