Make a statement with black zirconia engagement rings

by mihgasper

Cubic zirconia is the most common diamant substitute. In recent years colored stones became fashionable and black zirconia is now a popular choice for engagement rings.

Black was always a traditional choice for everything official. It is a color of power and determination. It is also pretty conservative, so it suits everything which should be considered as serious, what a marriage definitely is.

Cubic zirconia, sometimes called fake diamond (alhough it is used as a simulant of other gemstones too), is a popular choice for many reasons, especially for its price, which rarely exceeds five percents of price of natural diamond. Another important reason is availability of cubic zirconia (abbreviated as cz) in different colors.

Black cz engagement rings come in very different sizes and settings of stones. The same is true for the metal part of the ring, varying from stainless steel, titanium and tungsten to different colors of gold and even platinum. We made a selection of the most popular designs and prepared few additional info about black zirconia as well.

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Charm her with fashionable ring!
Charm her with fashionable ring!

Black Zirconia Engagement Ring With Silver Sterling Band

Black Sterling Silver 925 Solitaire Engagement Wedding Ring with 1.25 Carat Round Black Cubic Zir...

Fabulous Black Plated Sterling Silver 925 engagement ring with Cubic Zirconia. The center stone is a 1.25 carat round brilliant cut. The ring is Black rhodium plated as well and...

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If you are looking for something different, black on black combination above is undoubtly one of the options to think about. Stone has 1.25 carat, what doesn't sound much, but it's actually very close to similar jewellry pieces with real diamonds. Bigger stones will very likely look too 'showy' and if you want to wear it on daily base, you probably don't want to attract too many eyeballs.

It's very important to know the colored finish (rhodium) on silver will wear out. Nobody can predict how soon will that be, because there are so many factors to take into account, but with a ring, which is exposed to all sorts of stress this will definitely happen within a year, maybe even after few months.

This is still an adorable ring for almost symbolic price.

Black CZ Engagement Ring - Princess Cut

BERRICLE Sterling Silver Princess Cut Cubic Zirconia CZ Solitaire Engagement Wedding Bridal Ring

This lovely solitaire ring is made of fine 925 silver and rhodium plated. Features AAA grade princess cut 4-prong set black CZ (1.59 carat, 6.5mm). Band measures 1.9mm in width....

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This ring is slightly different than first one. The band is still made of silver, but without black coating, so with time it will not change color (to be honest, it is still coated and shiny coating will wear out with time). The stone is of similar, but the cut is different. Instead of the most popular (and brilliant) round cut, we have a so called princess cut, which is the most trendy in recent years and in demand especially in the wedding ring industry.

As you can see, princess cut is more square formed. There is not so much waste when the stone is cut and polished, although with synthetic stones this is not so significant as with natural diamonds. The ring displayed above is more prominent than the first one (so is the price tag), so be prepared to hear few remarks from time to time.

Cubic Zirconia With Stainless Steel

316L Stainless Steel AAA Cubic Zirconia Round Black Solitaire with Accents Engagement Ring, Size 7

This brand new ladies solitaire ring is made of non-tarnishing stainless steel. It will not fade, change color or leave stains on your finger. The solitaire is a Halo design bla...

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Now this is another popular economic solution which doesn't require too much maintenance. Silver sterling will not become greyish with time, as often happens with the silver, so although it doesn't shine as precious metal, this radiance will last much longer and the material is much more durable.

We again have a round cut of the stone of similar size, but this time with a twist -  serious of much more smaller stones (still CZ), but without color, which will form so called halo around the center stone and emhasize its beauty.

Check this 3-stone black cubic zirconia engagement ring!

How to maintain CZ rings?

They are actually pretty easy to clean, just use mild dish detergent, warm water and soft (!) toothbrush.


1. If you find any problem with a stone or setting, like scratch or loose prong, don't clean your ring. It needs to be taken to the jeweler.

2. To intensify cleaning process, you can soak the ring in solution of detergent and water for up to half an hour.

3. When you rinse the ring, make sure you clog up the sink.

4. Use soft cloth to dry it. Never forget you are dealing with softer stone than a diamond!

Engagement ring with combination of clear and black cubic zirconia stones

3 Piece 2.28 TCW Round Cubic Zirconia Bridal Ring Set in Platinum over Sterling Silver

You won't be able to take your eye off this beauty. The center round cubic zirconia in this three piece bridal ring set. Accented with round black and clear cz's. 2.28 carats T....

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Beautiful engagement ring above presents astonishing combination of black and white cubic zirconia which createes amazing contrasts and will take a breath away from any bride-to-be. Several playfully arranged halos are sure attention winner and especially suitable for more fashionable brides

Sterling silver setting, coated with platinum is avalable in sizes from five to nine and gift box is included.

Black zirconia, princess cut, with smaller white stones

Millicent's Black CZ Princess Cut Engagement Ring

The black rhodium electroplating will eventually wear off and need to be re-plated. We offer a 30 day Guarantee, No Questions Asked. You may get a replacement or a refund by sim...

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The most attractive feature of this engagement ring is contemporary design. Criss cross setting of sterling silver is coated with black rhodium and you should know, it will wear off, so it will need to be replated from time to time.

Still, central black cz stone, surrounded with rounded fake diamonds, and breath-taking design make it worth considering as a spectacular gift and possible engagement ring. We should also be aware of possibility to not get completely black setting, because rhodium often pans out in different shades of gray, what definitely opens very amusing possibilities ...

Which is your favorite combination of black and white in engagement jewelry?

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mihgasper on 06/07/2016

Colorful stones are in demand right now, so we can say you are trendy ;-) Thank you for stopping by, Veronica!

Veronica on 05/31/2016

This is Interesting because my engagement ring is a square, green cubic zirconia. I wear it every day. It is in a silver setting.

I love it.

mihgasper on 03/09/2015

More is better, katiem2 :-) I am sure there is an old saying 'There is no such thing as too many jewels on lady's hand!' or something somewhere ... Nice to see you here!

katiem2 on 03/07/2015

These are so beautiful I would totally wear one, two or more....

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