Cute Yorkie Pictures and Yorkshire Terrier Art

by happynutritionist

I took Yorkie puppy and dog pictures from the time our Yorkshire Terrier was born. She was as sweet as can be. We also creatively provided some Yorkie Art.

Meet Aspen the Yorkie, her portrait picture appears below. If you visit a Yorkie site or blog and see this picture, you know it's by us...unless of course someone thinks her picture is cute enough to borrow, but we hope that doesn't happen because it's copyrighted.

Dear Aspen went over the Rainbow Bridge in August of 2013, and though we miss her terribly, this page and some of her other places on the web remain and will always remain in her honor.

We'll share more about Aspen with more pictures on this page, it will be a bitter-sweet journey, but will bring back many delightful memories. At my side as I type is a new rescue, not a Yorkie but a Pomeranian that needed a home.

We hope you enjoy the selection of Yorkshire Terrier photo pictures and art that we have added here.

by Claudia aka happynutritionist
New on Wizzley: July 2011 ~ Updated 5/14/18

Aspen's Portrait Picture

Taken by me
Aspen's Portrait Picture
Aspen's Portrait Picture

Aspen the Yorkie Picture at Birth

Taken one hour after birth

When Aspen was born, she was a tiny little yorkshire terrier puppy.  She was small enough to fit comfortably into a hot dog bun. 

This picture was taken an hour after she was born in March of 1999.  

Aspen was born next door, and had a brother who moved to Florida.  There were one or 2 more puppies born, but in spite of our best efforts, including the man whose hand you see here who is a professional breeder, they did not make it.

This is the only newborn Yorkie puppy picture that I have, taken before there were digital cameras. 

I am adding a series of photographs below from her birth.

Yorkie Weeks After Birth Pictures and Photos

All taken by me
Mom Feeding the Pups
Mom Feeding the Pups
Pretty Mom and Pups
Pretty Mom and Pups
Aspen as the browner nose
Aspen as the browner nose
Puppies at Play
Puppies at Play
Puppies at 6 weeks
Puppies at 6 weeks
Aspen at 10 weeks - ears down
Aspen at 10 weeks - ears down
Aspen at 12 weeks - ears up!
Aspen at 12 weeks - ears up!
Puppies in a Basket
Puppies in a Basket

Aspen the Yorkie didn't know her size, and once chased a bear up a tree

She was a very lucky little Yorkie

This picture of cute black bear cubs was taken one recent summer as they followed their Mom through our yard.  I took this picture out the front door.  But it's not these bears that Aspen chased, Momma Bear would probably not let her get away with that.  It was a mid-sized bear that was at the bird feeder at the side of the house.  My son took Aspen out and didn't know the bear was there, but Aspen spotted it and took off after it barking her yappiest yorkie bark, and up the tree it went, staying there until my son took Aspen in. 

Obviously this was unexpected, and we were very fortunate.  My sister who worked for a large veterinary hospital said that they have a number of dogs come in that have been injured by bears when they have done just what Aspen did.  All it takes is one swipe of the bears foot with those huge claws...and if it's early in the spring and they've come out of hibernation and are very hungry...well...we won't go there:-)

Aspen the Yorkie Sleeps in Bed

She was a much loved and spoiled Yorkie
"Is it time to get up?"
"Is it time to get up?"

Should Dogs Sleep in Bed?

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Aspen sometimes sleeps in bed with us, between our pillows, not like you see her in the picture above.

A Huggable Plush Yorkie Puppy

It's a not real, but real enough to put a smile on your face
Perfect Petzzz Huggable Yorkie Puppy
Only $37.95

What a beautiful Yorkie on the cover!

Aspen wasn't a show dog, her hair was short and curly
The Ultimate Yorkshire Terrier Book: Guide to Caring, Raising, Trai...
$10.55  $5.11

About Yorkies from a Wiki Point of View

from Wikipedia
The Yorkshire Terrier is a small dog breed of terrier type, developed in the 19th century in the historical area of Yorkshire, England to catch rats in clothing mills. The defining features of the breed are its size, to , and its silky blue and tan coat. The breed is nicknamed Yorkie and is placed in the Toy Terrier section of the Terrier Group by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale and in the Toy Group or Companion Group by other kennel clubs, although all agree that the ...

Watch a Cute Yorkie Painted with a Computer Program

Amazing work using a program like Paint?

Photographs of Yorkies

Some pictures may not apply
Meia yorkie
Meia yorkie
Meia yorkie
Meia yorkie
Meia Yorkie
Meia Yorkie
Meia yorkie
Meia yorkie
Meia yorkie
Meia yorkie
Baby Yorkie
Baby Yorkie

This is a Pet Health Blog dedicated to Aspen
Do dogs grieve? It has been a while since a new post has been added to this blog. In that time my dear husband passed away, making the simplest of things hard to do. S...
I do more than just posts on this blog. You will also find individual web pages written by me if you look in the right margin for "Pages". The most recent addition is...
We love the beach and just returned from a long weekend close to the Jersey shore (see picture taken by my hubby).  We traveled with our Pomeranian, Happy. She...
Worms, ick, I can't imagine any dog having to deal with worms. We got Aspen as a puppy and made sure to keep close watch on what she ate. When we got Happy this year, ...

Yorkie Pictures on Cards and Shirts

These are available if you like them
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happynutritionist on 07/16/2015

@DerdruiuMarriner No, Aspen's brother never came back for a visit, but we kept in touch with my former neighbor. She contacted me when her brother passed, which was during the year before Aspen passed. Thank you for your visit, I am in the process of updating this page :-)

DerdriuMarriner on 07/16/2015

happynutritionist, Thank you for such an endearing share. That's quite an adventure about who was scared of whom in the yard adventures of a Yorkie outnumbered by foraging bears! It's nice that it has a happy ending, with nobody getting hurt and predatory bears opting for non-aggression. Did Aspen and her brother see and recognize one another after he moved with your brother to Florida? Is Aspen's brother still alive?

CountryMouseStudio on 01/08/2012

Love the photos and my best friend has two. They are wonderful little guys

BrendaReeves on 01/02/2012

What a cutie and yes, I sleep with my two dogs.

Pinkchic18 on 10/27/2011

So cute! I love yorkies, they are beautiful! And that name, Aspen, is so dang adorable too! I wanted a small dog for the longest time but my husband wanted a hunting buddy so we had to go with a large hunting dog. Sigh - maybe someday.

happynutritionist on 08/06/2011

Thanks aj, we're lucky to have her, too. Thanks for being a fan.

ajgodinho on 08/06/2011

Sweet and adorable Yorkie you have and it's amazing you've had her for so may years now. She is lucky to have you guys in her life!

happynutritionist on 08/05/2011

Aspen and I thank you all...@GrandmaMarilyn, I think our little dogs are such yappy little things when they are excited that it scares even the largest of animals:-)
@ohcaroline they are inclined to be sweet, it's only if they aren't raised right that there's trouble...and Aspen has never even given biting or nipping or snarling a thought! 12 years.
Thanks @Petunia and @Jewels:-)
@lou 16 - how nice of you to share this page!

Thanks all, I think I've stopped by to visit you all:-)

GrandmaMarilyn on 07/31/2011

I loved your pictures. Right now we have chihuahuas. A friend is living with us that has schnauzers. I think Yorkies are so cute and yours is adorable. I know what you mean about them being fearless. I watched my chihuahuas chase a pitbull down the road.

ohcaroline on 07/31/2011

Yorkies are so adorable. They seem to have a very sweet nature. If I ever get another dog, it probably would be a yorkie. Yours is so darned cute!

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