Cute Theme of Outer Space Rooms for Kids

by WriterArtist

Outer space, glowing stars, spaceships and aliens, they are just not the subjects that fascinate astronomers, kids love to have cute themes of outer space rooms too.

Outer space room for kids is a classic idea and you can bring in all the elements of the enormous universe to create the theme that can be as unique as can be. Think of the sun, the moon and the entire solar system that can make the room a home to all the nine planets including earth. Or you can house a spaceship that has the entire Star Trek crew. Or perhaps, you want the “Andromeda” galaxy as the focal point of the room. Black holes or aliens anything that captures your kid’s imagination can be put into action.

Many years ago when I was a kid, we lived in a rented house that had two bed-rooms which had to be shared with my siblings. I dreamt of sleeping in a room that had sky on the roof and the twinkling stars passing by. Though at that time it was not possible to recreate the outer space in the bedroom, now it is the limits of your own imagination and creativity that can possibly limit the space theme room décor.

I loved sleeping on the open terrace in the summer with the cool breeze putting us to sleep with the slow rhythm of a nightingale and a seldom screech from the owl. I would count the stars while the moon shined throughout the night making the dark sky less fearsome. I would also dream of an angel descending from the dark blue silhouette of the sky who would obviously fulfill my wish of traveling beyond the stars dream.

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Space Decor with Wallpaper


A blue ceiling twinkling with stars or a dark blue sky with a rocket and the astronaut heading to a distant galaxy is an amazing way to interest kids. You can create your own bedtime story of the astronaut exploring the space to encounter aliens and the many space adventures along the way. Wallpapers can help create your own whimsical panorama of outer space with a galaxy comprising of sun, stars, black holes, meteors and any other space characters. These wall decals can be repositioned, removed and reused. Whenever you want a new adventure, try something new and reinvent your story with the wall decals.


You have a huge assortment of wall decals with variety of designs that can be stuck not only on the ceiling but also on the four adjacent walls. You really don’t want to overdo so use two opposite facing walls that are clearly visible while sleeping. Align the bed and jump on the spaceship at night to take off the virtual tour to space.

Outer Space Decor on eBay

Changing the Space Themed Room as Kids Grow


Life is all about change and the kids love changes too. When your kid is small, a ceiling that is full of stars may be quite fascinating. However, as the kid becomes older, add or remove things that become outdated. For example, toddlers find the glowing stars very exciting, if you have something that glows in the dark and not too distracting, add it in their room.

Likewise toys and furniture needs to be upgraded through the growing stages of life. The room should reflect the temperament and dispositions of the child as it transcends from infant, toddler to teen.


Which is your favourite theme for room decor?

Outer Space Decor for Bedroom

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Do You Love Space Theme Bedroom for Kids?

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DerdriuMarriner on 08/22/2022

WriterArtist, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.

In particular, I appreciate how your selection actually works through many age groups. In fact, I can see the first, humorous decals in an adult walk-in closet. Who does not discard a disappointing day upon seeing them on the wall?

You offer such an appealing mixture of adventure and humor, fact and fantasy.

WriterArtist on 09/03/2013

Tolovaj - The different shades of blue are one of my favourites for decor.

Tolovaj on 07/22/2013

Sure, love the colorful lights coming from stars and deep blue is great for cooling down.

WriterArtist on 06/19/2013

Dear Audreylai,
I love Disney characters too, for a small kid they look fantastic. The space theme might be better for older kids but I see even the smaller ones enjoy the twinkling stars. Toddlers love to watch things glowing in the dark.

audreylai on 06/19/2013

With a young kid, I think I will go with Disney characters. If it is a slightly older child, then a space theme would be nice then.

WriterArtist on 06/18/2013

Yep - AnomalousArtist.
Adults love the space themed rooms too.

AnomalousArtist on 06/13/2013

I'd have loved these as a kid...or maybe even as an adult-kid :)

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