Best Gifts for 15 & 16 Year Old Boys

by Tehreem

Your young lad who has just turned a teenager, definitely deserves a gift which is best suited to his age.

So your child just turned 15 or 16 and now he needs new toys and gifts that can go with his age and style. And if you are Confused then worry no more because we are right here to present you with the perfect remedy. There are a number of products that we’ve got just for your fifteen year old which will make him stand out at the party or casual soiree or a random get together! These products range from a filigree clasp watch with a metallic shine to a book that will be sure to set your teenage son roaring with laughter over some wrong exam questions to a stereo system that will be sure to have your kid as the highlight of the party and raise his popularity amongst both this friends and the girls!

Men's Chronograph Watch

The first classic men’s watch wear that we’ve got is this Invicta Men’s 1771 Pro Diver Collection Chronograph watch. It is super classy and sleek with a flane fusion crystal that is stainless and will shine in the sun to catch the attention of even the most casual passerby! With a blue dial and a silver tone this is one watch that is sure to match any cuff-links you opt for or any suit that choose to wear, no matter how casual it may be! The watch is also water resistant which means that it won’t get ruined even if it accidentally falls in water and other than that it is also flame resistant and won’t scratch or get dirty easy which makes it ideal for you to wear it whenever an wherever you’d like; be it a party or even a casual get together!

Bold Mens Carbon Bracelet

This is another very sexy gift that will be sure to please many teenagers; would be this carbon stainless steel bracelet. It is made of gold and white and has a filigree clasp that comes with carbon highlights sure to stand out at any party or get together, and will be sure to impress all your son’s friends or make your boyfriend’s day! It also comes in a beautiful little box that will be sure to present the watch in a strikingly elegant and graceful manner- a sure winner as we guarantee!

Portable Stereo Speaker

This is one stereo speaker that will be sure to be the highlight of any teenage boy or girls’ party! It comes with a back lit LED glow that is perfect for those little moments when you just to switch off the lights and dance to some trance music or for even that romantic little moment on it’s own; inevitable in any 16 year old’s high school life! It even comes in a blackish-bluish color that will be certain to come across as distinctive and unique at any party or get together!

Philips Electric Razor

The first brilliant and beautiful looking razor would be this Philips electric razor that comes in a black blue shape and enables you to be able to effectively shave using either a wet gel or else a foam in order for your skin to not simply remain smooth and clean but safe as well from bad cuts and wounds. The razor also allows you to be able to shave with an exacting precision that ensures your man’s chin and beard look clean, smooth and well trimmed.

97 Things to Do Before You Finish High School

This is a fun and challenging book for any senior high school given how it helps you open up and explore lots of fun options you may not have experimented with before; such as home cooking, taking martial arts to defend yourself, how to handle things when you host your first ever drinking party, how to plan for parenthood; advice that is never sadly given to teenagers who may be thinking of taking their relationship to the next step to even other life changing plans such as how to apply for college!

F in Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers

This book will surely set off stressful teenagers and the like into fits of laughter; it contains all the funniest answers to some of the worst exam questions that were answered minus much knowledge or as last minute answers! Examples include ones such as :” Who was Marie Antoniette and what did she do?’ Answer: ‘She headed the French Revolution!’ or on questions such as, ‘How did Alexander the Great die?’ ‘He swallowed the Sphinx!’
This is one book that will be sure to pull your teenage son through days of stress or unhappiness when exams are crowding in on him. All he needs is a bit of humor!

Updated: 06/17/2014, Tehreem
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Mira on 10/11/2014

I liked that stereo speaker the best. Pinning it onto my Gifts for 15-Year-Old Boys board. I'm pinning that bracelet as well.

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