Bring your Indoor Cat Outdoors Safely

by Abby_Jensen

Why cat enclosures will improve your cat's life, and yours

Animal rights activists and cat lovers everywhere know that it's not always safe for our cat companions to roam freely matter how much they want to! Cat enclosures are the perfect way to let them be outside safely where they can look longingly at the birds.

Why Cat Enclosures?

I love watching my cats, no matter what they're doing. They are adorable and perfect companions. I want them safe and I want them happy.  

They seem to think that going outside is the tops. Until recently, they weren't allowed outside. They have claws and instincts, but I've seen them attack feathers attached to sticks and somehow lose. They sometimes fall off of the kitchen table. Yes, yes, they land on their feet, but that doesn't mean it wasn't embarrassing (and if you have a cat, you know that look they give you -- it's sort of a "you didn't see that, right?" look ... ).  

If my boys were to get into an actual fight, with an actual outdoor animal (one that actually lives and survives in the wild), I think they'd lose.  

I wanted to give them a way to be outside safely while I was gardening or sitting outside on a warm summer afternoon with a cold glass of lemonade. I went to local pet stores and I searched online until I found the perfect solution. Cat Enclosures!

I bought the ABO Gear Happy Habitat for Indoor Cats and set it up in my backyard, close to my most prized flower bed as soon as a warm day came around. I took out Claude and Henry a different times to let them get accustomed to their new kingdom separately.  

Claude immediately fell asleep, which is what he does when he feels happy (and what he does when he's upset, oddly). Henry sniffed everything, meowed at me a few times and then saw a squirrel. Henry made his "I'm tough" noise (the same one he makes from the window in the kitchen at birds) and the squirrel didn't seem to bothered by it.  

Another great reason for the Cat Enclosure! The safety of the local bird and squirrel and other local animal populations. My cats aren't tough, but I think they might actually be able to take on a squirrel or a mouse -- and I'm a vegetarian, who wants nothing less than a bird on my doorstep from either of my boys.  

Since my boys got their enclosure last summer, they have enjoyed many outings. I've enjoyed them, too. I didn't think playing in my garden could get much better, but when I look over and see my boys flopping and sleeping, I know that little else in life is as perfect as those moments.  

My parents, who have two cats as well, bought a different type of enclosure last summer, and their kitties fell in love with it straight away, too! Your cat could be as happy as my boys and my parents' girls!

My Favorite Cat Enclosures on Amazon

ABO Gear Happy Habitat for Indoor Cats

The Happy Habitat gives a breath of fresh air for your indoor cats. They can enjoy over 30 Sq.Ft of outdoor pleasure and maintain their natutral instincts to be outside in the ...

$58.25  $55.92

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Outdoor Pet And Cat Tunnel by Collections Etc

Outdoor Cat Tunnel: Provide your cat with a safe environment to run and play outside. Weather-resistant, outdoor tunnel is made of sturdy polyester fishnet attached to a ...

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Precision Pet Soft Side Play Yard, Navy/Tan, Large

For indoor or outdoor use, this versatile Soft Side Play Yard is packed with features and offers a variety of uses, including a play yard, traveling yard, training pen or ...

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Kittywalk Town-&-Country Pet Enclosure

Kittywalk Systems outdoor pet enclosures are designed to be connected together to form different configurations so your indoor cat can have plenty of outside room in which to ...

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Updated: 02/28/2012, Abby_Jensen
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Wournos on 06/24/2013

This is pretty cool. I've been thinking of creating my own enclosures without even realizing I could probably find something online or even in a pet store. I have a new cat that I would like to take outside but I don't know how he would react to a leash. An enclosure would sure solve the problem.

katiem2 on 02/26/2012

Great article, we take one of our cats outside for a walk on her leash. the other cats are happy to stay in the house. We do take precautions regarding her out of doors walks. This is a smart and helpful guide for our cats health and well being. Thanks

Nelda_Hoxie on 02/26/2012

I'm feeling guilty now, I just let my cats roam in the wild. I'll have to look into getting one of these. I think if they got into a battle with one of your cats, they'd loose big time!

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