Best Funky Headphones for Kids

by Tehreem

Get some superior quality unique headphones for your kids, which will last longer and make your kids look much cooler

So did you just bought your child a new phone Iphone or even the latest Ipad? Or does your child simply want a new pair of headphones? They will crave for headphones which will let them listen to their favorite music while looking super funky. We have got some headphones which won't get tangled round their neck and won’t have strange indiscernible volume sounds. We’re here to offer you a brand new range of headphones that not only look funky- from the Kidz Gear Wired Headphones to the Spiderman Kid Safe Over the Ear Headphones, but they also allow you to listen to great music blasting all around you- with the most ease and comfort you can imagine! So even though it’s no longer Valentines or any special holiday, gift your child one of the most practical presents- a good pair of headphones that come in a variety of colors.

Wired Headphones For Kids

The first vibrant looking pair of headphones we’ll toss your way, would be the Kidz Gear Wired Headphones. This loud, bubbly looking set of headphones comes in a multitude of colors- such as blue, pink or purple- there’s something here to delight both your daughter or son! And unlike the usual, unreliable variety of headphones that may be available to you in most shops, these headphones have a long-lasting guaranteed- they won’t break, fall off or get ruined in any way anytime soon!

Spiderman Kid - the Ear Headphone

A smart and yet stylish pair of headphones would be the Spiderman Kid Safe Over the Ear Headphone(s). It comes in a cool white and red swirly design with Spiderman designed on the headphones themselves. However, while your child may love the sight of their favorite Superhero on their brand new pair of headphones- that’s not all! These headphones are SUPER SUPER loud- designed with a new technology; a Ferrite magnet that delivers music at it’s very booming best!

However, we ensure that it is also safe for your child- the levels at which the music can rise will not prove imperative to your child’s hearing, and hence you can rest in peace, knowing that they are enjoying themselves without causing any harm at the same time!

Monster High - the Ear Headphone

A funky and very girly looking pair of headphones that we’ve got for you, would be the Monster High Kid Safe Over The Ear Headphone(s). It comes with a swirly purple and pink design and a very pretty Barbie design on the actual headphones themselves. With padded ear cups to ensure that your ears never ache or get tired of listening to continuous music, as well as kid friendly technology that assures you that while your child listens to music at the levels they’d like- it never proves bothersome or damaging to their hearing!

Sony Children's Headphones

A very sophisticated set of headphones- and a personal favorite, would be the Sony MDR-222 Children’s Headphones in pink. They come in a mix of subtle pink an black and are suitable in fact, for both teenagers and children alike! With a soft foam padding within the headphones, these ensure that your child never gets bored and is always comfortable and can listen to the songs of their choice in complete ease!


Bravo Wireless Headphone

A very funky and edgy set of headphones that is still very cool and retro at the same time, would be the Bravo View 1H-03A Kid-Friendly Automobile IR Wireless Headphones. They come in a stylish blue, black and yellow mix and are appropriate for both adults and kids because of their neutral and yet classy look. Apart from the usual volume control, there are some added features that come with this pair of headphones, such as an On/Off switch- perfect for when you just want to take a break and yet switch on your music again any time soon! 

They are also adjustable for kids and adults alike, because unlike the usual kids’ earphones that are only suitable for children of a certain age to put on, this pair can be popped on to anyone’s’ ears!

Marvel Avengers - the Ear Headphones

A very unique, new and fresh looking pair of headphones that we’re offering you fresh off the market bandwagon, would be the eKids Marvel Avengers Over The Ear Headphones With Volume Control. They come in a vibrant, strong looking blue and red that both pops out and looks powerful at the same time! With a headband that can be adjusted to fit the ears of adults and kids alike, this is a pair that is perfect for just about everyone! It is 6 feet long and won't fall off or get tangled round your hands and ears, and what’s even better is that it can fit within the minutest of music players and sent great music blasting all round!

Updated: 05/15/2014, Tehreem
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