Bible Curriculum for Homeschoolers

by Jimmie

My top picks for Bible curriculum for homeschooled students.

Christian homeschoolers looking for a good Bible curriculum have many options. Here I will share my top two picks -- Discover 4 Yourself Inductive Bible Studies series and Eagles Wings Products -- for Bible lessons that are already planned out and easy to use. Then I will share some links to more Bible materials -- retail and freebies.

Teaching Your Children the Word of God

Bible Curriculum

Sure, to study the Bible, you can simply read the Bible, discuss what it means, add some copywork, some Bible notebooking and scripture memorization. But having a pre-planned curriculum is a convenient time saver, especially for those seasons when life is chaotic. A workbook medium is also good for moving intermediate learners into more independence with their studies.

Discover 4 Yourself Inductive Bible Studies

by Kay Arthur
Jesus in the Spotlight: John, Chapters 1-10 (Discover 4 Yourself® I...
Harvest House Publishers
$7.99  $3.6

Bible Studies by Kay Arthur

Workbook Format for Grades 4 and Up

The Discover 4 Yourself Bible study series for children is an easy pick. There are many titles to choose from including how to study the Bible, prayer, Old Testament characters, and New Testament books. 

The books are a created in a consumable, workbook format. You could extend the use to multiple children by having them write their answers on paper or by photocopying some of the written activities, but the design is for the book to be used by one child one time. 

If your child is an independent reader, he can do these workbooks on his own. So I would suggest these books for grades four through middle school. 

The Discover 4 Yourself Bible series does a good job teaching children techniques for Bible study that they can apply to their own future studies. There is a strong emphasis on reading the Bible passages and marking key words, phrases, or concepts. Special pages in the back of the book are provided just for these marking exercises, so there is no need to mark up your own Bible. 

The books are divided into easily manageable daily lessons that take only a few minutes to complete. My daughter enjoyed doing these workbooks when she was in fourth and fifth grades. I highly recommend them.

Abraham--God's Brave Explorer (Discover 4 Yourself® Inductive Bible Studies for Kids)

This exciting addition to Kay Arthur and Janna Arndt’s Discover 4 Yourself® Inductive Bible Studies for Kids series takes readers and characters Max, Molly, and Sam along the ...

Harvest House Publishers
God, What's Your Name? (Discover 4 Yourself® Inductive Bible Studies for Kids)

This exciting addition to Kay Arthur and Janna Arndt’s Discover 4 Yourself® Inductive Bible Studies for Kids series leads young believers ages 8–12 on a journey to God’s heart ...

Harvest House Publishers

Curriculum Reviews of Discover 4 Yourself Inductive Bible Studies

Read More About this Bible Curriculum

All Girl Homeschool Curriculum Review

The Curriculum Choice
This is my own review of this curriculum.

Discover 4 Yourself Review & Giveaway
A review from The Homeschool Village

Eagle's Wings Curriculum

By Susan Mortimer

Biblical History

These two volumes are classified as history curriculums, but they include a lot of Biblical history. I added Remembering God's Awesome Acts to our ancient history study. I was very impressed with the depth and scope of the material. In fact, because of the quality of this curriculum, I would recommend this for children no younger than sixth grade. It would work well for 7th grade through high school. Because of the layout of the workbooks, all of Eagle's Wings materials work well with Bible notebooking.

396605: Remembering God"s Awesome ActsRemembering God's Awesome Acts  (Teacher's Manual & Student Text) 

This history workbook covers from creation up to Ancient Egypt from a decidedly Biblical viewpoint. The reproducible pages work very well with a notebooking approach.

You can read my detailed review of Remembering God's Awesome Acts at The Curriculum Choice. Read another review at the same blog by Cindy West.


392558: Remembering God"s Chosen Children (Teacher"s Manual & Student Text)

Remembering God's Chosen Children (Teacher's Manual & Student Text)

 This is the second history volume that takes up where Remembering God's Awesome Acts leaves off. It begins with Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt and moves on to the forty years of wandering, taking the Promised land, the judges, and the Kingdom.


Bible Study

Celebrating Our Messiah in the Festivals is considered a strict Bible Curriculum.

292590: A Complete Guide to Celebrating Our Messiah in the FestivalsA Complete Guide to Celebrating Our Messiah in the Festivals

Through a study of the festivals of the Old Testament,  this curriculum teaches about Jesus Christ.

Read an indepth review at Eclectic Homeschool Online.



More Bible Curriculum Possibilities

Below are additional resources, some free and some for purchase. I have not actually used any of these. (I have used the two types above.) However, I do consider these quality options that I may use at some time.

The links below are for material that is designed mainly for a weekly Sunday School setting. Of course, the materials can easily be adapted for a homeschool setting.

Free Bible Curricula

Download and Print

Gospel Hall
Over 800 free printable Bible lessons, made in a Sunday School format.

Bible Class Books
Studies based on books of the Bible as well as character traits.

Wycliffe Free Curriculum
Topics include prayer, Bible translation, and missions/geography lessons.

Retail Bible Curricula

Grapevine Studies
Bible materials for ages five through adult. The Grapevine studies use sketching stick figures to learn the stories of the Bible.

Explorer Bible Study
Bible studies in workbook format. I thumbed through these at a homeschool convention. The large workbooks are straightforward -- read a passage and answer questions.

Children Desiring God Curriculum
This material includes various ages as well as multi-age curriculum and even a backyard Bible club study. This website is a part of Desiring God, John Piper's ministry.

How Do You Teach Bible in Your Homeschool?

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eclecticeducation on 07/27/2011

My kids are actively involved in AWANAs at church. The program has a lot of work that needs to be done at home (especially for highschool level), so we use this as our Bible curriculum. We also have Bible as a part of our other subjects since we choose a lot of Christian curriculum. Thank you for these resources. They look good. Celebrating Our Messiah in the Festivals looks very interested.

TerriRexson on 07/16/2011

A very nicely presented set of resources. As a Humanist I won't be teaching Christianity to my kids, but I'll make sure they know about the Bible as it's so important in a historical and cultural context.

GonnaFly on 07/08/2011

We studied the Bible in many different ways, mostly by reading through it. But we also did Remembering God's Awesome Acts - an excellent study.

tandemonimom on 07/06/2011

I love Kay Arthur; I'll have to check out her series for kids. Around here my kids love Grapevine!

ohcaroline on 07/06/2011

These are excellent resource materials. It's wonderful to have access to so many rich programs.

Guest on 07/06/2011

We don't study the bible, but if we did this page would be a wonderful resource.

Holistic_Health on 07/05/2011

Passing this on to a friend who homeschools 4.

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