Best Golfing Books to Lower Golf Scores

by landocheese

If you want to lower golf scores when you are out on the course you need to get well rounded lessons on golf that cover every part of the game.

Are You Ready For Lower Golf Scores?

If you are a casual golfer and want to achieve lower golf scores when you're out there on the course the best thing you can do is practice as much as you play and get sound advice on all aspects of the game.

You can only read so many things about how to keep your left arm straight, but if you really attack all facets of the game by reading and practicing these different techniques it will help you to lower your golf score.

There is a wealth of golfing instruction books on the market today, but some are better than others. If you want to get right to the good stuff, here are the golf books that are right at the top of the list that will provide you with well rounded golf instruction.

Harvey Penick's Little Red Book

General Golf Knowledge

If you don't yet have a general golfing book this is the one you should start with. It is chuck full of short golfing lessons that cover everything from how to play golf to how to think on the golf course. The Little Red Book is considered by many to be the must have golfing book and you will find it as entertaining to read as it is instructional.

The Little Red Book was really meant to be just random notes that Penick never intended to become a book but we are glad the book was made. After reading the wise lessons by this long time golf instructor, you will remember these little lessons on the swing, taking the tee, how to prepare mentally, and the full gamut of other golfing topics when you are out on the course.

The Little Red Book is small enough to slip in your golf bag for thoese times when you need a reminder.

Harvey Penick's Little Red Book: Lessons and Teachings from a Lifetime in Golf

THE CLASSIC BOOK OF GOLF WISDOM FROM THE GAME'S GREATEST TEACHER The Little Red Book has become required reading for all players and fans of the game of golf, from beginners ...

$38.23  $24.77

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Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game

Mind Preparation

In Zen Golf, Dr. Joseph Parent will teach you how to approach the mental game of golf. If you have been golfing for any period of time, you know that golf is part physical and part mental, and this mental breakdown is the casue of many an errant shot.

Zen Golf will teach you golf lessons on how to avoid distractions on the course, Dr. Parent, who is a PGA coach and Buddhist instructor, teaches how to prepare for golf, how to set the mind to play, and how to react to the results of your shot so that you can stay focused and in the game.

Few golfers spend the time that they need to be prepared for the mental aspects of the game. Zen Golf will get you there.

Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game

The best players know that golf is a game of confidence, and most important, concentration–the ability to focus and block out distraction. The goal of achieving clear thought ...

Only $16.99

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How I Play Golf

Strategy and Mechanics

How I Play Golf, by Tiger Woods, is one of the best golf strategy and mechanics books ever. You will get great insight into Tiger's view of the game and how he approaches the mechanics needed to be successful playing it. Complete with plenty of pictures to give you a great visual aid into learning, this book will ramp up your game.

Tiger Woods is one of the best golfers of all time for a reason. He takes the course with purpose and plans his performance in advance. Oh yes, and he practices constantly. How I Play Golf will give you valuable nuggets of information to help you think of golf in the same way and provide you with those mental images that help you to make your next shot.

How I Play Golf

For the first time, champion Tiger Woods reveals the five secrets to his amazing success--a combination of physical, metaphysical and psychological practices he uses daily to ...

$29.41  $13.9

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Ben Hogan's Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

Golf Fundamentals

Ben Hogan is one of the greatest golfers of all time, and this book is one of the greatest golfing books of all time. Dating back to 1957, the book is simplistic but concise and focuses on the fundamentals of golf.

Every golfer knows that the key to the execution of a great shot is a consistent golf swing, and Ben Hogan's Five Lessons focuses on aspects of the swing, stance, grip, and posture that are imperative to producing this repetition that you need to achieve your best golf score.

Learn from a master of golf. Perhaps the greatest part of this book is that it is simple to read. You won't feel like you are making something in a chemistry lab that produces a golf swing. It is clearly written and covers everything you need to know about the core fundamentals of golf.

Ben Hogan's Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

You can shoot in the 70's! Ben Hogan has long believed that any golfer with average coordination can learn to break 80 if he applies himself intelligently -- and here, with ...

$12.35  $15.0

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Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Golf

Golf Fitness

You know about the mental and fundamental part of the great game of golf, but how about the physical game? If you have watched some of the greatest players on the tour in recent years you have notices how fitness and strength have become huge assets to their games.

The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Golf aims to get you in the physical shape that you need to perform your best and lower golf scores. Even if you live in a place with a long winter there is something you can do to improve your golf game. Work out and get in shape.

This book will cover everything from flexibility to key strenght exercise that you need to get the most from your golf swing to improve your performance. By adding strength you will find it easier to muscle a ball out of the rough and to hit your drive a little bit longer.

Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Golf

The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Golf is the most comprehensive and up-to-date golf-specific training guide in the world today. It contains descriptions and ...

$14.28  $1.67

Work On Your Total Golf Game

To make the most of your golf instructions and lower golf scores you need to attack from all angles. Add to your golf library know and improve your game.


Updated: 10/25/2011, landocheese
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