Bridal Shower Ideas

by blackspanielgallery

Bridal shower ideas must include the decorations that are used, and the invitations that are sent out. Decorations make the event a real happening that will be remembered.

Bridal shower decorations should reflect the importance of the occasion, and be in good taste. They should add a certain demure to the festivities. Elegance in decorating for a bridal shower is of importance.

First consider the venue. Decorating outdoors is different than decorating indoors. And, bridal shower decorations must be consistent with the requirements of any rented space. Hanging things from the ceiling might look great, but may be prohibited. Find out what is allowed in decorating for a bridal shower before committing to the room.

Many of the decorations shown here can be used at a wedding, or a wedding reception. Decorating a church of synagog might have strict limitations, but the reception is an opportunity to add a flair of elegance with fantastic decorations.

Are Your Bridal Shower Decorations Practical?

Are Your Wedding Shower Ideas Even Possible?

Another consideration is electrical outlet placement.  Having beautiful lights strung only to find there is no place to plug them in is a real disappointment.  Or, overloading the capacity of the few outlets is a recipe for circuit breaker failure, or even worse, for causing a fire.  Be mindful that there are limitations when working with electricity.  And extension cords also present tripping hazards, in addition to being unsightly.


Fortunately, battery operated LED lights offer an excellent alternative.  The use of batteries has obvious advantages, but why use LEDs?  LED lights use very little electrical power, so the batteries will last longer.  You would not want your beautiful lights that set the mood to suddenly go out.  But, just in case, have spare batteries handy.  With LEDs you will not likely need them, and there is a better chance your decorations will stay lit for the duration of the entire bridal shower.


Bridal Shower Table Decorations

Wedding Shower Table Scatters

Table scatters are easy to use, and do not take up space.  They can add ambiance without being intrusive.  A large centerpiece might block people from engaging in conversation, but one can easily see across a table that looks splendid because of a nice tablecloth and a generous sprinkling of table scatters.  The important thing in using table scatters is to stay with the theme. 


Another advantage of table scatters is they are inexpensive.  They are versatile, and can be used on the gift table, or, if some food is served, on tables where the guests will sit.


Rose petals in silk are a wonderful option.  These come in a variety of colors.  The guests can take a keepsake with them, and even if real roses are out of season these silk petals are still available at a reasonable price.

Bridal Shower Table Scatters

Silk Rose Petals.
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Bridal Shower Banner

Proclaim the Bridal to Be

A banner is a nice touch, It makes it clear what event is being held.  Just hang the banner in the room, or in a well choses place for an outdoor event.  It will make the right touch, and offer photo opportunities for the bride to be.  She can just stand under the banner and have her photo taken.  The day can then be remembered, and shared.


If the shower is a surprise shower make certain the banner is out of sight by walking the entrance path.  One glimpse of the banner will end all chance of a surprise.


Bridal Shower Decorations for the Event

Decorative Pieces for a Bridal Shower

Hanging items from a ceiling, or placing them around a venue, adds astatic appeal.  The colors for such an event should be pastel, or even white.  These should set a happy mood without detracting from the event.  Below is a nice set of decorations you could consider.

Bridal Shower Decorations

Decorations for a Wedding Shower
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Bridal Shower Invitations

Invite Guests to a Wedding Shower

Invitations to a bridal shower are important.  The guests must know they are to be included in time to purchase an appropriate gift.  The invitations must not be a last minute thought, planning must be made in advance.


Zazzle has some unique invitation designs.  If you want to stand out as unique, use Zazzle for your invitations.  In some cases postage stamps that match the invitations are available.  The United States Postal Service does allow people to design stamps subject to approval, if done through a service like Zazzle.  Of course matching postage stamp availability depends on both the approval by the United States Postal Service and the design by the person who designed the shower invitations.  Check if the invitations are going international.  The rules for international shipping are different.


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blackspanielgallery on 07/17/2017

Yes, and many things come in multiple colors.

DerdriuMarriner on 07/17/2017

blackspanielgallery, It always helps to know the bride's and groom's favorites to make sure that banner, color and scatter schemes add to the memorability of the event.

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