Best Tricycles for Toddlers

by Tehreem

Let your toddlers have the thrill of enjoying their own tricycle. Choose the most appropriate and trendy trikes right here

Do you have kids who are three years old and are growing more active? Want them to channel some of that energy into something that won’t get them hurt? Well in such a case, invest in a speedy little tricycle. With the best features, and if chosen with care, the right tricycle will allow your toddler ample amount of time to enjoy himself without any accidents in the process! However, here the basic question slips in. What kind of tricycle do you want, that you feel your child is suited to? If storage is one of the biggest problems at home, then you should probably consider a fold-able tricycle.
This way you won't have to deal with the space hassle without having to skimp out on your kid’s pleasure at the same time. However one of the primary issues on any parent’s mind is how to get their child to use a tricycle that will enable them to comfortably settle their still unsteady little legs? For this purpose, you should pick a tricycle with pedals that are placed in a comfortable position for your child’s feet to aim for.

This should also coincide with the perfect height at which your child can sit on his tricycle with ease- hence a tricycle with an adjustable height should be considered, so that the tricycle seat is neither high nor low. Other features you might think on, could be how safe and strong the tricycle is- because with unsteady ones there’s no telling when your child could fall off and hurt themselves. Durability of a tricycle should also be a concern- if you would like to pass it on to your child’s siblings or even sell it later on, then maybe you should get a stronger, albeit more expensive one made of steel. Otherwise you should simply go for a lighter one, made of plastic and perfect for you to carry it easily from one place to another.

Harley Davidson - Tough Trike

The first trike on the list would be The Fisher-Price Tough Trike. It has original Harley-Davidson motorcycle features and comes in a cool, vibrant combination of orange and black with subtle black insignia. With big orange foot pedals, guaranteed to assure you that your child’s feet wont slip- and him, that it’s a very cool, adult like ride, this is a trike you should not miss out on! Other features that would really appeal to boys would be the rough, rugged looking wheels.

With a sturdy back support, your child can easily sit on the trike seat without ever getting tired or bored. 

There’s also a secret compartment underneath the trike seat- perfect for storing his little helmet when not in use, or a cool pair of hot black shades! There’s also a clicking key situated on the bike, which your child can press, and feel like they’re actually driving and in control!

Fisher Price Grow With Me Trike

A trike your little girl will be sure to enjoy riding, is The Fisher- Price Grow With Me Trike. This comes in an adorable shade of purple and pink with a bubbly bright blue seat- something so pretty your child won’t want to get off! The trike has super big handles and pedals, so that bruised ankles or tired feet are complaints your little princess will never make!

With a long screw that can easily adjust the height of the seat for as the princess grows and needs more space, this is one trike you won’t be throwing away!

 And in order to teach her easy foot to pedal adjustment, there are also removable pedal blocks in order to make the whole thing more fun and less of an ordeal!

Kettrike Happy Navigator

A more gender-neutral trike though, would be the Kettrike Happy Navigator. It comes in the three primary colors- but in eye-catching, vivid shades of yellow, red and blue nonetheless.

A main and relieving feature would be both the high-rise seat and the safety belt to buckle in your child and ensure their safety at all times. With it’s unique design and colors that absolutely pop out, this is on trike neither you nor your child should miss out on!

Fisher Price Lights & Sounds Trike


Another girly trike your little girl might love, would be The Fisher-Price Lights and Sounds Trike. It comes in a fun combination of purple, pink and orange and has long lasting tires, handbars that will never let your daughter’s fingers slip and pedals that will never allow your little princess to fall off and hurt herself!

But the best thing isn’t even the adjustable seat for your daughter to sit on even as she grows taller and still wants to use her favorite trike- it’s the fact that this is a Dora the Explorer styled trike and comes with a set of cool buttons that allow Dora phrases to issue forth- perfect for your little girl to relive the show as well as a coded cell phone that is attached to the handlebar- which also has lights! Now these are some really awesome features which you won’t find on every trike!

Radio Flyer 795 Big Flyer

Another beauty that both boys and girls are certain to love, is The Radio-Flyer 795 Big Flyer. It comes with huge wheels with a flashy and yet elegant white and black color combination, and a cool red design on the trike as a whole. The trike also comes with a three seat positions that are adjustable and allow for your child to sit in complete ease even as he grows.

The tires easily grip the ground or road, making skidding impossible and as an added safeguard there’s even a red triangular pennant at the back of the trike, which heralds your child’s arrival and keeps them safe from potential accidents with other drivers! And with handlebars that are both easy to grip- setting your child’s worries about them slipping from his hands, this is one trike that should set all your fears at rest!

Kawasaki Trike

Lastly a great option that we’ve got for you, is the Kawasaki Trike. It comes in a pair of unique and yet great colors- green and black. It resembles a cross country motorbike and is yet absolutely safe and perfect in every where for your five year old. With a safety steering stop and a shock absorber on the back of the trike, in order to help your child avoid any rude bumping jolts, you need have no worries when your child rides the Kawasaki Trike!

The trike is fully made of plastic and is light, making it easy to transport it from place to place. However as the handlebars are made of non-slip grip steel, you should also relieve yourself over the fact that this trike provides safety in all the right areas. With padded seats to ensure your child’s comfort, and plastic tires that don’t look like they’ll wear out anytime soon, this is one trike your child will want to race round on all

Updated: 01/18/2014, Tehreem
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Mira on 10/18/2014

Oh, these are so much fun! :) Pinning them onto my Gifts for 3-Year-Old Boys and Girls boards.

ologsinquito on 01/18/2014

Preschoolers have so much fun on tricycles. The red one looks very sturdy.

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