Bumble Bee Baby Shower Ideas

by janices7

Find all kinds of advice for planning the best bumble bee themed shower ever!

Ready to create some buzz about that special new little one who is on the way? A bumblebee themed baby shower is the perfect way to do just that, and the details will practically plan themselves. Best of all, the yellow and black color scheme is perfect whether Mom is expecting a baby boy or a baby girl. Here are a few ideas to help get the honey flowing.

Write-In Bee Invitations
Write-In Bee Invitations


There are lots of great ways to invite people to this exciting shower. If you want to stay on the simple side of things, just create traditional invitations in the shape of a bee hive. Place a little bee flying around the hive for a cute touch. Want to take things up a notch? Use yellow paper as your background with adorable black text. Affix a couple of pop out bees, and use wording like “Mommy-to-Bee” for some added fun. If you’re having a fairly intimate shower, wrap the invitation around a bottle of honey and deliver it to each potential guest.

Bee Baby Shower Supplies

Cute Tableware
Cute Tableware


Decoration ideas may start jumping out at you as soon as you choose this adorable theme. Handmade hives are going to be a fairly natural choice, and believe it or not, rounded yellow Chinese-style lanterns may end up looking a lot like the hives you want for decoration. You can also do a cute baby clothesline with black and yellow onesies hanging from it. Be sure to put honey around as well as choices like the candy Bit O Honey or even Honeycombs cereal for an added touch. Stuffed bumblebees might be cute as well.

Bee Inspired!

Shower Inspiration Board
Shower Inspiration Board

Game Ideas

Games are always the hit of the party, and while you can incorporate almost any traditional baby shower games with this theme, feel free to get a bit creative too. You could have a spelling bee where all of the words are pregnancy or baby related (or even bee related). Make certain you throw in some really tough ones too. A listing game where guests list as many movies, TV shows, and television commercials that feature bees is usually a hit as well. The guest who correctly lists the most wins. For example, guests could not only list the bee for Honeynut Cheerios, but also movies like Bee Movie, The Secret Life of Bees, and even Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Do your research before you start this one, though, because people are likely to come up with some fairly obscure titles.

Bee Bingo Game
Bee Bingo Game
Buffet Table
Buffet Table
Cute Cake
Cute Cake

Party Food Tips

The food is always going to be one of the things people remember most, and this is the time to get really creative. The decorations that involved Bit O Honey and Honeycombs cereal could all serve as a great way to get started. There are lots of other ways to incorporate this theme here too, though. Sugar cookies in the shapes of bees or hives is a cute idea, as is cake pops shaped and decorated like bees. One easy, cute snack is to make Hunny Bee Cookies by topping round store-bought cookies with black frosting, a mini Twix bar, marshmallows on either side of the Twix, and yellow icing on top. The cake could be something as simple as a hive shape or you could get complicated with fondant icing and bees flying all around. Feel free to go with well-decorated cupcakes in place of the cake, as many baby showers do these days.

Bee Themed Favors

You probably already have lots of favor ideas, but here are a few more. Burts Bees products are a great take-home. From lip gloss to lotion, they have some of the best natural skin care products on the market, and your guests will be pleased. Cute honey sticks in a variety of flavors is another choice. You could also do a small, locally produced honey bear with the saying “Thanks for Beeing here” tied to its neck.  And many online companies sell personalized honey favor jars that have the mom's name along with the shower date.

 A bee-based shower is a great way to welcome that new little one into the world. Spend some time in the hive and let the creative honey drip from your brain as you plan this great baby shower.

Bee Party Favors

Bee Party Favors - Just One Example of Many
Bee Party Favors - Just One Example of Many

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Mira on 10/16/2013

This is all very cute, indeed. I love the white and yellow flowers, too. :)

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