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by lobobrandon

The summers are really excruciating and it's so hot that Air conditioning isn't enough. In order to get the air moving you're going to need the best high velocity floor fans...

There are different kinds of fans and Floor fans are one of the most popular. Some of the top brands when it comes to the best High Velocity Floor Fans include: Lasko, Honeywell, Dyson, Holmes and Air King.

Therefore, let's take a look at some of the best floor fans that these manufactures have come up with, their unique features and what they're good for. I'm sure you'd love them all and definitely one of them deserves a place in your home or office.

The Best Lasko Floor Fans

Lasko is renowned for the High Velocity fans that they manufacture and floor fans just happen to be some of their best. These fans are great and possess plenty of amazing features, each of them unique in their own special way. 

Let's just take a look at the top 3 floor fans manufactured by Lasko:

The Lasko 2265QM

As you can see below, the Lasko 2265QM 20-Inch Floor fan is one of the best and tops the charts on Amazon as the highest rated and most sold Floor Fan. Therefore, it deserves to top this list and that's what I've done.

Some of the many features that this amazing Floor fan possesses include:

  • A Sleek Handle - The Floor fan comes along with a sleek and comfy handle that you could use in order to move the fan form one place to another, even switching rooms if necessary.
  • A Grounded Safety plug - Safety has always been the top priority of Lasko and this fan possesses the patented Fused three prong safety plug to ensure your safety.
  • Easy Conversion - It's not just a floor fan, you could also convert it into a wall mount fan.
  • High Velocity Floor Fan - This fan has three speed settings and therefore you're in total control. In addition to speed controls, you would also be able to pivot it in order to receive direct air flow. 

The Lasko 2265QM Floor Fan

Lasko 2265QM 20-Inch Floor/Wall mount...
Only $74.99

The Lasko 2530 40-Inch Elite Wind Tower

The Lasko 2530 surely belongs to the list of the best high velocity floor fans as it's got some amazing features up it's sleeve (Or should I say blade?). The Elite Wind Tower is sleek and has a cool silver metal finish which makes the fan a perfect choice for your home as well as office. 

Some of the features that this fan possesses include:

  • Widespread oscillation - If you're using this floor fan for your office you may not need it to oscillate. But, if you use it at home and there are others in the room you're going to need a fan that oscillates. So, no matter where you intend to use it - it's one of the best available.
  • Three Speeds - The fan is capable of running at three speeds and hence ideal for any situation. 
  • It's really quiet - Do you need a quiet fan in your work environment or maybe in your bedroom? If that's the case, this one is definitely the one you need.
  • A 7.5 hour timer - The fan also boasts of an electric Timer which makes it even better and in addition to the timer the fan comes along with a multi-functional remote control so you can operate it from anywhere in the room.

The Lasko 2530 High Speed Floor Fan

Lasko 2530 Elite Wind Tower Fan

Other Models Similar to the Lasko 2530 Model

Lasko 42-Inch Wind Curve Fan with Remote
$66.99  $62.95
Lasko 4000 Air Stik Ultra-Slim
$24.94  $22.49

The Best Honeywell Floor Fans

Honeywell is really famous in the Electric field and many of their appliance find a permanent place in our homes. Just take a look around and I'm sure you'd have something from them installed in your home as well. 

Honeywell, has come up with some of the best high velocity floor fans and the stats prove that they've been featured well and have high sales too. So, let's just take a look at them and figure out what makes them so special.

The Honeywell HT - 908 High Velocity Floor Fan

The Honeywell HT-908 Floor fan is surely the best Floor fan that Honeywell manufactures and there are plenty of features that make it stand out among the competition.

Some of the main features that this fan possesses include:

  • A removable Grille - No matter which fan you buy, if you maintain it well its performance would be great. But, even the best of fans without the right maintenance would turn out to be awful. Therefore, they have made sure that the protective grille is easy to remove and hence you'd be able to keep it clean.
  • Three Speeds - This model is capable of running at three different speeds viz: low, medium and fast. Even at the lowest speed the fan is really powerful and capable of moving the air over large areas. Therefore, if you use it along with an AC you're saving over 22% of power as the cool air circulates across the entire room.
  • Great Range - As per the specs sheet, the fan has a capability of moving air up to 32 feet. But, for home use this isn't actually necessasry as much less would do. 
  • Cheap - Compared to the other models, they're also cheap and hence you're receiving quality at a much lower price. 

Therefore, the Honeywell HT - 908 model is one of the best high velocity floor fans available. 

The Honeywell HT - 908 Floor Fan

Honeywell HT-908 Whole Room Air Circu...
Only $36.99

Other Models similar to the Honeywell HT - 908

Honeywell HT-904C Tabletop Fan
$16.99  $16.65
Seabreeze 3200-0 Turbo-Aire
Only $89.95

The Best Dyson Floor Fans

Dyson manufactures some of the best Floor fans which are also Pedestal fans which you place on the floor. 

The main feature of these fans is the fact that they don't possess blades and therefore there's absolutely no danger when it comes to homes with young kids. 

The Dyson Floor Fan AM03

The Dyson Floor Fan AM03 is certainly one of the best fans available for home as well as office use. But, with great features there's an increase in price. Therefore, this model is a bit on the higher end price wise. 

Some of the features of this fan include:

  • Power - The Dyson AM03 High velocity floor fan is really powerful and is capable of amplifying the air that passes through it around 18 times and hence causes a cool breeze. 
  • Absence of Blades - Since the model uses the Air Multiplier Technology, there are no blades involved. Instead the air that passes through is amplified.
  • It Rotates - What good is a home floor fan if it doesn't rotate? Unlike most of the other brands and models that rotate just 180 degrees, this fan is capable of a 360 degree rotation and therefore ensures that the entire room is cooled.
  • Height Adjustment - The height of the pedestal can be adjusted and the ring can even be tilted. 

The Dyson AM03 High Velocity Fan

Dyson Pedestal Fan Silver AM03
Only $305.99

Other Models Similar to the Dyson AM03 floor fan

Dyson AM02 tower fan-Silver
Only $234.56
Dyson AM04 hot+cool heater/table fan-...
Only $399.99
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lobobrandon on 08/19/2012

Oh I've seen some cute little fans for the dashboard. I always prefer fans to AC's. No Air conditioning here as well. I loved the Dyson ones as they work without blades! I checked out the video where they explained its working and was surely amazed.

dustytoes on 08/19/2012

Wow, those Dyson floor fans look pretty awesome. Fans are a necessity for those of us without any air conditioning. They have saved my life this summer. It would be great to have a little fan to set inside my car on the dashboard (no AC there either). (A new page for you perhaps?)

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