Best Toys for Christmas That are Reasonably Priced

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The annual launch of toys for Christmas 2013 has already taken off. The pumpkins are still on the field and the Halloween hasn’t even set in, yet we see many retail show owners of

The big day of Christmas is celebrated annually with a big crowd all over the world, one can see the entire country - rural and urban stocking up. Everything inclusive of finest and artistic line of collectible toys, latest and greatest educational toys and cute cuddly stuffed toys, the city shops are getting ready for the customers. They are in a frenzy of showcasing everything that is capable of making you a merry Christmas holiday celebration. Toys’R Us has come up with its 10 top toy list for Christmas and others are not lagging behind.

Christmas is in the air – you can sniff it. The annual kick-off for the Christmas season, where many toy retailers get to sell 50% of the total year’s sales is an important time of the year. Traditionally, Halloween and Thanksgiving make up for the diminishing profits and the slowdown; however; shopkeepers are not ready to wait that long. For most of them Christmas is where the crowds are headed to, frantic parents searching for the right toy for their kid.

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Little People Christmas on Main Street

Little People Christmas on Main Street

Christmas is the Time for Hunting Top Rated Kids Toys Again

Oh! How I wish I could I travel back on the memory lane and become a kid again.  Christmas time is full of fun for the kids with toys galore.  A game of chess, snakes and ladder, Ludo,  rocking and riding on a toy horse or hitch hiking a ride on a pony  is  fun, frolic and amusement.  Better still- is a ride on a micro scooter enjoying the cool breeze on a sun filled morning. Markets are awash with toys vying with each other to grab consumer’s eyeballs. Burgeoning toys market is giving a tough time to parents to decide which the best toy is for their kid.  Toy makers are going all the way to ensure a place for the hottest toys for kids this Christmas.


With the world going high tech., children are going to have more fun than the grownups with the latest in toys and video games that are waiting to be launched in this Christmas .It is the this time of the year when the buzz is on the supermarkets and malls competing to grab a share of huge toy market when the parents struggle to find the best bargains for their toddlers and teenagers.

Tips for Parents

Toys That do Not Cut Pockets

Parents are back again on holiday toy hunting which can sometimes prove to be a daunting task. It can be overwhelming even for the greatest shopaholics who enjoy shopping till they drop dead. Absolutely you want to take the guess work out of shopping and zero in on what is hot and best for the kids that they will instantly be love at first sight.

You can opt for toys that make a lot of rattle and random noise for tiny tots, figuratively and literally or go for the soft melodious tunes of a rocking musical toy. How about the plush crooners who sing in harmony and are a delight for the young kids. You can also go for pillow pets, it is quite interesting to see that with a tug on their Velcro they can quickly transform from an animal to pillow, thus increasing the level of enthusiasm from low to high for the younger generation. 

Which Toys to Buy for Boys and Girls?

Buy Distinct Toys for Boys and Girls

As per the prediction, it is Lego again that will continue to dominate the top toys for Christmas 2013 with around 50% of its toys sales targeted for Christmas this year. Disney characters are another favorite of kids, what with Dance star Mickey Mouse moon-walking his aisle with big jump in sales and flying off the toy-stores to the arms of his favorite kids.

Girl toys like toy trolley and Wisteria’s doll houses will continue to charm the girls as usual along with breathtaking construction of awesome dollhouses.

Squinkies is a big favorite among the toddlers and girls with the popular Disney princess and the Disney’s most popular animated characters. Girls like teddy bears, dolls, dollhouses and can do with pretty Christmas elves and Santa’s reindeer.


Boys are boys. They will definitely love a speeding car or galloping in a pony that will give a reason for their neighbor for envy. How about getting the Fast Lane Wildfire remote control trucks, the super speed train-set and the Imaginex Bigfoot the Monster animated action figure for this festive winter season?

You would better plan and shop ahead of the Christmas rush, otherwise you could easily get lost in the  maze engulfing the toys world and toy shoppers.

While purchasing toys for Christmas what are the features you are looking for?

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Christmas Animated Symphony of Bells

Music Box
Christmas Animated Symphony Of Bells Music Box
Wind & Weather®

Christmas Toys 2013 on YouTube

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DerdriuMarriner on 08/20/2022

WriterArtist, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.

In particular, I appreciate the train sets. But I also like the animated Christmas bells symphony and the retro red car as greeting card, magnet and wrapping paper.

It's so helpful to have these timeless suggestions, particularly when one does anniversary, birthday, holiday shopping early, in July and August ;-D!

One drawback to early shopping would be the possible lack of Christmas-design wrapping papers, such as the enticing retro red car pattern that you include. It wouldn't be a problem if one didn't mind accumulating presents early but not wrapping them until the Christmas season.

But what would one who likes to have everything bought and wrapped in advance do? There would probably be wrapping paper in Christmas colors, just perhaps maybe not that shiny texture, right?

WriterArtist on 11/08/2016

Mira - I am glad you liked the toys. Toys bring happiness and Christmas is one such occasion where kids could enjoy the holidays and the celebrations more.

Mira on 10/29/2014

These are wonderful toys. I think they can bring a lot of magic to the celebration of Christmas. Really like them. Pinning

WriterArtist on 10/19/2014

@younghopes - They are lovely and kids are definitely going to love them.

younghopes on 09/24/2013

Wow so cute toys, i am sure people would love to buy these

WriterArtist on 09/24/2013

Hi Tolovaj - I love kid's toys that are creative, some of them are so good, I wish I was a kid.

WriterArtist on 09/24/2013

Hi ologsinquito - I have always admired the many variations of Nativity set, they are simple and yet so beautiful. I feel that I am transported to a different era altogether.

Tolovaj on 09/22/2013

I am always in the mood for toys;)

ologsinquito on 09/21/2013

The little Lego Nativity set is so cute. I didn't even know this existed in Legos.

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