Review For Thomas The Train TrackMaster Maron Station Starter Set

by VioletteRose

If you are looking for the best toddler toys as a gift for Christmas, birthdays or other celebrations, here is a suggestion which will never disappoint either you or your toddler!

There is a general belief that boys and girls of even same age prefer different toys. This seems to be true sometimes, but not always. There are toys that can entertain both girls and boys alike, and here is the review for one such toy. I am talking about nothing other than the popular Thomas and Friends train set for kids.

If you already have the starter set, see how you can use other related products along with the starter set to have maximum fun!

Thomas The Train TrackMaster Maron Station Starter Set

This train set is one of the best toys I ever bought. I purchased it for my first child's third birthday. Needless to say, he loved it from the moment he saw it. It was so easy to assemble, and his dad played with him while I captured his excitement and happiness in my camera. I was so thrilled to see both of them playing together and enjoying the day. My son's excitement for his new train set didn't fade soon after, rather it increased everyday and he enjoyed playing it while he was with his friends or when he was alone.


The Starter set comes with the motorized Thomas train, the train station and a complete track layout. You need to get a 1 AA battery for the train. This is a perfect train set for beginners and it is very easy to assemble. In fact, the starter set of Thomas The Train is one of the best toys to engage toddlers when you are inside home, especially if they like toy trains. But I really do not know any kids who do not like trains. When we visited my cousin's home, we took this train set for his children as well and they too loved it! It was wonderful to watch all the kids playing together. One of the kids was eight years old and he was also too excited to play with it, which proves kids do not get bored of this any time soon.

Initially, I was not very sure whether girls would also love this train set. But to my surprise, my cousin's daughter who is the same age of my son too loved playing with this! Later I could see myself that all the girls who I saw playing with this, loved it just like the boys.

This toy is also a suitable gift for toddlers, for any occasion be it birthday or new year or Christmas or whatever time,  as I am sure this train set will never fail to impress the young ones. 

You can also get more trains and extensions for this existing starter set, which is very much compatible and can be connected together in many different ways. After one more year, at 4 years of age my son still loves his train set and even bring it for playing when other kids come to our home.

Endless Fun For Hours

The Starter set is compatible with all TrackMaster track sets. I highly recommend buying the TrackMaster Deluxe Expansion Track Pack for Thomas The Train and the TrackMaster Flexi Track Pack, along with the starter set for unlimited fun!

Below you can see the products that I bought along with the Thomas Starter Set. These are great to play together as they give kids endless possibilities of entertainment, by allowing them to connect the tracks in many different ways. We actually have two of the TrackMaster Deluxe Expansion Track Pack along with the Flexi track packs and Victor The Talking Train, so that there are a number of tracks. Kids enjoy connecting them and sending trains together at the same time in different directions.

I also think this toy can help the little ones to develop fine motor skills and also imagination, as I noticed my toddler planning and deciding the different paths each train has to take. You can imagine how fun it would be to play with so many different tracks and more trains!

Thomas the Train: TrackMaster Deluxe Expansion Track Pack

Thomas the Train: TrackMaster Deluxe ...

The Deluxe Expansion Track Pack comes with 32 pieces and it allows the engines to go up and down the hills. They are very much compatible together which give the kids so many choices to design the track layouts in many different ways!

Thomas the Train: Trackmaster Flexi Track Pack

Thomas the Train: Trackmaster Flexi T...

The flexi track pack is very much helpful to connect the additional tracks in a flexible manner including curved track layouts. It comes with 28 pieces.

Victor And Henry The Talking Trains

Victor and Henry, the talking trains can be greatest additions to the Thomas train set!

Do you think Thomas The Train: TrackMaster Maron Station Starter Set will be a great gift for toddlers?

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VioletteRose on 08/26/2014

Thanks Derdriu :)

DerdriuMarriner on 08/22/2014

VioletteRose, The Railway Series with Thomas the Tank Engine is an enchanting series, and a train set is such an important gift in childhood. So it's the best of the best to combine them into a Thomas train set. Nice memories!

VioletteRose on 08/22/2014

Thanks ologsinquito :) That must have been a wonderful time for you two!

ologsinquito on 08/20/2014

My little boy used to love the Thomas the Tank Engine series. This brings back some good memories.

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