Best of Red Riding Hood Outfits for Halloween

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Red riding outfits for Halloween are a rage, she is the role model for young and old. Watch out big bad wolf because she is more than what you anticipated.

With Halloween just round the corner, you would love to try the best of Red Riding Hood outfits for your daughter and perhaps the werewolf costumes for the boys. Kids love to imitate the character they are fond of. Well, the outfits are certainly a craze for the kids and adults both, and teen girls might also want to try them this year.

However, girls will definitely love the lovely Red Riding Hood outfits because they do undeniably look very charming in them. Halloween is there to explore the novel ideas for costumes and these costumes will certainly look awesome.

The Story of Red Riding Hood


I came to know about the werewolf when I watched a movie of a teenager getting transformed to this image and while he tried to control his emotions, he could see the extra power and popularity the image brought him. He has suddenly become a hero from an ordinary student and he finds himself surrounded by a huge fan. He is trying to come to terms with the new super-powers which also come with some responsibility and issues that he has to learn to deal. I loved the movie and thought that werewolves are generous and have human qualities too, there is no need of fearing these innocent, fierce animals.

 At the same time I recalled one of my favourite story as a kid that I loved and fantasized, “The Little Red Riding Hood” who had a grandma and used to visit her often. The wicked wolf getting into grandma’s disguise was really frightening and it would terrify me making me think that the wolf is a bad creature.

How Red Riding Hood Conquers Evil


The lovely Little Red Riding Hood is a sweet and humble little young girl who often comes to visit her grandma who stays alone in a forest. A wicked wolf wants to gobble the girl and probably the old grandma too, so he makes a plan. He approaches the girl and finds the whereabouts of her grandma and before she knows reaches the house and gobbles the grandmother.

He also disguises as her grandmother and waits for her. When the red riding hood arrives to her grandma’s place, she finds that her grandma looks odd, big and heavy and her voice has also changed. It is rough and dreary. At that time a lumberjack comes to the distressed girl’s rescue, kills the wolf and cuts open the belly. And lo, the grandma emerges unharmed and unscathed. 

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Dark Red Riding Hood Costume X-Large

Which is your preferred costume between werewolf and red riding hood?

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Red riding hood costume
DerdriuMarriner on 09/09/2022

Red riding hood costumes generally do not feel or look scary to me even as werewolf costumes generally do.

Red Riding Hood Costumes for Young and Old

Like all good stories, this story too ends happily. And I am sure the Red riding hood costume is going to entice the girls because not only she is simple and lovely girl, she is brave and courageous too. Girls are no doubt going to love these costumes for Halloween, because it serves as an inspiration wherein they can overpower the big bad Wolf.

Red Riding Hood on YouTube

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Do you like the story of Red Riding Hood?

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DerdriuMarriner on 09/09/2022

The first and the last three costumes are attractive for Red Riding Hood performances as well as for Halloween and Red Riding Hood parties. In particular, the props back up the story, what with the basket and its cover for each of the above four costumes suggesting care for what's inside and its indication of Red Riding Hood loving her grandmother and vice versa.

The Red Riding Hood story numbers among stories remembered from my childhood. The characters all seem brave and generous even as how the wolf acts and talks remains one of my least favorite parts of the story with an otherwise happy beginning and ending.

Mira on 10/07/2014

I really liked the next-to-last girls' costume, and I also find the tale very interesting.

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