Big Sister Gift Ideas

by janices7

Becoming a big sister is a momentous occasion so make her feel just as special as the new baby with these unique big sister gift ideas!

A new brother or sister is a big change; any child needs to adjust and get used to the idea that they’re not the only one getting mom and dad’s attention anymore. Many times, older sisters-to-be feel a little left out, a little nervous, and a little scared. While one gift won’t allay all of their concerns, it is a way to say, “You are loved – and you will be loved after the baby is here.” Here are some big sister gift ideas to let her know she’s special, too.

#1) Art Set

If you have an artist on your hands, give her some tools of the trade.  In a plastic box with lid or wooden box, assemble crayons, pencils, markers, oil pastels (if she’s old enough not to use them on your walls or furniture!), scissors, construction paper, stickers, glitter, glue, and other items. You can buy pre-assembled sets or make your own.  This is a great gift for the parents, too; it is quiet and encourages independent play, which can be a sanity-saver when they are trying to feed, diaper, or soothe a baby.

Big Sister Art Activity Set
Big Sister Art Activity Set

#2) Books

It is a good idea to get some entertaining reads to keep the little one occupied when her parents are
busy.  You can find lists of top books by age online.  It is also a great idea to get her some special big sister gifts such as books so she can get used to the idea of a new baby – and see that little brothers or sisters aren’t so bad after all.  Some good choices include The New Baby by Mercer Mayer, My Big Sister by Valarie Fisher, or I’m a Big Sister by Joanna Cole.  Consider buying them all to create a first library gift that she'll treasure for years.

Big Sister Books from Amazon

Now I'm Growing! I'm a New Big Sister - Little Steps for Big Kids

Now I'm Growing?: Helps both parents and children as they take on the many steps, challenges and changes that go hand in hand with little kids becoming biger kids. With contempo...

$14.99  $8.97
I'm a Big Sister (Spanish edition): Soy una hermana mayor

Hay alguien nuevo en casa. ¡Es nuestro bebÉ! ¡Ahora soy una hermana mayor!

$7.99  $7.47
I'm Going to Be a Big Sister!

These colorful tales are designed to help prepare older siblings for the arrival of a new baby brother or sister. By providing discussion prompts, these books help give parents ...

$5.47  $20.12
Best-Ever Big Sister

Babies sure have a lot of growing up to do! They can’t eat with a fork, sleep in a real bed, poop on a potty, ride a trike, or read a book. On every sweet lift-the-flap spread, ...

$7.99  $16.94
My New Baby And Me: A First Year Record Book For Big Brothers And Sisters

Every page in this exciting, colorful book invites older brothers and sisters to become fully involved in their baby's first year. Children can draw pictures of baby, paste in a...

$19.99  $13.98

Fun Play-Doh Set For Girls

Moon Dough Moon Dough Snack Shop

#3) Play-Doh Set

This is another choice that encourages independent – and quiet! – play by the older sister.  She can create, smash, and rebuild to her heart’s content. Today, Play-Doh makes a variety of fun kids gift sets, such as a bakery, ice cream shop, pizza shop, Dora and Sesame Street play sets, and even an “Undercover Mission” kit for your stealthy little spy. 

Including a plastic mat for the floor or table is a great idea.  That way she won't make a huge mess that involves more work for the parents.

#4) A Coveted Wish List Item

Has big sister had her eye on a new doll? Has she been asking for a bike or trike?  Does she need new games or toys?  Get her something from her list; it doesn’t have to have anything to do with being a big sister. This gift is all about her, showing her that she’s special just for being herself.

Below you'll find some popular gift ideas for girls from Amazon.  If it is summer, you should certainly consider water or beach toys such as a pail and shovel to make sand castles.  Another option is to give her something to garden with you or a butterfly kit where she can hold some of her favorite finds.  Dolls are almost always a hit with girls so anything Barbie related or a more realistic doll where she can feed and change diapers would be the perfect choice when a new baby is on the way.  And of course, for older big sisters, craft and bead kits will keep them entertained for hours as they create their very own masterpieces.   The options really are endless.

#5) Big Sister Photo Album

Soon, the baby is going to be the star of endless photos.  Children like to look over their own baby pictures, so now is the perfect time to make one for the big sister. Include as many photos as you can (copies!) and try to put them in chronological order. You can add some scrapbooking type detail for embellishment. The best part of this gift is having mom, dad, or a special relative or friend look at the book with her.

Big Sister Photo Album
Big Sister Photo Album

More Sibling Resources

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Find lots of gifts for the big brother-to-be as well.

#6) A Special Day Just For Her

Either before the baby arrives, or after, arrange a special day with the big sister.  Take her to the zoo, the park, the playground, the pool, to lunch, or any other place she loves. This is a perfect time to give her one-on-one attention, which she may feel is lacking because of the baby.  This is great for moms, dads, aunts, uncles, or special friends to do with the new big sister.

Whether the big sister is excited to meet the new addition or apprehensive, she will love a gift that is all about her.  She needs some extra love and attention during this time of change, and she’ll pass that love on to her new brother or sister.

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Rose on 01/29/2014

The big sister photo album sounds like a great idea. She'll feel important about her new status!

Pinkchic18 on 06/25/2012

Lots of great ideas here! I hadn't thought to give the sibling a gift, but it's a good idea! After all, I'm sure they love to feel special too!

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