Best Remote Control Helicopter for Beginners

by lobobrandon

Flying Helicopters is fun for both Kids as well as Adults. However, when getting started you need a durable helicopter and one that's easy to control - Let's take a look at some.

If you're in search of the best remote control helicopter for beginners, then you've landed in the right place - But, wait! You've still not learnt to fly right?

If you're a beginner, let me warn you - it's addicting! If you still want to continue your dream of flying a toy helicopter, your search should know that there are two types - Indoor and Outdoor helicopters.

When you begin your search, you should find a remote control helicopter that is:

Durable - Whenever you fly a helicopter for the first time, you're surely going to need something that is totally Indestructible! Because, you're definitely going to crash it into walls, furniture, people as well as the floor if it's an indoor model; or, trees, houses, lawns and even hard ground if it's an outdoor model.

Easy to Control - Unless you find a model that is easy to handle, it would surely be really hard to master the art of flying a toy helicopter. Therefore, one of the key factors that you need to search for in a helicopter is: Ease of flight.

Now that we're done with the basics, let's take a look at some of the models suitable for indoor as well as outdoor flying, including specs such as:
Charging time, flight time, max speed, control and various other important specs. Enjoy!

If you've noticed, I've placed this article under Educational toys as you're not only learning to control the helicopter, but flying it will help you understand the basic laws of physics as well.

Best Remote Control Helicopter for Beginners - Indoor Flight

I'd suggest you buy an Indoor helicopter when learning as you don't have to tackle wind turbulence

Flying a helicopter indoors is really fun, provided you're not getting in the way of anyone. However, whenever you're flying a helicopter indoors make sure that the fans are turned off and never fly it near the Air Conditioning ducts - the turbulence may hinder the flight path and the helicopter may end up crashing.

Some common mistakes that people make when they buy a indoor helicopter:

  • Taking it outdoors - I guess people just get carried away and try to take their helicopters outdoors to relish the fact that they're helicopter is actually flying out in the open. But, these models are really light and even a slight breeze could take them off course and you'd find it really hard to regain control of the chopper - which is often not possible as breeze doesn't stop as per your commands.
  • Flying it at low altitudes - Not low altitudes exactly; but, whenever you fly your helicopter indoors make sure to fly it above most of the furniture, because this reduces the chances of it crashing into them. 
  • Bringing on the wrath of parents - Before you let your kids play with helicopters indoor make sure to let them know where they're allowed to fly it and where they aren't. It would be the worst thing if they broke a porcelain vase that you cherish. 

Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter

In my opinion these are the best remote control helicopters for beginners

Control on these helicopters are by far one of the best as you can control the helicopter in various directions including the basic movements: up, down, forward, backward, left and right. Using the transmitter itself you can control all the operations of these helicopters, it contains an alignment trim, an indicator to show you the charge as well as the left and right controls.

These choppers are capable of flying continuously for a time of around 10-12 minutes after being charged for around 25 minutes. you can either charge the chopper using a USB cable or the transmitter. 

Very often while flying we tend to hit the ceiling and the chopper tends to crash, but luckily these ones are really durable and extremely strong - they survive the falls and are fit to fly again. 

The controller is great as it is capable of operating at 2 frequencies. Therefore, if you have two helicopters you could operate them both together - though this isn't what a beginner would want to do. 

Colors vary and you can pick the color you wish to buy.

JXD 4 Ch Indoor Infrared RC Gyroscope Helicopter "Drift King"

You could also consider this to be the best remote control helicopter for beginners - Or at least the second best

There are two models, one of them being red and the other blue - a slight design modification as well. But, they both have the same functionality and features. Also, the cons of both the models are the same. I guess, they were manufactured together and hence there's no improvement on any of them.

They're both perfect other than the landing gear which seems to be a bit weak. This problem can be overcome by landing the helicopter on a bed or any sort of cushioned surface. 

Features of this model:

  • Just as the Syma models, these too give you around 10-12 minutes of flying time after being charged completely. 
  • It's got an infrared remote control - Cool huh?
  • When flying we often find the need of moving it faster in certain areas, that's the reason these models come along with 2 speed options.
  • In addition to the neat features, these models also have a lighting option wherein you can turn the lights on and off using the button on the controls. 
  • The helicopter only has 2 main blades as well as a tail blade.
  • The transmitter needs batteries to run - totally 6 AA batteries.

Syma 3 Channel S013 Mini Infrared Black Hawk RC Helicopter

This is a sort of military helicopter for indoor flight

Even though this helicopter may look cool, it's not the best one out there. However, it is the cheapest on my list - it's one of the best, but not exactly what one would want. Nevertheless, if you're looking for one on a lower budget - this is a great buy. 

The main problem with this helicopter isn't its quality and durability, but the problem lies in the controls. You can easily trim it to stop it from spinning; but, the moment you turn it either right or left, it begins spinning again. 

The model is great for indoor flight in the absence of wind turbulence and possess 360 degree control options. Another point to note when buying this model is the fact that - you can't choose colors. They ship the next model in queue. So you'll either end up with Dark Green, Desert Tan or Camo models. But, all these three colors are superb in my opinion.

The helicopter is small and fits in the palm of your hand. So, if you've got a small child below 7 years of age, this one would be the right choice for them, because even if this model happens to bang into something delicate, the chances of damage are negligible. Note that it requires 8 AA batteries to run.

If you need to buy a gift for someone, this would be a great buy - the flight is great other than one single problem which could be adjusted. So, if you're looking for an affordable gift - this is it.

Viefly 3 Channel RC Military Gyro Mini Indoor Helicopter

Nothing special, but it's one of the best remote control helicopter for beginners

This helicopter model is really well built and is detailed too. It's a ,military helicopter and surely does look like one. The model comes along with an in built gyroscope and unlike most of the other models that you'd find this one actually works, therefore the entire chopper is balanced and stable to control.

Charging can be done the conventional way or through a USB port! This is what you call a modern chopper. The charge lasts for around 8-12 minutes on average when it's charged completely.

Most of the helicopter that you buy, the yaw has to be adjusted frequently, after every flight in most cases. However, this model is exceptional in this case and maintains a level flight. 


Best Remote Control Helicopter for Beginners - Outdoor Flight

If you're up for a challenge then these would be a perfect choice

Usually, when people are learning to fly a helicopter, they want the easiest way out. But, what better way to learn than taking on the element of wind as well? So, if at all you're up for the challenge, you should opt for an outdoor helicopter.

Also, many people tend to use their indoor helicopters outdoors once they've learnt to fly their helicopters; however, that isn't possible as the chopper would be blown away. But, helicopters meant for outdoor flight are heavier and hence stable in a bit of breeze. 

Another fact about outdoor RC helicopters are more expensive than the indoor models, because they have to be heavier, yet stable and capable of flight.

3.5-Ch Metal Outdoor RC Helicopter S032

Capable of both Outdoor as well as Indoor flight

This helicopter is awesome! It's strong and durable, crashing it plenty of times never made it faulty not did the body get any damages. The Gyro works and that was a relief as on most of the other models, they simply don't. 

There are times when you feel the need to yaw it by hand, that's when you'd notice the blades slow down in order to stabilize the chopper. Flying the chopper outdoors is really amazing! It's holds steady and is under total control of the transmitter. 

Time of flight is around 10 minutes when flown outdoors and 15 minutes when flown indoors. When charging the battery, the time needed is a bit less than half an hour.

However, one problem that you may notice is the lack of maneuverability when flying in the reverse direction. Another point to note about this model is the manual - I guess it's translated from Chinese by a bad translator.


Co-axial Remote Control Rc Helicopter w/ Built in Gyro

This is one of the best remote control helicopters for beginners when it comes to outdoor flight; because, it's really easy to control and a learner would be able to control it without the need of the instruction manual. 

The helicopter is basically a metal model and hence it's heavy enough to take on moderate winds - never fly the helicopter in a storm though (I'm sure no one is stupid enough to even try). The batteries can be changed, so if you want to play for more than 15 minutes at a stretch, you could buy an extra battery and charge it up. 

Forward flight isn't that good, but the problem could be fixed by adding another tail rotor - not a difficult task to accomplish. 

A helicopter for a lifetime - Suits you when you're learning as well as when you master the controls

Blade mCX2 RTF - A bit pricey but is one of the best remote control helicopter for beginners as well as pros

Usually, when people are learning to control their first RC helicopter, they tend to buy the cheaper models and then when they've perfected their skills switch over to the pro versions. However, this model is both durable and easy to learn on. It's got all the features to make it stand out as being the best - no matter whether you're new or a pro flyer.

Crashes don't tend to spoil the fun, parts don't break as they're made for that particular reason - accidents. The manufacturers see to it that only the best is delivered to you, they test each model before packing it up for shipment. 

The swashplate is amazing! You can control the settings as per your preference. It has a gyro and therefore the helicopter stabilizes its self easily and hence makes it easier for the controller. In addition to the cool features, this model also has flashing LED lights and a sleek body. 

Most models have 3 channels, but this one comes with 4 channels and therefore you can fly it like a real chopper in various directions! 

A disadvantage of this model is that it's light weight and can't be flown outdoors. Maybe you could try in 0 wind conditions. But, I'd not risk that myself. 

Amongst the best remote control helicopter for beginners you'd have to choose the one that suits you best. No single chopper can be stated as the best, because each of them lacks in a few features that the other doesn't possess. 

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lobobrandon on 06/26/2012

Also Katie, when you buy these at stores they tend to cost $120 whereas buying online was just $20. A huge difference, I've never come across such a big difference before.

katiem2 on 06/26/2012

This is important to know. I bought my daughter two in the past year, I bought them on a whim at the store while out shopping. Both fell a part of just quit working. It's important to know what you're buying when you buy remote control helicopters. Thanks :) K

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