Best Tanning Lotion For Tanning Beds

by LizzyHannah

For the deepest, darkest tan possible, these tanning lotions are the best for tanning beds.

Tanning in a tanning bed enables you to achieve a great looking tan in a short amount of time. Using a good tanning lotion accelerates your progress and your tan. There are many kinds of lotions to choose from and it is important to decide what you are looking for in a tanning lotion before making your final purchase.

Designer Skin Worship Me

Best Tanning Lotion with Bronzer and Accelerator

From Designer Skin comes Worship Me. The great tanning lotion in the cool looking bottle.

Worship Me contains accelerators to enhance your tanning session and bronzers to achieve a beautiful tan that doesn't look fake. The result of these combined additives is a deep dark tan.

While you are tanning, you will enjoy the tropical sugar fragrance of this lotion.

Australian Gold Sinfully Black 15X

Best Tanning Lotion with Bronzer and Moisturizer

From the ever popular Australian Gold collection, Sinfully Black 15X is another great tanning lotion from this company.

Hemp seed oil is added to Sinfully Black and acts as a natural moisturizer to keep your skin soft while tanning. Other additives with moisturizing benefits include kukui nut oil, sunflower oil and vitamins.

The fragrance of this lotion is called temptuous berry, so you'll smell delicious after tanning.

Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond Tingle

Best Tingle Tanning Lotion

I've always been a fan of Swedish Beauty tanning lotions. These tanning lotions quickly give you a beautiful color tan that isn't orangey.

Pink Diamond has a gentle tingle that works by increasing the activity of the tanning cells in your body.

While tanning, you will enjoy the green citrus fragrance of this lotion.

Millenium Paint It Black 50X

Best Bronzing, Accelerating and Skin Firming Tanning Lotion

New from Millenium, Paint it Black 50X is quickly becoming a favorite tanning lotion for indoor and outdoor tanners.

Paint it Black contains an accelerator, bronzer, a silicone emulsion for firmer skin and a moisturizer that keeps working all day for softer, smoother skin.

You'll also enjoy the cotton blossom fragrance that lingers on your skin throughout the day.




How To Decide Which Lotion is Right For You

Before buying your tanning bed lotion, decide what exactly you are looking for in a lotion. Questions to ask yourself include:

Do I want an accelerator?

Do I want a bronzer?

Do I want a tingle lotion?

Do I want a moisturizer in my lotion?

After deciding what you want in a lotion, choose one that meets all of your requirements. Here is a breakdown of the best tanning bed lotions:

Worship Me has a bronzer and an accelerator.

Sinfully Black 15x has a moisturizer and a bronzer.

Swedish Beauty Pink Diamond has a tingle.

Paint it Black 50x has a bronzer, accelerator and a skin firmer.

Updated: 05/12/2012, LizzyHannah
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