Best Wood Burning Stove Accessories

by CountrySunshine

Thermometers, ash buckets, humidifiers and firewood accessories: These are some of the best gifts and gadgets to keep your wood-burning stove running efficiently.

Many people, like myself, own wood-burning stoves and fireplaces for heating their houses. Others may not need it for heat, but enjoy the “atmosphere” of a fire. Regardless of the reason for owning a stove, owners always need the latest accessories!

There are a number of items that not only are useful, but make great gifts. I know I’d be happy to receive all of these!

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Stove Top Thermometer

It is imoprtant to know the temperature of your stove's fire so it can be regulated.  If the temperature is too low, more wood is needed.  If it’s too high, you’ll know to tamp down the flames.

One of the greatest dangers of a wood burning stove is the build up of creosote, which can clog the pipes, and potentially, cause fires.  Keeping an eye on the temperature can be a life saver!

The Inferno stove top thermometer is the perfect size for your stove, and has proven to be quite accurate.  It is magnetic, so no adhesives or hangers are needed. Made of porcelain with a steel case, the thermometer will hold up for a long time.

The 3 zones (too cool, too hot, and just right) are color coded, so just a quick glance at it is all that is needed to gauge your temperature.

Another of the things I really like about this thermometer is that it is made in the USA!

An Ash Bucket & Shovel

An ash bucket is one of the most useful wood-burning fireplace accessories. The stove has to be cleaned continually, and carting the ashes and embers outside your home can be dangerous.

This steel bucket holds up to 5 gallons of ashes, and has a tight lid to keep embers from escaping. The lid closes tightly, to keep the ashes inside, and the moisture, out.  The bucket also has a wooden handle, which will keep your hands from getting too hot.

The shovel is wide and flat, with a long handle that makes it easy to remove the ashes from the back corners of the stove.

Firewood Rack

Firewood is a necessity when it comes to wood-burning stoves and fireplaces, and it’s best to keep it up off the ground.  Why?  It’s to keep the wood from rotting, plus it helps keep out bugs, rodents and snakes.

This 8 foot long fire wood rack will hold your logs up off the ground, in addition to keep them from rolling around.  It has high sides, and will hold a cord of wood quite easily.

Most importantly, it is made of steel, and easy to assemble, so it will hold up for many years.

Need instructions on how to split and stack firewood? Read this article.

Fire Starters

While it’s possible to start a fire in your wood stove with crumpled newspaper and a match, it’s much better to use fire starters.  I’ve tried several brands, and found Fatwood to be the best.

Fatwood is made from the stumps of pine trees, which have a high concentration of resin.  The resin is what makes the fire burn faster and longer.

Just light a stick of Fatwood, and put it in the stove with your firewood.  It is the quickest way to get your fire going.

Tea Kettle Humidifier

I received this as a gift for Christmas two years ago, and love it!  In the past, I kept water in old worn-out pot on top of the stove.  It was not very pretty, but it did the job.  This one works so much better, and here are the reasons why:

It’s made of cast iron, so it is heavy enough to withstand the heat from the stove.  Plus, it has a lid (my pot didn’t have one), and it can hold up to 2 1/2 quarts of water.   When the stove heats up the water, steam is released through the spout.

It also has the old fashioned look that matches wood-burning stoves, so it will fit in with your decor.


Other Wood-Burning Stove Accessories

If these suggestions aren’t enough, there are other items you can give to your stove-loving friends:

  • A cover for the firewood rack
  • An  Ash Vacuum which is very handy for cleaning the dust and ashes out of the stove
  • An ash & ember separator, which lets the fire continue without building up a backlog of ashes
  • A supply of fireplace lighters, and/or fireplace matches
  • A stove-pipe cleaning brush.  All pipes should be cleaned at least once a year, to remove the soot & creosote that can cause a fire
  • Leather gloves

And of course, you can always give a cord or two of firewood!

Do You Have A Wood-Burning Stove or Fireplace?

I’ve had my wood-burning stove for 5 years now, and it does a great job of heating my house during the winter months. Plus, it saves on the heating bills!

Over these 5 years, I’ve learned a great deal on what works – and doesn’t – when it comes to accessories. But I’m always open to learning more!


Updated: 09/29/2015, CountrySunshine
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Rose on 11/12/2014

I love he tea kettle! Makes you think of rustic farmhouses from yesteryear.

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