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by Tehreem

Choose the best website which is best suited to your content's requirements

At some point in time, we all need some aspect of ourselves to be out there for the whole world to see. In the old days it was through the newspaper,books or something similar. Nowadays, it’s via videos! And we’re not just talking about showcasing your artistic efforts, so everyone can know how well you can make a movie or paint. We’re talking about the kind of work that could really get you noticed- Hollywood style! But for that,you need a reliable video hosting sites that will actually ensure your work gets noticed in the right way, and to the right audience! So read on to discover which video hosting site is just right for you.


YouTube is one of the most popular video hosting and video viewing site on the Internet. The reason it is so perfect is because it’s free and it will cost you absolutely nothing to host your own video- and considering the trouble it’s taken you to create your video in the first place, that’s one perk you could definitely use!

If you’ve just taken your first ever directorial initiative and would like the world to see your efforts, then YouTube is just the place for you to host your movie! With a long-time, faithful community that is ever posting and hosting videos and watching them, your movie will soon become widely heard of!

But it’s not just movie making. Even if you’ve just taken your first ever business venture and have made a video advertising your product, but are not sure if it will reach many people, the keyword search option on Youtube will link your advertising video to the search that has just been made by the other person. Soon your video will be the talk of town!


MySpace is another popular video hosting site that is accessed by millions of people around the world. The unique thing about MySpace, is that while YouTube seems to lend a general air; one where you just post videos and that may well be It- MySpace gives a more personal touch by firstly allowing you to create your own profile, and then posting your video on it- you can even target your desired audience.

If you made a video that advertises fashion wear for fifteen year olds, but you really don’t think it’s something a sixty-something would approve of, then there’s no stopping you from actually only making the video available to those you would like!

Furthurmore, the video that you share on your own profile can be shared or posted by others on their websites- now that bunch of fifteen year old girls will be crying their hearts out in no time, just to buy that beautiful new pair of jeans or heels that your video advertised!


iFilm is one of the oldest movie and video hosting sites on the internet. Although it’s progressed beyond it’s original 1997 scope, the site now allows your best efforts to be posted on it- which means taking both the time and effort to shoot that first artistic efforts, and knowing you’ll reap the benefits!

Because believe it or not, if your film is good enough, now iFilm will be more than willing to air it on it’s Web Junk 20 program! Now everyone will know how passionate you are about movie-making!

Grouper Now Crackle:

One video hosting site that seems to be presenting the lifetime of an opportunity, would be Crackle- formerly known as Grouper. This website allows absolutely anyone to post videos- provded that they follow site policies and that everything happens to be original work.

What is really amazing, is the fact that Crackle is very willing to not only air your best videos on popular social networking sites like Facebook, but for every aspiring movie maker, it actually allows you to win the chance to make it to LA and offer your ideas to Sony producers!

That is IF it happens to be your very best effort! In the word of Mr Feltzer, who is the co-president of Crackle, ‘The reason people work with us is we provide a pathway to Hollywood’.

And it’s true! Who knows when you could soon be on jetting off to the land of dreams and making it as a big time movie director?!

Google Videos

Google Videos is one of the easiest and most well known ways to upload videos of any length and at  any time. Everyone owns a google account, which makes it easier for them to simply be able to access your video on their own profile, even if they cannot do so on the google page itself.

You can also make your videos easy to access via an iPod- if for example, you make a very popular music video, and someone would like to be able to listen to it often- well now they can!

And what’s even better, is that now if you make a music or movie video, people can’t just download it on their ipod or laptops- but they will have to pay for your hard work! So enjoy making plenty of money and still keeping people happy!


Vimeo has consistently been compared to YouTube, and while both are great in their own ways for video hosting and viewing, Vimeo seems to have some benefits over YouTube.

Firstly- when you’re about to upload a video, you want it to be of the best quality so more people watch it, don’t you? Which is why Vimeo allows you to upload HD quality movies and videos- something YouTube sometimes doesn’t allow.

Secondly, Vimeo allows users to be able to download the source video file- which means more viewers for you!, as well as the comfort of users knowing that their comments will remain on your video, even after a replacement.

And last, but not the least, considering all the competition out there, it makes sense to say that you won’t want anyone getting their hands on your creative efforts and ruining it right? Since, that might mean offensive content and your video even being taken down from the site!

Which is why Vimeo allows you to protect your video using a password- now enjoy sharing your videos while your artistic efforts remain visible to the world- without anyone tampering with it!


DailyMotion is a site that gives you full permission to upload or host videos or to comment on videos that are already available on the site.

However, even as you host videos that showcase your work or your best artistic efforts, DailyMotion ensures that neither your work nor anyone else’s comments or work, proves offensive in ways that manifest racial or sexual orientation hatred; pornographic material or anything that incites abuse or any kind of hate.

As such it is also perfect if as a family or a group of friends you would simply like to host videos related to your daily lives or work, on a site that encourages security, respecting others and their privacy and Art all at the same time!

Yahoo Videos

Yahoo Videos offer a very great advantage that many other video hosting sites may not. Yahoo Videos allows videos to not only be hosted- allowing you to post your work, but it also allows videos from other sites to be hunted for as well- which actually means that your work could possibly get more likes and be more searched for now!

Updated: 11/18/2014, Tehreem
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ologsinquito on 01/23/2014

It's so hard to keep up with all of these options, but this article explains what's available. I'm pinning this to My Wizzley Writing Board.

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