Cute Plush Yorkies and Stuffed Yorkshire Terriers

by happynutritionist

A great collection with BIG pictures of adorable plush Yorkies just for you. Who can resist the cuteness of a Yorkshire Terrier, each introduced with a bit of story telling.

Plush Yorkshire Terrier dog toys are nice for children who are too young for a real pet, or adults who love collecting plush animals and stuffed toys.

As the former owner of a sweet Yorkshire Terrier, and one who hopes to own another one day, I know how dear these dogs are to their owners, and how much we enjoy receiving little things that remind us of our dogs. This is a place to look at and maybe buy cute Yorkie stuffed animals.

We added videos of Yorkies doing tricks just for fun, and share about the dogs in story form. Have fun visiting, let us know whether you have a "real" or plush Yorkie in our short poll, and if you have a moment, sign our guest book.

Image above: This is Aspen, our sweet one who
crossed the Rainbow Bridge in August of 2013.
All Yorkie pages I write are done in her memory.

by Claudia Meydrech a/k/a happynutritionist
New on Wizzley: 9/19/14 - Updated 5/14/18

Yorkie Stories

I thought this would be a fun way to introduce the fur babies on this page

I'd like to tell you about the sweet little dogs on this page, but in an entertaining way.

Enjoy the stories with information about each dog within each story so you know what your getting should you chose to buy one.

If you're in a real hurry, all you have to do is click the image, or the button or title under each image.

Are You Melissa or Doug? A Story about the Two Dogs Above

If I'm Douglas, why do we need a Doug?

Douglas was a well kept little Yorkie. His coloring was so nice that he looked almost real. His coat of fur was VERY soft and evenly cut in what you might call a puppy cut. He stood about 12" tall, quite proud of himself and his looks. "People will surely want to buy me, just look at me!" he thought.

Then one day another Yorkshire Terrier became available on the market. He...or she...was not nearly as polished in appearance.  In fact it was hard to know whether it was a boy or girl dog because it was called a "Melissa and Doug" dog. Douglas was confused and a bit jealous. Why was there a need for another dog named Doug when there was already a Douglas?

Douglas decided to think of the new dog as Melissa to save himself much confusion.

He told everyone that Melissa was a little smaller than he was, measuring 5 x 10.4 x 12 inches and weighed 11.2 ounces, and that she really needed a good grooming to straighten out that hair.

Douglas didn't realize that some people like their dogs to look a little scruffy.

Eventually Douglas and Melissa (who really was Doug but didn't want to disappoint Douglas so kept it a secret) were purchased by the same family and became great friends.


The Fur Baby Who Could Do No Tricks

No matter how hard he tried...about the Yorkie pictured above

Ganz was sitting in the store one day, the place where all plush fur babies wait for someone to come buy them and love them. He thought to himself, "why would anyone buy me, I can't do anything".

Days went by, and he sat and sat, then one day, along came a little girl and her big brother and saw him sitting on the shelf. The boy told his sister "Hey, that's a plush Yorkie! I was just watching videos of Yorkies doing tricks!" He had his smartphone and found a couple of the videos (the ones you can view below) to show his sister.

As he held the phone for his sister to look at the dogs, Ganz was able to see the screen if he really tried, and watched in dismay as the Yorkies did their tricks, realizing there was no way he could ever do anything like that.

But it didn't matter to the little girl, she picked Ganz up, and ran to her mother, asking if she could have Ganz. Mom fell in love with Ganz too, it was then that she discovered something Ganz didn't even know himself, he came with a code to activate an online version of himself!

There was something special about Ganz after all, a little Yorkie that measured 7 x 6 x 10 inches, and he went home with his new family that day, even though he could not do tricks like the Yorkies in the video.

If it's not available now, it will be again sometime
FurReal Teacup Yorkie with bag

The Freeing of the Boxed In Yorkies - Dogs are Meant to be Free!

A story about the two dogs in boxes above

Sugar Book and FurReal did not care that they were cute.

FurReal didn't care that he came with a pet carrier and could make sounds and move his head.

Sugar Book didn't care that she came with postcards and stickers to decorate the postcards with all kinds of sugary treats, or that she came with a pull-out mini poster.

All that Sugar and FurReal cared about was getting out of the boxes they were in! They felt so trapped! Other stuffed dogs were sitting unconfined by boxes on the shelf, but not Sugar Book and FurReal.

Then the happy day came when one, and then the other, was purchased, and released from their boxes, and were cuddled and loved by their new young owners just as little Yorkies should be.


Can You Start a Story for the Two Yorkies Above?

Choose one and give us the first sentence or two that you would use to start your story.
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Yes, I can start a story about the classic Ty Yorkie
RuthCox on 09/19/2014

How do you tell the best of the breed apart from all the rest? Why, it's the "Y" for Yorkie in the "TY" heart that makes us the best of all the rest! Be a clapper for this Yapper!

Yes I can start story about Aurora the 12" bean filled plush Yorkie
Telesto on 09/19/2014

"I'd been a very good Aurora. I'd spent weeks pretending but now it was time for the truth to out."

Aspen the Yorkie

A Pet Health Blog in memory of our Aspen
Do dogs grieve? It has been a while since a new post has been added to this blog. In that time my dear husband passed away, making the simplest of things hard to do. S...
I do more than just posts on this blog. You will also find individual web pages written by me if you look in the right margin for "Pages". The most recent addition is...
We love the beach and just returned from a long weekend close to the Jersey shore (see picture taken by my hubby).  We traveled with our Pomeranian, Happy. She...
Worms, ick, I can't imagine any dog having to deal with worms. We got Aspen as a puppy and made sure to keep close watch on what she ate. When we got Happy this year, ...

The Dog that got Lost in the Snow

About the white dog pictured above

Whitey was unique in the world of Yorkies, with fur that was the whitest white that you had ever seen. There was not a brown or black bit of fur to be found on this dog.

The fur was long, so his owners weren't afraid to let Whitey play outside on cold days.

One cold winter day, it had snowed the night before. When the owners were busy with the virtual version of their plush pet who has a Webkinz pet with a code that allowed the owners to join a virtual world and build a collection of virtual pets, Whitey was able to sneak outside.

Whitey had a wonderful time frolicking in the snow, but when the owners were looking for Whitey, there was nothing to be seen! Whitey was lost in the whiteness of the snow.

Finally after much fun in the snow, Whitey came in, and the children decided that they would include Whitey when they went to look at their virtual Webkinz pets online from then on, especially when there had been a lot of snow.

A Tale of Two Mustaches and the Pretty Pink Diva

About the two above and the one below

Kaelin was small in size for a Yorkie, just 6" tall, but this didn't stop him from challenging 11" tall Miyoni. Both sported handsome mustaches, but little Kaelin thought his was the best. This lead to a competition between the two, and so they needed a pretty girl to sort things out between them.

They chose the "Lady in Pink" (pictured below) to decide which mustache was the most handsome. They made their decision based upon the stylish appearance of this female Yorkie, her unusual pink coloring, and the fact that she was known to be quite the diva! They knew she would be direct and honest with them.

What they didn't expect was that she would become completely distracted by the red bows on their heads. "Why are you worried about mustaches when both of you are wearing red bows? Boys don't wear bows."

Miyoni felt about as small as Kaelin after hearing this, and Kaelin didn't feel much better. They knew when the bows were put on their heads that it just wasn't quite right, so both had worked real hard on their mustaches to bring out their masculine side.

Both Kaelin and Miyoni were humbled, and put in their place, and from that day on, admired each other's mustaches, realizing both had a good reason for wearing them in the first place.

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happynutritionist on 09/24/2014

@Raintree Thank you, I really did have fun telling the stories, after saying goodbye to my Aspen, it felt good to smile about Yorkies again:-)

Raintree on 09/20/2014

Oh this is adorable! Yorkies are gorgeous. I love all the plush dogs and your stories are amazing. Made me want to take them all home :)

happynutritionist on 09/19/2014

Thank you @Sylvestermouse I have never written little stories like that...don't know what came over me but it sure was fun!

Sylvestermouse on 09/19/2014

They are all so adorable! I love all of the little stories you wrote about them.

happynutritionist on 09/19/2014

@RuthCox Haha, yes, let them all go wild :-)

RuthCox on 09/19/2014

Oh, what fun your storytelling for the Yorkie plush animals! I say we release them all from their boxes!

KaitlynDeMetro on 09/19/2014

I first really thought about it when I was watching Candidly Nicole, a reality show featuring Nicole Ritchie. She bought some chickens and they were adorable and she took to this little chicken that got picked on because she was the smallest of the group. It was a fun episode and made me realize how much I want chickens. =P

happynutritionist on 09/19/2014

@KaitlynDeMetro That is why my daughter has them, they lay their eggs everywhere, did so while I was visiting. A couple of them let me pet them :-)

KaitlynDeMetro on 09/19/2014

Jealous! I'm so determined to have chickens someday. They're so cute and although I'm not a vegetarian, I saw a video about how chickens are practically tortured to produce eggs for big stores and supermarkets. I'd much rather raise my own chickens humanely and get eggs that way. Anyway, I'm way off track. But yes I agree, Yorkies are precious.

happynutritionist on 09/19/2014

@KaitlynDeMetro Wow, I just finished publishing and editing this page probably while you were commenting on! You are fast. Isn't that the sweetest thing, how bonded your dog became to a kitten. My daughter lets her 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 4 chickens...yes, I said chickens...all mingle together and they all get along! I would be too concerned about something happening, but she is more relaxed than I am. I have seen a yorkie maltese mix and they are precious. Thanks for visiting!

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