Best Scooters for Toddlers

by Tehreem

Get your toddler the best scooter, which is not only safe but also fun to ride on

Every child loves a good scooter. Scooter enables your child to learn how to ride in a safe and easy way at an early age. However, as always, there are some features that only the best scooters possess, and make both you and your child happy and comfortable. To begin with, a scooter should be the kind that a child can easily sit on minus any falling- it should also let the child sit on it, without feeling that he/she is too high or that it feels heavy close to his/her legs. Choose a scooter that is stable; a four wheel scooter for instance, will allow your child to easily balance himself without falling or worse, hurting himself. And, since your child is bound to grow up it will be sensible on your part to purchase a scooter that is both easy to steer and adjustable; why waste money buying another as your child grows, when you can simply buy one that caters to your child’s growing height? Lastly, going for a foldable scooter is highly recommendable, as it will save you space

Mini Micro Scooter with T-bar Handle

The first scooter we’ve got for your child is a lovely black and blue one that is called the Mini Micro Scooter with T-Ban Handle. It’s lightweight and attractive and allows your child to ride in safety and ease with a steering mechanism that allows him to ride all the way out by himself- without your help! And whats’ even better is that it’s long-lasting.

Guaranteed to last for over three years, till your child turns five, this is an adjustable scooter that adapts to both your growing child’s height and weight, so you never have to worry about him complaining, or thinking about how pricey it will be to invest in a brand new one!

Ybike Glider- Deluxe Scooter

A great little scooter that’s amazing for kids who are still too small to ride big scooters and balance themselves on it, would be the Y-Bike Glider Deluxe Scooter in Black and Green.

It comes with a ribbed deck that allows your child to easily keep his foot and balance on it and is strong enough to keep your child stable on it, as he glides away across the park! And with large wheels that do not skid, this is one perfect scooter for ensuring that your child is always safely riding his scooter at all times!

Radio Flyer My 1st Scooter

An attractive looking scooter that is suitable for both boys and girls would be the Radio Flyer My Ist Scooter Red scooter. It comes in a bright red and grey shade, and with a tapered base ensures that your child safely stays on course without losing his grip. With two wheels in the front that ensure your child can cautiously and stably steer on his own, as well as never lose their balance, this is one scooter you should definitely look into!

Razor Lil Kick Scooter

A beautiful looking scooter that your little girl will surely enjoy, would be the Razor Lil Kick Scooter. This would be every little princess’s dream come true. It has Razor printed on the front bar and adorable looking pink and white spotted back and front wheels. With a strong, hardy steel frame this is cute little scooter will never bend before rain or wind and with larger wheels that will never get stuck in dirt or mud, and that are perfect for riding on large, long surfaces, this is one scooter you should definitely gift her! This scooter has a low deck which she can easily and comfortably ride on. This is one bike she won’t outgrow!

Kettler Prinzessin Height-Adjustable Scooter

Another bike to look for your daughter, would be the Kettler Scooter Prinzessin Height Adjustable Scooter. It comes in a strong shade of purple, which is most definitely meant for her who is a strong leader, as well as light purple wheels that are big in the front to provide an easy grip, an low in the back to provide stability.

With a rear foot handle, she can also stop anytime she’d like or right before she actually would have fallen off from any other bike! With 8 handlebar adjustments, this is also one great little bike that lets’ your daughter change position anytime she’d like and turn any direction she’d like!

Radio Flyer Little Red Scooter

It comes with two added, and unexpected features- a working bell to let you know, whenever your child is coming through or simply excitedly announce their arrival wherever they go. With a wooden platform for your child to place their feet on, this is one scooter they’ll surely never be slipping on!

The scooter is made of solid steel that will allow safe and stable passage to even the wildest of kids. This is one scooter that’s every child’s dream!

Updated: 10/17/2014, Tehreem
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Mira on 10/17/2014

Pinning some of these :)

Mira on 02/03/2014

I've seen adults on such things too. They must be lots of fun! It certainly looked like it :)

VioletteRose on 02/02/2014

They look nice!

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