Why Lift Top Coffee Tables are Best?

by WriterArtist

Contemporary lift top coffee tables are designed to appear chic and trendy taking less space and ability to retrieve the shoved away things.

For all coffee lovers in the world, there is no better beverage to start the morning than a hot cup of coffee full of flavor and aroma of the green coffee plantations on one of the designer lift top coffee tables in your room for comfort and ease. Coffee has remained one of the most popular hot drinks that can be taken any time in the day and any part of the world.

In that case why not drink coffee in the stylish lift top coffee tables?

Cocktail tables come in many forms and vary in the type of material used. Oak and birch are the common robust high quality wood materials utilized mainly for furniture. The finish is smooth giving the warmth and classy touch of any wooden design. Wood is a preferred material in homes and used in interiors for generations.

When I am selecting a furniture piece, I usually look for strength and durability, the required wooden furniture ought to look classic, modern and it should blend with the other items in the room such as the bed, doors and other décor items. A great coffee table with glass-top can look stunning in the patio whereas a chic, modern design can match the aesthetics of a bedroom.

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Lift Top Cocktail Table in Cream and Walnut


 A stunning centerpiece coffee table that looks astounding for Christmas and Halloween parties and matching to the surroundings is a “Must to have” amenity. The antique and vintage touch of this cream table draws attention immediately. A completely stand out – masterpiece that goes beautifully with the interiors. The dimensions are adequate to accommodate magazines and books, and the table is quite spacious with roomy drawers. Enjoy your favourite cup of coffee or hot chocolate in a cool winter evening along with your family and friends.

Unique Coffee Table with Chairs

Unique Coffee Table with Chairs
Unique Coffee Table with Chairs

Why Lift Top Coffee Tables?


Traditional tables generally come with wooden tops in rectangular and round shapes; contemporary patterns have wider ranges of oval, round and many other shapes and forms. The modern tables can come in surprising designs with inspirational tabletop designs, angles and carvings resembling a sculpture using striking geometry.

Unique designs can be made today with the modern technology and a simple shape can give an appearance of complex design. Patterns range from casual, simple and classy to traditional looks.

Nothing like a cool coffee table that has a plenty of storage space for morning chat and evening coffee sessions.

Lift-Top Coffee Tables on eBay

Features of Lift-Top Coffee Tables



Worried about the clutter?

Organize your room with the lift-tops, you can now keep your room neat with these designer tables. Tuck your notebooks, magazines, stationery, laptop, pens and other stuff inside the storage area. Moreover, they are handy, just lift the top and retrieve the items whenever you need.

The round, beveled tabletop hide the storage box; no one ever comes to know about it when it is shut. Moreover if you take sufficiently large size, small ottomans can fit perfectly underneath it. A smartly designed tabletop maximizes space to the extent possible, while still permitting you to offer extra seating arrangements when unexpected guests stop by.

A lift-top coffee table featuring a beautiful parquet pattern can look awesome. Organize many coffee and cocktail parties with these handsome yet simple and angular designs that make coffee experience a unique one.


Do You Think Coffee Table with Storage are Better?

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Yes - Great for organizing, hiding and decluttering.
DerdriuMarriner on 08/12/2022

Me too, I appreciate two-in-one uses and transitions from getting some work done with a laptop on the lift-top to -- without having to move around putting things away or moving elsewhere -- having coffee with family and friends.

ologsinquito on 07/12/2013

Those tree stumps certainly do make an interesting arrangement. These lift-tops would be great in a family room where you sit, drink coffee and play board games. They would help improve your posture on the board games, so you don't have to lean over.

Lift-Top Coffee Tables from YouTube

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Are Lift Top Coffee Tables Good for Space Constrained?

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DerdriuMarriner on 08/12/2022

WriterArtist, Thank you for product lines, pretty pictures and practical information.

Of course, my favorites are the tree stumps! But each lift-top coffee table has its advantage, primarily being three levels of space in what looks like a two-level object.

Also, I like the suggestion about one of the higher-standing lift-tops accommodating ottomans to pull out for more than the expect number of family members and friends.

Would the first image have a hidden compartment underneath the cocktail portion of the top or would the stored items be accessible by the drawers or by both?

WriterArtist on 07/13/2013

Hi ologsinquito,
An important furniture in home decor the coffee table can have many uses - one key aspect of it being storage.

ologsinquito on 07/12/2013

Yes, they are very good if you have little space.

WriterArtist on 05/22/2013

Yep, the coffee tables do look gorgeous if you choose them carefully keeping the room decor in mind.

JoHarrington on 05/22/2013

You have some gorgeous pictures in this article. You've got me interested in coffee tables!

WriterArtist on 05/22/2013

Yep, coffee tables are great while watching television, one can concentrate on the TV serial while eating.

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