Best Easter Gifts for Toddlers

by Tehreem

A collection of cute little easter gifts which will perfectly suit your toddler

Easter is on it way. We know you’ve been busy over the first two months of the New Year and now look forward to relax, refresh and rethink over this upcoming festive occasion. Which is why we’ve brought you a great set of gifts that will enable both you and your little one to take sometime out and enjoy yourselves! Whether it is a Hide N Squeak Egg that allows your toddler to look at Easter eggs as a cute and loud little gift that they can enjoy playing with or the Peter Rabbit Pull Toy that ensures that even if you can’t let them have an actual dog, they have at least one faithful Rabbit friend. All selected gifts will surely keep your child entertained and informed.

Hide N Squeak Eggs

The first adorable Easter gift to give your child this April, would be the Hide N Squeak Eggs; they come in a sunny yellow box and with colorful eggs that make a soft squeaky sound, hidden within crackled shaped eggs, these eggs are a wonderful gift that will not only sound musical but will be sure to delight your child and let them play the Easter Bunny bringing chocolate treats to all- anytime!

The Story of Easter

A truly fun and yet educational gift that you can give your six year old this Easter, would be the Story of Easter by renowned author Thomas Nelson. With pretty little illustrations on every page and the engaging story of the birth of Jesus, the first Easter; all this written as easy, readable text on padded pages that are comfortable for small hands to hold, this is one spectacular gift that will be sure to not only keep your child abreast of the story of Easter and it’s significance today, but is also a sure fire way to ensure that you, their older sibling or even their grandparents or an uncle can help read it to them- in short this is a gift that will keep both you and your child thoroughly occupied this Easter!

Peter Rabbit Wood Pull Toy

A unique and enjoyable Easter toy to gift your child this April would be the Peter Rabbit Wood Pull Toy. It features little Peter Rabbit in his cute little blue shirt, but as a wooden toy that won’t break or stretch but comes with a long white rope that your child can use to let Peter tag along everywhere behind him! The ears are made of soft, cuddly material that can be stroked and pulled on and will be sure to make your child shriek with glee. With body segments that can be twisted and turned in any number of ways, we’re also certain that your child will spend hours amused just playing with his new found friend!

Bathtime Fun Whale Of A Time

This is a colorful and psychedelic present that you can give your child this Easter- it comes as an innovative spin on bathing toys. With a multitude of cups that have various functions such as dripping or sprinkling water we’re sure your child surely laugh and enjoy bath time more than they’ve ever done before!

Child’s First Bible

Writer Kenneth N.Taylor has done something truly marvelous. While most Easter gifts, focus on the more recreational side of the occasion, his Easter treat is more religious. Which is why his Child’s First Bible, that retells the most significant stories in the Bible, such as the Creation of the World to Revelation as well as the mention of some of the best 125 passages lovingly portioned from both the Old Testament and the New one, will be sure to inspire both you and your child to know more about religion. With a lovely, easy to read text as well as some very interesting illustrations we’re sure that both you and your child will soon be well on your way to getting in touch with yet another aspect of this holiday!

Pixy Cubes

A simple little Easter present that just allows both you and your child to take some time, laugh and relax would be Pixy Cubes. They come in any number of flamboyant designs, colors and patterns and need to be reset and recreated the right way in order for either you or your child to win the game and perhaps a little Easter gift- a chocolate egg or so for all your hard work?

Easter Eggs Stickers Activity Book

These stickers come in different shapes and sizes but are all related to Easter one way or another! With cute bunnies in baskets, pink and purple eggs that are ribbon tied, delectable looking chocolate eggs in rush baskets and a whole lot more there’s some motif or the other that will be sure to look attractive and please everyone! Whether you paste it in your child’s scrap book, or on a holiday card to a neighbor or friend we’re certain these stickers will add a festive touch to anything!

Updated: 11/18/2014, Tehreem
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DerdriuMarriner on 04/09/2022

Tehreem, Thank you for practical information, pretty pictures and product lines.
In particular, I like the Peter Rabbit toy because it's friendly, relates to folklore and supports the toddler feeling responsible because of holding onto the string to make sure that the bunny -- and the toddler! -- get where they want to go.

A Child's First Bible and The Story of Easter seem like a winning combination. Would you happen to know which stories are included in the former?

Mira on 03/09/2014

Nice ideas, Valeed! The Pixy Cubes are an excellent gift for young kids. I've always loved toy cubes, and some of them are way too difficult for a young child. The Peter Rabbit toy is also a great idea. I might get one for my niece, who is two and a half. And the Hide N Squeek eggs. :):)

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