The Best Large Stuffed Giraffe

by lobobrandon

If you're looking for the best large stuffed giraffe, this is the place to be; because, we've come up with the best based on height - Get the best at a great price as well!

Every little child would love to have a large stuffed giraffe as a pet as for one they're taller than them and this gives makes them feel that the giraffe is really alive and standing besides them.

You'd be able to see them actually bond with the animal and they would be a lot happier having it around. Place it next to their beds at night and you wouldn't have to get up to nightmares and any other kind of frights - so everyone sleeps peacefully.

There are plenty of large stuffed giraffes each of them different sizes. They're manufactured by some of the best toy manufactures such as Melissa and Dough as well as Aurora and many more. Check them out and decide which one would be the best for your home and child.

57 Inch Plush Giraffe

Melissa and Dough are popular for their life sized plush toys and their 57 inch Plush Giraffe is certainly one of the best they've come up with. This large stuffed Giraffe is a great addition to your child's bedroom as they'd love playing with something larger than them. 

Moreover, the giraffe is sturdy and hence it can stand on its own feet. So, if you need to make it stand near your child's crib or bed at night you could easily do so. When you do this make sure that the head is looking at the child as this gives them a comforting feeling. 

Just like any other plush toy, this large giraffe stuffed toy is also cuddly and cute. 

57 Inch Large Stuffed Giraffe

Melissa & Doug Giraffe Plush

31 Inch Large Plush Giraffe

You may already be familiar with the brand name Aurora as they are one of the leading manufactures of Plush toys. They've even come up with a 31 Inch Large Stuffed Giraffe that would be a great addition to your family.

The Giraffe as you can see, is really detailed and the fabric used is top notch to ensure long life. The plush toy is cute and cuddly and your child would love it. Moreover, just like the one above this too has the capability to stand on its own feet. A task really difficult to accomplish with Plush toys.

31 Inch Large Plush Giraffe

Aurora Plush Acacia Giraffe - 31"
Only $48.12

28 Inch Plush Giraffe

We've seen two large stuffed giraffes that had the ability to stand on their own feet, so now let's take a look at a slightly smaller version i.e. 28 inches which sits on the ground. This is another plush toy manufactured by Aurora themselves and is manufactured in the likeness of a real giraffe. 

So, if you want a cute and cuddly toy for your toddler who still crawls, this would be a great model. Maybe your child could even sit on it and go on a ride on this cute Pony (Giraffe Riding!)

25 Inch Large Stuffed Giraffe Standing

Manufactured by Rhode Island Novelty, this Plush Giraffe is capable of standing on its own feet just like the Melissa and Dough and the Aurora Plush Giraffes we've seen earlier. The only difference between them lies in the fact that they're made by different manufactures and they vary in height and of course in price as well. 

25 inches is still quite tall and would make a great gift for your child. So, if you're just looking for a giraffe that stands and one of decent height, this is the one you should opt for. 

21 Inch Stuffed Giraffe

Large Standing Plush Giraffe
Only $29.98

12 Inch Cute Baby Giraffe

This is definitely not a large stuffed giraffe; of course it's stuffed, but 12 inches isn't large. But, if your child really loves giraffes this would make a great addition to the set. Because, it's a baby giraffe and could be the calf of the larger giraffe you buy. 

Since it's small, soft and cuddly it would be a hit among any child and hence makes a great gift. 

Which Size would you prefer?

Since there are plenty of large Stuffed Giraffes to choose from, which would you opt for?

12 Inch Baby Giraffe - It surely is CCC - Cute, Cuddly and Cheap!

Wild Republic Cuddlekin 12" Baby Giraffe
Only $13.99
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lobobrandon on 08/20/2012

It would be perfect for the corner of a living room. Btw I did come across one that was taller than an adult but it was just too big :)

Sheri_Oz on 08/20/2012

I love that really huge one. Think there's one big enough to tower over an adult? That would be a terrific piece to put in the corner of the livingroom, eh?

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