Bohemian Styles Are Beautiful and Inspiring

by sciencestudent

Bright color combinations and a gypsy spirit can give your world a since of joy and freedom that is otherwise lost in a dreary, modern society.

Bohemian Styles are Rooted in Eastern European Victorian Times

Bohemian bedding is a trend in household decor that we all expected to see rise. This trend marries bright colors with classic Victorian styles and patterns to create a cheerful environment. The vivacity and liveliness of these color combinations can bring life and joy to any room. the trend towards clean modern minimalist decor has caused many houses and homes to cold and empty in their styles. The warmth of this new trend has made homes more welcoming and is a relief to many with artistic styles that include many colors and antiques.

The term “bohemian” in this society is often used interchangeably with the term “Gypsy”. This usage is many years old and is due to the fact that the vast majority of old world gypsies came from Bohemia and Russia. In times past their styles and music were looked down upon and those who conformed to them were not well accepted. As time went by the beautiful colors and my ugliness of their lifestyle gained a sort of romanticism which caused them to be better accepted and they gradually mixed into the styles of everyday life.

“Gypsy” and “Bohemian” styles have been more common in clothing choices and individual pieces than an overall decorating themes, but as time has gone by the softening of these trends has caused them to be a staple in all aspects of each person’s individual tastes. Bohemian bedding is a good example of this. A bed is the centerpiece of a room and how you choose to cover it determines the entire feel and setting oft that room. A bright colored bedspread can be taken either to an artistic extreme or simply give a minimalist room the life that it needs.

Today's Bohemian Style is a Perfect Marriage of Beauty and Life

Bohemian bedding is becoming more readily available as the trend becomes more popular. The beautiful colors and patterns of Bohemian styles are becoming available in places such as Macy’s, Sears, Saks Fifth Avenue, and even online stores that are commonly used such as Ralph Lauren has also recently released a line of products called the "New Bohemian" bedding line, which is available in stores as well as online.


Décor to go with them such as vases, lamps, and rugs are also easy to find. This style lends itself to a mix-and-match kind of collection that can be easy to complement with pieces picked up at flea markets or your favorite antique store. Bohemian bedspreads are the perfect item to add to your bedrooms décor if you feel that your room is bland, boring, or lacks imagination then you should try adding some Bohemian style and see if that doesn’t bring out your inner gypsy.

Gypsy bedding, quilts, and shawls use color combinations that we have been taught to shy away from in all traditional settings and senses. The use of orange, pink and red all in the same item is thought by many to be garish and gaudy, but when done properly can be rich and beautiful. to be “bohemian” is to be free of traditionalism and is, in a sense the old world way of being “hippie”. The freedom from traditional color palettes that bohemian styles provide can give you a sense of peace and joy from your surroundings that is otherwise lost in the cold emptiness of bland, modern colors.

Whether choosing to be bohemian in your clothing or in how you decorate your home, allow yourself the joy of being a little crazy with the colors that you combine. Use that red and pink bedspread with your blue and green lamps and your purple rugs and create a haven where your minds can be creative and artistic and is not hampered by lack of inspiration. if you feel that this is too much freedom for your tastes then try combining a couple of tasteful pieces with gentle neutral tones pillows and furniture pieces to create a unique style that is entirely your own. However you choose to incorporate the gypsy style, be sure that it is one that makes you happy, and not one that overwhelms or frustrates you. A little goes a long way.

Updated: 02/17/2012, sciencestudent
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